the stool covers are back

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Remember these cuties?  They were ticking stool covers made as reproductions of one I made out of antique ticking for an industrial stool and sold by Decor Steals a couple of years ago…

Those simple ticking stool covers were a big deal for me, because it was the first product I designed that was reproduced.

 Well, they’re ba-ack!

We changed up the fabric to a different style of ticking and they are available in red & blue…

They have fit well on just about every stool I’ve tried it on, but check your measurements to make sure. I love how they soften up a hard piece of furniture and add a custom farmhouse finishing touch.

And the fabric has a great woven texture…

They are on sale now HERE at Decor Steals, if you want to get your hands one (or more).  If you want to make some yourself, you can find the complete tutorial HERE.

In other home news, our counters were installed in our kitchen today and they look amazing.  This week, I’ll share all about the installation process and what projects are next to get the kitchen finished…

the stool covers are back

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18 Comments on “the stool covers are back”

  1. You are so conscientious, I admire that you switched to a different style of ticking for your stool covers. If they were your first reproduced product, then is this your first reissue? In the new ticking, each grouping of smaller stripes creates a larger stripe…. Very clever. The woven texture is nice, too. Thanks for pointing it out and for including instructions for a DIY version. That’s so generous.

    I have a bone to pick with you, however. You casually mention that the new kitchen counters have been installed – then tell us we have to wait to see them! !!!!!! No fair! New counters are a big deal. Must see, right away……. But i guess I can wait. I know it’ll be worth it. I love the fact that redecorating ad accessorizing your house is part of your job. And we get to look over your shoulder. Such fun.

  2. You are on a roll! Love the stool cover, blue is my favorite. Cannot wait to see the new kitchen counters!

  3. I’m so looking forward to seeing your countertops! I commented last week or so, that we are looking at Hanstone as well. We did find that the slab in our chosen design come large enough that we won’t need a seam, which was our main concern!

    1. Oh, good! I was going to send you a picture of our seam. It’s very hard to see, but it’s in a spot that’s in a corner and it would be more noticeable on an island. Glad it worked out, though. I’ll be posting about the install tomorrow, but they are gorgeous!!

  4. I have been reading your blog for a long time and have seen you achieve so many wonderful things. I just went back to look at your instructions for the stool covers and I suddenly knew I had to write. You have many followers who look to you for ideas, inspiration and instructions. The wonderful quality that you have is that you are willing to try, not afraid of failing and you share this with your readers. Marion, if you could bottle up your fearless streak, I would buy as much as you could sell. However, I am learning that wishing cannot make things so, so I am thinking of a mantra to help me jump into projects, like you!
    So, thank you for all you’ve posted over the years and wish me luck. I hope you know how much you provide to your readers through your blog.

  5. I was lucky enough to buy one of you stool covers last year at your yard sale at your studio, last week I finally found a stool , it fits perfectly, now to paint the legs with typewriter!

  6. I just bought a red striped stool cover, they are just adorable!!!!
    I remember them when you first made them!!!!
    I should have bought 2 !!!!! lol, willl go back and see if they still have another!

  7. I have a stool cover from when you first sold them….and I still don’t have a stool! I just loved the cover so much I figured I would come across the perfect antique stool someday…the hunt continues.

    Can’t wait to see your kitchen counters…I have always wanted marble but the maintenance has scared me away. Yours sound like the perfect solution.

  8. To Susan, looking for a mantra:
    I found this in a magazine almost 20 years ago, cut it out and put it on a refrigerator magnet.
    Old Irish proverb
    “You can’t plow a field by turning it over in your mind.”
    It has helped me jump into hundreds of projects over the years.

  9. Brief commercial announcement. Being Marian’s dad with a workshop in my garage, all FOUR of the stools I use out there have these covers on them. They are DURABLE. I use the heck out of them and get stuff all over them, but they brush off and clean up really great. I was skeptical about putting her foofy stuff in my workspace but they’ve become a great addition to my little shop.

  10. Love the comment from your dad, Marion! Men appreciate a beautiful environment, too – even if just a workspace!

  11. What a nice dad you have! It made me smile to see his message—especially now that we don’t hear about him working on furniture projects with you—and doing all that wrapping at the Luckett’s fair!
    And your mum too—seems she enjoyed working on lots of projects with you—and at your new house too. We can see you get your energy from both sides!
    I miss having your parents pop into your stories now and then….All the best to them!

  12. I appreciate so much that despite the fact these gorgeous stool covers are available to purchase, you still included the link with instructions on how we can make them ourselves. Not everyone would be so generous, so thank you! I purchased a blue one and after reading your tutorial think I may be able to tackle sewing one on my own so I’ll have options. You continue to inspire so many of us every day. Thank you!

  13. Marian, Do you know if there are any remaining somewhere of the black/charcoal/brown color that is in the first picture on this post? I noticed decor steals only sells the blue and red ones this time around. I would want to buy 6 of them. Thanks!

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