The perfect cup of coffee with Storyville

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Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Storyville.  As always, all words and opinions are honest and my own.  You can read more about sponsored posts HERE.

When Storyville reached out to me about trying their coffee and coffee-making gear, I told them that they had the right house, but the wrong person.  I am not a coffee drinker.  I wish I were because it looks so comforting on cold days or when you need a pick-me-up.  But, Jeff loves coffee and drinks enough for both of us.  I might consider it to be one of his hobbies!  He’s always on the lookout for a better cup of coffee.  Needless to say, he was more than excited when a few boxes arrived at our house from Seattle labeled “Storyville”.

Storyville coffee | coffee station ideas |

If you’re not familiar with Storyville, let me tell you a bit about it.  Storyville is a Seattle-based artisan coffee roaster who might be more passionate about coffee than Jeff.  They are dedicated to creating a consistently smooth, perfect cup of coffee.   While I’m not a “coffee person”, I am a person who has an appreciation for a well-run business and good branding.  I loved the experience of opening each box we received from them and reading about their brand and business.   (As a side note, both Jeff and I love their logo of the little boy running with the airplane.  It immediately evokes a feeling of lightheartedness.)

It’s clear that they love coffee and want to share that love with others.  They don’t just want to ship you some coffee beans.  They want to invite you into the ritual of making a perfect cup of coffee in your own home.

In their words, “Our coffee is more than just a drink to wake you in the morning – it’s a reason to slow down, take a breath, and enjoy the world around you.”

Coffee Subscription | Storyville Coffee |

Storyville sells a wide variety of coffee products, gear, and accessories and Jeff was in heaven as we had the opportunity to try it all out!

Their Freedom I coffee system is the ultimate in home brewing.  It comes with a grinder, kettle, press, coffee measuring spoon, stirrers, a valet, timer, console, mugs, and coffee.  Since I have only made one cup of coffee in my life (and it looked more like tea and was only politely sipped on my by Opa), I asked Jeff if he would teach me how to make a French press cup of coffee.  And I would even taste it.

Storyville Water Kettle | Best At Home Coffee |

Jeff likes to drink half-calf, so we mixed one scoop of caffeinated (Prologue) with decaf (Epilogue).

Storyville Prologue Whole Coffee Beans |

The beans were so fragrant and fresh!

Storyville Measuring Cup | Coffee Love |

We ground the beans in the grinder…

Storyville Coffee Grinder | At Home Coffee Experience |

…and poured them into the press.

Storyville Coffee Press | Thermal Walls |

I must say that their coffee press is beautiful.  Jeff has only ever used small presses made of glass, so they won’t keep the coffee hot.  This has thermal walls to keep the coffee piping hot and can press 48 ounces at a time.

Storyville | 48 oz Coffee Press |

Through this process, I learned that making coffee is a precise business!  We set a timer and everything to make sure the coffee brewed for just the right amount of time.

Storyville Time | How To Make The Perfect Cup Of Coffee |

Storyville Coffee | Freedom 1 Kit |

Jeff poured a cup of coffee for himself and one for me.  He was so happy that I was actually going to give coffee a try.

Storyville | Pouring The Perfect Cup Of Coffee |

He likes his coffee black, so I took a sip of that, and then I tried it with a bunch of sugar, cream, and even some dark chocolate chips for good measure.  I wanted to give it the best chance for my palette!  Jeff said I was ruining an amazing cup of coffee and he was probably right.

Storyville Porcelain Coffee Mugs |

Jeff was so happy we were able to share the experience of making a cup together.  And now I know how to make a perfect cup of coffee for him when I’m feeling extra sweet.

Storyville Coffee |

Of course, he can always make a quick cup of coffee in the Keurig or Nespresso machines.  Storyville also sells Nespresso pods and Keurig cups.  Jeff has wanted a Nespresso machine for quite a while and he has loved making little espressos.

DYI Coffee Stations |

I had to tell him to slow down, so I could get some pictures of the pods before they were polished off!

