things have changed…

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I’ve been needing to write this post for a while now, but the words were just never there.  I have felt stuck with my blog for a few weeks, though, and I knew I would feel stuck until I made myself sit down and write.

I need to tell you, my readers, that things have changed.

Don’t worry.  It’s all good stuff.  I’m not dropping any bombs, here.  I just need to put it out there, maybe more for myself than anyone else.

After Lucketts, I had a lot of ideas on the “what’s next” list.  I had some plans in the works that would involve tons of hands-on work – furniture painting, shopping, putting rooms together, styling, photography, etc.  Those plans meant loads and loads of blog content, like the weeks leading up to Lucketts.  I was headed towards those plans at a steady pace and then, like I was just a passenger without a hand on the wheel, things took a turn in a different direction.


I’ll give you details when I’m at liberty to do so, but within a one week period, I received and signed contracts to design three product lines and work on two book projects.

Yeah, right?!

It was crazy how it all came on the same week!

And this is on top of other freelance projects I’m working on and the MMS Milk Paint line.

So, if you visit the studio these days, you’ll find me spread out over our two work tables, surrounded by sketches, samples, color swatches, paints, brushes, pens, pencils, and folders trying to contain all of the ideas I’ve put on paper.


I am relishing in it.

Here is the part that’s been a source of stress for me, though…  How can I come up with six days of blog content when I am hunched over a sketch pad most days?  I don’t have as much time to work on furniture or create the kind of posts my readers are accustomed to.

Kriste is the only way I’ve been able to keep things going as they have been.  I told her yesterday that she’s being the “normal me” while I’m busy being the “me I am now”.  She’s been cutting fabric to prep sewing for projects, painting the base coat on furniture, photographing and listing products in the online shop, managing shipping with Jonathan, etc.


(This was Kriste trying to cut fabric with Sebastian “helping”.  She told him he needs to “get a hobby.”)

I’ve been trying to balance it all and make it all work as if nothing has changed and honestly, I’m feeling overloaded and I need to take some pressure off myself.

This blog is still the heart of my business and I will post regularly, but you don’t need to send a search party out if I miss a post or two.  I’m also going to share more of the everyday things I’m working on.  As I’ve thought through this post, I realized that I use to share a lot more of the mundane and now I feel like every post has to be “blog-worthy”.  It makes me smile, because I used to post about gluing moss to old tennis balls and painting my living room by candlelight during a blackout.  Everything seemed blog-worthy then!

Anyway, there it is.

I don’t know exactly how things will go moving forward, but it does feel like a new chapter is beginning and I hope it’ll be a good story that you’ll love reading…


PS – Jeff tried to make me fit the sentence “the winds of change are blowing hard across the precipice of my life” into this post, but I told him he could keep it and use it in a research paper or something.

things have changed…

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137 Comments on “things have changed…”

  1. I have always been in awe of how you can manage to be so creative and yet find the time to write a blog – every day! I sometimes can’t find the time to pee! We are all rooting for you and can’t wait to see your future endeavors.

  2. Aww! Congratulations!!! Excited for you and your new adventures. I will always love reading your blog no matter what the content is. All of your posts are blog worthy in my book.

  3. Marian I am so happy for you. You deserve it all. Admittedly I would be sad if you ever stopped blogging because you are one of the main reasons I started. You inspire me, motivate me, and spark new ideas. I wish you all the success the world has to offer and go get em’ girl!

  4. God Bless You as He continues to inspire you to inspire us!

    Bravo! A most well-deserved shift of gears! Enjoy your new ventures and adventures!

    Blessings to you!

  5. yours was probably one of the first blogs i followed and is the ONLY one that i still subscribe to! the rest i catch on IG or FB. so glad you are taking the stress off & happy for your new journey!
    [ * the winds are blowing over those mountains your moving!” ?]

  6. Congratulations on your ongoing success! Have been following your blog for years, love all that you do.

  7. And while you may be swamped, you should take a couple of days and come to Texas for the Round Top antique fair! And blog about it!

