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Every time we have t-shirts printed, my crew and I order sweatshirts.  Hoodies, to be more specific.  And then we pretty much live in them all winter.

This year, we ordered a new “throw-back style” sweatshirt and we absolutely love them.  They are so soft and comfy, but have a bit more shape and style to them than the old style we ordered.

It was rainy and cold the Saturday of Lucketts, so we all wore them and received so many compliments and inquiries, that I decided we would offer them for sale to our readers.


Basically, you asked for it, you got it!


Since these are more expensive than a t-shirt, they are special order.  Here’s how the sweatshirt event will work…

 The listing is live for the sweatshirts now.  You purchase the size(s) you want, we’ll place the order and have them printed and then shipped out.  So, you’ll get them in about 3-6 weeks and have them for when cooler fall temperatures come around.

We’re just offering them in one print, one color for this sale, but will open up more options if this is a success.

The sale will be open through Sunday, June 19, 2016, and then it’ll be closed, so we can place the orders all at once.  Everything else in the shop will be closed during this sale, so orders don’t get confused.  We’ll open the rest up after the event (and we have a lot more Lucketts leftovers to list along with some reorders of French soap and German brushes.)

You can order your sweatshirt HERE.

And speaking of the online shop (and the blog for that matter), we’re going to be undergoing a redesign and an overhaul of how the site is set up, so things will be easier to find.  We’ll also be bringing back the Mustard Seed Pages.  It’s all happening behind the scenes right now and will take a while before you see the changes, but I just wanted to let you know we’re working on it.


Before I sign off, I wanted to let you know you’ll see some familiar pictures in a couple of magazines that are on newsstands now.

My home is featured in American Farmhouse Style…

mms-8473 mms-8474

And Megan’s home office makeover is featured in Cottages & Bungalows…

mms-8487 mms-8488

I still dork out over magazine features.  It was one of my top “pie-in-they-sky” dreams when I started my business, but I never, ever imagined that dream would be realized dozens of times.  I still relish and enjoy it and buy my mom a copy (and sometimes even show it to the cashier) each time.

Like I said…dork.


  1. Brenda McCulley

    Not a dork! Just excited. If it happened to me, I would be a dork! Congratulations on the features! Which are you most excited about?

  2. B Folk

    Even though I am just a reader, I, too, dork out when you have a feature in a magazine:-) Congratulations on the newest ones.

    • Lisa

      haha, me too!!

      • Sue Pagels

        Me three!

  3. Kelly


    Wanted to order a sweatshirt. Are the bust sizes correct? They seem small.



    • marian

      I just clarified in the post, but that is the measurement if you lay the sweatshirt flat and measure the width from side to side, just under the arm.

  4. Peggy R

    Congratulations on the magazine feature Marian. You deserve it. Your home is beautiful .

  5. Marilyn

    Not a dork! Confirmation and acknowledgement that what you do and do so well inspires others — including me.

  6. Elena C

    That’s such a cool thing to be featured! On a side note, since you are doing some redesign on the site, I thought I would offer some feedback. I know you make money on the advertisers on your page but it’s quite a bit distracting when the ads are in the middle of your feed, several times on one post. I don’t mind when they are on the side bar of the feed since it doesn’t really interfere with the flow of the pictures. Just my two cents 😉

    • marian

      Yep, that’s just for the mobile version. If you read it on a laptop, desktop, iPad, you won’t see ads mixed in the content. Unfortunately, that’s really the only way to get ads in the mobile version, since there isn’t a sidebar.

      Thanks for the feedback, though. I definitely take feedback into account when we’re working through the function of the site. 🙂

      • Emile

        No, I read on an iPad and I get ads for shavers all of the time, as I begin to enter your site. It doesn’t make me want to come back. There are lots of other things/blogs to read. Don’t need the distraction/handicap. Bye

        • Kim Wagner

          I get that ad too and I’m her Mom. However the ads are what allows her to keep doing this. So even though it annoys me too I will put up with it and just close it. It sometimes covers the whole page but goes away pretty quickly

  7. Carla

    I think it is cool you still get excited about a magazine feature. Shows you aren’t jaded and don’t take it for granted which is important as you become “famous”.

    While I would like a sweatshirt I am waiting until you do a run of your “original” tee shirt design.

  8. Pamela

    so wonderful Marian!! I think your faith and portion is fabulous !!!! Congratulations !!

  9. Cheryl

    Congrats on your features and you are so deserving, can’t wait to see them!!

  10. Krista


  11. Jane

    congrats…can’t wait to see & love that you buy a copy for your mom!

  12. Julie Lorson

    I am a dork too! Love to see your home in magazines. What a thrill for you!

  13. Elaine

    You’re not a dork at all! I’m excited for you and I can’t wait to go get my magazine issues to look at and read. I was totally excited as I was reading your blog and scrolled down and there we were, I started texting my friends right away because we made your blog! Woo Hoo! Talk about excited! Thrilled for you!

  14. Naomi S.

    I think you have a perfect right to be excited when your dreams come true! You’ve worked very hard to get to the point of being publicly recognized for what you do. Just enjoy it! Squeal, jump up and down, show it to whoever you want, and be happy, happy, happy! You deserve to be validated in this particular way, my dear!

  15. Debbie Klausing

    Hey, I brag about you to people like I know you personally. Or maybe I should say I witness to others how you have grown like a mustard seed. Congratulations, you have worked hard for all this!

  16. sandi

    Oh gosh I know ‘that’ feeling about seeing yourself in magazines. I’m jewelry designer and have had some of my designs published and it IS a good feeling when you stop and think about all the thousands of people in the same field and they pick you! Congratulations!! And so nice for Megan, too!!

  17. Susan

    Haha, you think your dorky I show it to my sister and my mom like I know you personally and are my bestie! Love the sweatshirt .

  18. Kim

    So cute, dork out ! I get excited when someone iv followed for years is in a magazing! I will purchase it a drool on the pictures.

  19. TKraft Art & Interiors

    Marian, you’re my favorite kinda rock star. I’m looking forward to seeing the Mustard Seed Pages again and your work in The Glossies…

  20. Kim

    Very excited to hear that mustard seed pages are coming back. have been hoarding ironstone and going to auctions like its my job (it’s not, sadly) but also wondering how to break into selling on etsy etc…market is pretty saturated. MSP seem like the perfect way to efficiently find new homes for these treasures. Lookinh forward to the redesign!

  21. Cheroka

    Are you going to be doing another order of the sweatshirts? I don’t get paid until next week so couldn’t order today, but do want one for sure!

  22. Sandy Vargo

    I was reading a magazine my mom gave to me and as I turned the page I saw you and your lovely family featured in your home! I’m glad you dork out at being featured. I may have squealed in my car and exclaimed to my boys that I shared an elevator ride with you at Haven and there you were “famous” in a magazine. I’m so happy for you and your success! I’m looking forward to seeing you again at Haven!


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