Storyville Nespresso Capsules |

At Home Coffee Station |

As I was taking the pictures, he told me I needed to get a shot of the foaminess on top.  “This is what people who love coffee want to see!”

Coffee Foam | Storyville Coffee Mugs |

Storyville has three coffee shops in the Seattle area (they are ranked #1 on Yelp) and they ship their artisan coffee beans, Nespresso pods, Keurig cups, hardware, and accessories all over the US.  Storyville roasts, grinds, and packages their premium beans, so the pods and cups are shipped fresh to you.  And all of their ground coffee products are nitrogen-flushed for peak freshness.  They only use the highest quality beans to ensure that you’re getting the best cup of coffee no matter which gear you like to use to make it.

Morning Coffee |

You can place single orders through their website or subscribe to have coffee shipped to your door on a schedule that matches your coffee consumption.  I often forget to get coffee at the grocery store for Jeff, so the subscription is a perfect option to keep him stocked up.

If you’re a coffee drinker, or your significant other is a die-hard coffee connoisseur, this is a must-try.  You can be as happy as Jeff!  Subscribe to Storyville HERE and receive 76% off your first shipment using the promo code SEED!  A subscription (or really any of their products) would also be a lovely gift for someone who enjoys coffee.

And I got something I really enjoy, too, (other than making a cup of coffee with Jeff, of course) – a milk steamer/frother.  It’s connected to the Nespresso machine and Jeff made me some tasty dark hot chocolate in it.  We’re still perfecting the recipe, but we’re getting pretty close!

If you’d like to see Jeff teaching me how to make coffee along with me trying some coffee, we made a little video for you sharing the process…


  1. Cabrini Rudnick

    Awh….Jeff is so cute. Great video!!!

    • Marian Parsons

      Well, I think so!

  2. Amy

    I remember when making a cup of coffee meant spooning some Folger’s freeze dried crystals into a cup of hot water. LOL JMO, but it seems like an awful lot of work for a cuppa. When did people get so persnickety about their coffee? But you and Jeff are adorable together. Will there be a Parson family Christmas carol this year? I so love those. You have a beautiful voice Marian.

    • Marian Parsons

      Jeff will sometimes make instant coffee if he’s in a hurry or when he’s camping, but he says making a cup with a French press and fresh grounds is far superior. He makes this as a way to treat himself.

      And, thank you! I’d like to do a song this year, so we’ll see…

  3. Kris

    The coffee looks good but I’d like to know more about the coffee cake!

    • Marian Parsons

      Ha! That was just from the local grocery store.

  4. Kari

    Marian, try the coffee with just cream, with the sweet on the side (like that coffee cake). I am a tea drinker from childhood, milky tea at first, then just with sugar. When I tried coffee, I added the sugar and milk and thought it was ghastly until I omitted the sweet. I drink black coffee mostly, but love it with half and half. I still think sugar ruins a cup of coffee!

    • Marian Parsons

      I just don’t like the flavor of coffee, even coffee ice cream or in the more “dessert coffees.” I don’t like tea, either!

  5. Connie

    Thermal French press. Brilliant

  6. jenw

    You guys are cute together! The video was fun to see, thanks for linking it in the blog post for those of us who aren’t Instagram-savvy.

  7. PC

    I run of coffee and sunshine . I do an instant cup of Bustelo for early morning travel. The French press is the best!!!

  8. Vikki

    Loved the video even though I am not a coffee drinker. When you perfect your hot chocolate you need to share.

  9. Deb

    I understand your reluctance to even taste the coffee. I am with you….I just don’t like the flavor.
    Once I ordered what I thought was a slice of chocolate cake from a little bakery in London.
    Well it was actually mocha. I didn’t find that out until I ate it later sitting in a park. I was sad to have to throw it away because after the first bite I was done. However it is obvious in this video that Jeff really likes coffee and all of the different ways you can make it. I am sure he was much more on board with you testing this out rather than something used to clean the grout or the floors.😃

  10. Sandy

    I may have to try that subscription out. Thanks for sharing and doing the video. 🙂

  11. Kathy

    This would be my husband and me. I love the ritual of coffee but don’t understand how something that smells so wonderful can taste so awful. My husband loves that magic elixir and drinks it all day.

