Christmas Kitchen 2020

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I know you don’t need to hear from me that Christmas is coming fast!  I am definitely feeling it, though.  My house is finally all decorated, though, gingerbread houses have been made, and I’m almost all done with my Christmas shopping.  I’ll be sharing some creative gift wrap ideas tomorrow, but today I thought I would share my kitchen decorated for Christmas along with the gingerbread I made earlier this week…

christmas kitchen 2020 | miss mustard seed

I made the same gingerbread I’ve been making for the past few years.  You can find the mini gingerbread house templates and recipe HERE.

Christmas kitchen | mini gingerbread houses | miss mustard seed

Each year, I make some of the same houses, but I’ll also try some new ornaments shapes and gingerbread house templates.  This year, I made some mini houses that sit on the side of mugs…

mini gingerbread house on mug | miss mustard seed

I got that cute sweater mug at Walmart!

…and I hand-cut some ornaments based on 17th-century embroidery designs.  Because, why not?

Christmas kitchen | gingerbread | miss mustard seed

Christmas kitchen | gingerbread templates | miss mustard seed

Christmas kitchen | mini gingerbread house | miss mustard seed

As far as Christmas decor, I just added a few simple touches.  Our kitchen is a nice size, but it’s not enormous, so I have to mindful of everything I bring into the room.  I added a little brass bell to the butcher’s rack over the stove…

Christmas kitchen | miss mustard seed

…put a few large cinnamon sticks into an ironstone sugar jar…

Christmas kitchen | ironstone cake stand | miss mustard seed

And added a faux pine garland and wool pom garland over the window.

Christmas kitchen | miss mustard seed

Christmas kitchen | gingerbread | miss mustard seed

I also added a small artificial pine tree in an ironstone bowl on the counter.

Christmas kitchen | gingerbread | miss mustard seed

Christmas kitchen | mini faux pine tree | miss mustard seed

And a little tree on a stool…

Christmas kitchen | gingerbread | miss mustard seed

These sweet mittens were made for me by Emily of Penny & Ivy out of antique German grain sacks.  I just wrapped them around the bottom of the tree and let them hang over the basket.

Christmas kitchen | small tree in basket | antique grain sack mittens | miss mustard seed

Once the gingerbread was made and iced, I scattered it around the kitchen and dining room…

Christmas kitchen | gingerbread | miss mustard seed

(The ironstone cake stand is from Dreamy Whites.)

Christmas kitchen | gingerbread | miss mustard seed

I put one of the little houses on the open shelving and hung the ornaments of the little tree by the back stairs…

Christmas kitchen | gingerbread bird ornament | miss mustard seed

I thought the cats or Sebastian would try to eat them, but they’ve left them alone so far.  The cats are far more interested in wool snowflakes.

Christmas kitchen | gingerbread squirrel ornament | miss mustard seed

Christmas kitchen | gingerbread | miss mustard seed

I lit the candles for this picture and had Jeff stand just outside the frame.  “Why should I do while I’m standing here?”  “Just watch the candles and make sure I don’t burn the house down.”  I’m a little skittish about fire, but I knew these would look so pretty lit for a picture.

Christmas kitchen | gingerbread | miss mustard seed

Christmas kitchen | gingerbread | miss mustard seed

Christmas kitchen | gingerbread | miss mustard seed

I wanted to set up an advent wreath again this year, but Esmé pulled apart my wreath last year, so I opted for a simple candle ring on the table.

Christmas kitchen | layered centerpiece | miss mustard seed

I put it in an ironstone bowl layered in a wooden bowl and in a woven basket tray.  I’ve mentioned it before, but I like using layers during Christmas, just like we do with our clothing.  It adds a sense of coziness, I think, and provides another opportunity to add texture and contrast.

Christmas kitchen | layered centerpiece | miss mustard seed

Well, there’s my Christmas kitchen & eating area!  I hope you enjoyed a little tour. Here’s a preview of the gingerbread in the dining room…

cake pedestal | jade bowls | tealight candles

I’m hoping to put together a little video tour of the first floor next week, but we’ll see if I can sneak it in…

Christmas Kitchen 2020

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16 Comments on “Christmas Kitchen 2020”

  1. So beautiful! Simple yet elegant. I especially like the way you stacked bowls and trays for your candle centerpiece. It makes a great impact in a small footprint. Thanks for sharing your lovely home with us.

    1. Your decorating looks beautiful and cozy. Thank you for sharing. I have definitely picked up ideas that I can switch around with some things that I wasn’t completely satisfied with. Pinned!

  2. Oh man….I love the Swedish-looking cookies you cut…especially the Dala horses! I was wondering what those little ironstone cups are on the cake stand by the marmalade jar?

  3. Inspired! I know this post but the pillow in buffalo check chair caught my eye! I like the ribbons on top. Merry Christmas!

  4. This year we need all the Christmas we can get. Your home is so lovely and welcoming and now so festive. Thank you for sharing your ideas with us…they are just what we need right now. Shining light in the dark of our winter.

  5. Beautiful. I love how you put the gingerbread houses on little tree “cookies” – that’s just perfect! Maybe blue and white is the new red and green? Lol! Happy holidays, Marian.

  6. Your home looks beautiful! I’m a lover of blue and white so your house speaks to me. Thank you for the link to the gingerbread house templates. Next year when things are better and I can host my family again I’m going to make those houses.
    Have you decided if you’re traveling this Christmas. It’s been on my mind since you spoke about it last.

  7. Marion, could you please share a source for the 17th century embroidery designs? I love your cookies!

  8. I made these little houses last year from your template and directions and I just loved them! These are so pretty and the ornaments look beautiful. I’ll have to save this for next year as we have a house full of COVID 19 this year for Christmas.

  9. So simple and yet so festive. I love the feel your home has and thank you for opening your home and sharing the pictures with us. Happy holidays to you and your family.

  10. Beautiful as always! Would you kindly share the name of the pattern for the brush holder that resides on the left-hand side of your sink?

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