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You’re all amazing.  I just need to say that.  All of your comments in reply to my “things have changed” post were like a huge hug to me.  I know that sounds cheesy, but they really were.  What’s interesting is that after I posted that, it was such a relief to me and it pushed me through that “stuck” feeling I’ve been struggling through the past few weeks.  I took the pressure off of myself and creativity bloomed.

Lesson learned.

Well, for today, anyway!  I’m sure I’ll have to learn it again and again.

So, with the creative spurt, I decided to do a little fall sprucing in the living room.  Fall decorating for me is just putting a few natural elements out, mixed in with things that are out every day.  I used to be someone who had four or five bins of decorations, but I realized it just wasn’t “me”.

Don’t get me wrong, I really appreciate people who artfully deck out a space in loads of holiday garb, but one day I realized I wasn’t one of them and I was okay with that.


So, I just pick up a few mini white pumpkins and “sprinkled” them around the room.  I like to tuck them into blue & white handleless cups, wreathed in a little nest of moss.  You may have noticed this is a go-to for me.  Tuck a candle, a pine cone, an apple, a little pumpkin, into a pretty cup with some moss and call it done.  I go to it again and again, because it’s so simple and pretty.


So, I added a few pumpkins to the primitive hutch and it’s just enough.  Orange pumpkins would be nice here, too, but I prefer the white.  I actually wish someone would come out with mini cinderella pumpkins in the soft orange or the blue and green heirloom varieties.  I would get behind that!





On the industrial cart coffee table, I added a single pumpkin to a tray, some ironstone platters, a little succulent and a cast iron bird.




On the marble-topped dresser by the door, I added another pumpkin and a bowl of mini pears I picked up at a local farmer’s market.




And I added a pumpkin to the dental cabinet in the “foyer”, which is really just a corner of the living room.


This one has the most impressive stem I’ve ever seen on one of these little guys!


And, of course, Sebastian is proving to be a bit of a ham when the camera comes out.  He acts very nonchalant about it, but he seems to sidle his way in the shots and gives me little sideways glances to see if I notice him.


A little note about that ficus tree in the corner.  I bought it, thinking it was about the same size as the previous ficus tree I had in that corner, but this one is about a foot taller and flirts with the ceiling!  I’m not going to stress about it too much, because it’ll probably be dead by the time I’m decorating for Christmas, when it’ll be replaced with a mini evergreen.

I’m doing really well with some houseplants, but I haven’t quite figured out these finicky ficus trees…

fall living room

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