  8. Congrats! You could always scale it back to 3-4 days a week posts to get some balance back! Take a deep breath take it all in, and know you can drive the truck still.

    Good luck! Change is always hard, even the fun, glorious, amazing kind 😉

  9. Always inspired by what you are doing! Looking forward to new and different inspiration presented in how ever you choose to present it. Congratulations on your new opportunities…they are well deserved!!!!

  10. “Parenthood” with Steve Martin is my 2nd favorite movie (1st is A Thousand Clowns). The elderly grandmother describes being a young girl, courted by two suitors:”One was like a Merry Go Round; very pleasant and comfortable, ’round and ’round with the music playing. The other was like a roller coaster ride – fast and slow, up and down, ’round the corners, sometimes scary…I liked the roller coaster.” It appears that you are now entrenched in the roller coaster ride – and have just caught the gold ring! It’s going to be frustrating, exhausting, exhilarating, and deeply rewarding. I hope you can remember to carve out some “you” time, no matter what. You have a wonderful support system; use them. I have been a reader of your blog from the beginning, and can’t wait to see what is in store for you.

  11. Marian, please remind Jeff that, although poetic, his reference to a precipice is usually considered a frightening place to be and one portending great peril. It sounds to me more like those winds have blown open great doors to a bright and magnificent opportunity. Best wishes in your new ventures. Barbara

  12. You are very wise to take the pressure off yourself to post like you have in the past. And very gracious to consider your readers!! 🙂 I’m excited to see your future endeavors, but I love seeing little snippets of the mundane too! So many bloggers have been using Instagram for the daily in between stuff and this might be something easier for you. 🙂

  13. Do what is best for you first! Your posts are always fun no matter when or what or however often.
    Good for you!

  14. Mundane is perfectly fine with me and there is absolutely no daily requirement! Exciting news and best of luck with all things new!

  15. Congratulations Marian..YOU DESERVE IT ! I started following you when I discovered you in a special holiday issue of Better homes and Gardens…I fell in love with your sheet music wreath and made a small one from my Mom’s loving letters to my Dad when he was in the service… I love your blog and I treasure your book…you are the real deal !! Wishing you much success and blessings always……Anne

  16. Very Cool! A challenge that we are sure you are up to!! Exciting news! Go for it! You’ll do GREAT as usual.

  17. What an exciting time for you Marian! Whatever you do and where ever your new opportunities take you …you will do GREAT and we all will be following right along! <3

  18. No need for apologizes! Congratulations! There are plenty of life changes that make each of us have to reevaluate things. There is only 24 hours in a day. Everyday is a gift and we need to follow God’s calling.

    Just do what He calls you to do and everything else will be in its rightful place. <3

    Enjoy the process!

  19. Congratulations, Marian! I can say, I am always looking forward to your new adventures and happy to see the journey of what you have been able to do. Even if you cannot blog as much do not ever lose sight of how you ended up where you are- a broke but creative mom decorating her home on a budget. Stay true, girl. That’s why we love you.

  20. This all sounds exciting and a little mysterious…I think many of us have seen this coming. I have been waiting for you to announce some kind of contract with a slipcover line or furniture or home goods of any kind in your brand….not the least bit surprised. Can’t wait for the big reveal. Congratulations!

  21. this is so exciting…and i understand…you are just one person and even with helpers you can only do so much…blog when you can..there is so much good content already on your site…i will be praying for you and cant wait to see what is ahead.

    and i love the sectional and how you made a furniture store piece work in a charm filled home…its comfy for your family and practical but still has your style and charm..good job!

  22. This is exciting news for you! Go with it! Change is scary, but good and necessary. Cut back on posting. Go to just 3 posts a week. Your family needs you and you need to take time for YOU too.

  23. Wow, Great Job! Love reading your blog; it’s inspiring!
    Post when you are able, and let the rest fall into place.
    Thanks for all the wonderful stories and amazing works!


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