the fate of the leather sofa

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Many people have asked about the fate of the leather sofa and for a few more details about why I swapped it out, so I thought I would answer that question in a post, especially for those who are weighing their sofa options for a purchase.

The leather sofa is the Brooklyn leather sofa in Toffee from Pottery Barn.  I bought it a few years ago using gift cards, redeemed credit card points, and profits from things I purged from our house.  (If you’re interested, you can read the details on that HERE.)


We love that sofa and the recent switch doesn’t have anything to do with not liking it.

Earlier this year, I rearrange the furniture in the family room.  All four of us had been sitting on the leather sofa together when we watched movies and, with two growing boys, it was feeling a little tight.  I knew that at some point, we were going to need to rework the space.

On a whim I tried putting our Ektorp sofa from Ikea perpendicular to it, to make an L-shaped seating arrangement.


I didn’t like it at first, but I have learned that it’s best to live with something for a few days before making a decision.  As the days passed by, I liked it more and more.  “Mommy’s spot” became the left arm of the sofa.  I would lean against pillows, snuggling in to work on my computer or to watch TV, and it was perfect for me.


The arrangement was comfortable, but it did look a little disjointed.

My first thought was to get a matching love seat from Pottery Barn, but that style only comes in a sofa and chairs.  I also looked at Ikea, at the matching Ektorp love seat, but I really didn’t like the idea of going back to slipcovers for the “boys’ sofa”.  Leather has been much more practical for all of the grunge they inevitably bring in the house with them.

So, I felt a little stuck and unsure what to do.  Of all of the furniture in our house, this is the one we probably interact with the most.  I decided I may need to be open to an option that doesn’t include keeping the leather sofa in the family room.

That’s when I looked at sectionals and decided that was the best direction to go to be most practical for our family and to give the room a more cohesive look.

I was a little nervous about going with a light colored sofa, but the Salonne sectional from AshleyHome is more of an oatmeal color and the fabric is definitely more durable than white cotton twill slipcovers.  I’ll keep you posted on how the fabric wears, though.


I know there was some controversy about whether the sectional was my style or not, but I love it more in person than I even thought I would.  The styling is more modern, but I like that it’s very neutral, so it doesn’t call attention to itself and the antique pieces that are more “me”, like the pie safe, French chairs by the window, antique hutch, etc. can steal the show.

We moved the two displaced sofas to the studio.  I may sell the Ikea one, but I’m still debating that one with myself.  And I’m going to reupholster the tufted ottoman.  It’s a nice piece, but that fabric has not worn well and looked pretty bad.  It was pilly and dingy.  But the bones are good, so I’m going to swap out the fabric and might use it at the foot of the bed in the master bedroom.


We are definitely keeping the leather sofa, though.  I habitually sell every sofa I declare will be the “studio sofa”, but then we always miss having a sofa!  I promised Jeff I won’t sell this one and we’ll keep it as our “studio sofa”, which actually gets quite a bit of use!  And you’ll see it in photo shoots here and there.

I’ll keep you posted on the changes we made and how they work for our family.

the fate of the leather sofa

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