  12. Dianne

    Loved the video. So cute! Thanks for sharing. I am with you , and others that do not like coffee or the coffee taste in anything. I make homemade hot chocolate every morning with cocoa. Sometimes adding cinnamon or peppermint. Yum!

  13. Paulla

    Tea? You don’t like tea? I loathe coffee in any form; however, I must have a daily “Chai Tea Latte (no water),” from Starbucks. It’s my one splurge in retirement (I’m 77). Please give it a try. It’s a little bit of a “sissy” beverage, but I love it!

  14. Judy

    Never tried French press coffee. Would like to try it out.

  15. Glorie Reed

    I’m with Jeff, I love coffee! The only time I couldn’t drink it was when I was pregnant but coffee was the first thing I asked for after my babies were born! I love a fresh pot of coffee in the morning, the smell will get me out of bed! Thermal French press! Why didn’t I think of it??

  16. LuAnn

    I remember being introduced to coffee when I was about 6 years old, along with some of my other 6 siblings (not all turned out to be coffee drinkers), but I recall loving the smell as it was brewing in our electric coffee pot. My parents scolded us kids for begging for coffee, and told us it would stunt our growth (we didn’t exactly from a lineage of tall people anyway) so we persevered. I do love coffee–the aroma, the ritual, but unfortunately, it doesn’t like me as much as years ago. I can drink a cup once in awhile on a weekend, but no longer cup after cup like I used to (maybe it’s just the grocery store coffee that turns my stomach). The Storyville products sound amazing, and I envy that French press! May have to look into this!

  17. Sheri

    So cute! Judging by the amount of pods, I would guess that Jeff was extra productive after his coffee🤣. I love coffee now but it was a process to learn to like it. The night shift really helped me in this regard! I love the variety of your blog. Something different all the time.

  18. FIL

    Jeff must get his coffeeness from his Grandfather Parsons who passed it to me, although my coffee is Navy coffee that has cured in the engineroom of some wayward destroyer. His Grandad always had a mug of coffee in his hand. But, I’ll give it a try. Love the French press method, strong, strong, strong.

  19. Terry

    I have been a coffee addict all my life. Used to have to have it on a timer so when I rolled out of bed it was ready. All those years took a toll on my stomach. I still LOVE it but since I can only drink one cup a day now I’m totally into the process of preparing that one perfect cup. Another example of savoring the journey right. Do NOT feel like you have to be a coffee (or tea for that matter) drinker. I adore a good cup of chocolate and that can be a wonderful journey too. Loved the video, you two are perfect!

  20. Karen B.

    My husband converted me to a coffee fan when we were first married. He lived in Germany for two years while serving in the Army and learned to love really good coffee. I’ll definitely be ordering some beans for us to grind and try. Thanks for this post.

  21. JC

    What a cute video you both made. Jeff looked very excited about the coffee. Neither my husband or I are coffee drinkers. We drink tea…, black, herbals, and on every Saturday morning my husband makes his special hot chocolate recipe. It is quite yummy!


    How nice you received all those items from Storyville! Jeff will enjoy making his coffee with your new French press! I’m sure their coffee tastes great! There’s nothing better than freshly ground coffee in the morning. Both my hubby and I are coffee drinkers. We love our coffee — black!

    That was a cute video! You make such a nice couple.

  23. MaryLisa

    Thank you for featuring this brand I didn’t know existed. I live right outside Seattle and looking forward to trying. The logo is awesome since my husband is a retired airline pilot. Can’t wait to try it out!

  24. Kristen

    Loved the video! I subscribed and ordered the press, grinder, and kettle for my husband for Christmas! We use a coffee press now, but he will love this set. Besides, I was hard “pressed” to come up with a gift for him this year, so your timing was perfect! They have good deals, especially if you get a discounted gift card and then use discount code on top of that.
    Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy, New Year to you and your family.

  25. Debra N

    That was fun! The offer was too good to pass up so I ordered the beans. Thanks!


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