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It’s time for our last fall post in the Farmhouse Holiday Series – the fall porch, but we’ll be back again as the Christmas season gets underway!

 I have to say that I really worked at gardening and our outdoor spaces last year.  I found it rewarding and we enjoyed sitting on our deck for the first time in the almost 10 years we’ve lived here.

This year?  Totally different story.  It was hot and dry and I was really busy and our outdoor space was neglected.  I would get about a D+ if I was being graded.  And the + is only because I had some beautiful crabgrass that thrived on just the right combination of drought and neglect.

Anyway, cooler temperatures sweeping into our county have coaxed me back outdoors to spruce up the space, so we could enjoy some al fresco meals and observe soccer practice in the back year.

I started by cleaning the crispy petunias out of the planters and replaced them with mums.

Our umbrella broke last year in a bad windstorm, so I replaced it with the same one from Joss & Main.  Given that our porch isn’t covered, having an umbrella out there makes a huge difference in how inviting it is.

I also tidied up the potting bench and added a few fall elements.  The back wall of our deck is always in the shade, hence the green mossy/algae stuff growing on the wood.

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I wished they would make mini Cinderella pumpkins in a soft orange.  Well, wouldn’t you know it, but I found some at my local farm stand when I stopped in to pick up apples and they are perfect for this fall porch!  They are actually a variety of baking squash, but it looks like a mini-cinderella to me!

I also picked up an ornamental cabbage and a gooseneck gourd.  I don’t usually like them very much, but this one looked so much like a goose tucking his head under a wing that I couldn’t resist.  The basket “vintage” planters are also from Joss & Main.  

I stacked up my unused clay pots, but will remember to turn them over this year before the temperatures drop below freezing.  I had a few break last winter, because I didn’t realize I needed to do that!

pumpkin stack | farmhouse fall porch |

I actually found the bird’s nest on the ground while I was cleaning up the remnants of paper airplanes in our yard.  The little nest is so artfully made.

porch decorating ideas | farmhouse fall porch |
pumpkins and pinecones | farmhouse fall porch |
farmhouse fall porch |

Along the side rail, I added a couple of outdoor pillows to the vintage chairs.  I like how the crewel work ties the blues and beiges together.


I have no idea what that green metal piece is really supposed to be, but isn’t it the perfect pumpkins stand?

The bench is THIS ONE from Joss & Main.  I added a couple of pillows I already had to cozy it up a bit.

I love how it has a Swedish feel to it.  I’m going to see how it weathers, but it may be getting painted to give it even more of a Swedish feel!

I cleaned up the herbs in my planters as well and added some small pumpkins in the holes where things “didn’t make it.”  I love the fuzzy sage leaves against the soft orange.

And my little shadow was out there with me during the sprucing and the photographing of our fall porch.  He’s learned we’re his family, so he’ll stay with us, even though our yard isn’t fenced in.  It’s so nice that we can hang out on the deck with him and he’ll find a comfy spot and take a nap or we’ll play fetch with his squeaky ball.

If you’d like to check out some other beautiful fall porches, the links are below!

Disclosure: Joss & Main partnered with this Farmhouse Holiday Series installment and provided us each with product for our outdoor spaces.

And, to make it fun for our readers, Joss & Main is offering a $500 gift card giveaway on Instagram.  If you’d like to enter to win, just use #designtheoutdoors on an Instagram post.  

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    1. mary roberts

      So beautiful and simple. You always inspire me Marian! 🙂

    2. tina

      Oh yea, we learned the hard way – don’t leave umbrellas out.

      For the stuff growing on the house/deck, you need to pressure wash. There is stuff you can mix in the pressure washer that removes the “stuff” and retards it’s growing back.

    3. Marsha Kern

      I love it and I love the new puppy!! He is the best thing you have added!!!

    4. Becky Delson

      Dear Joss & Main, please give Marian a sturdy wrought iron stand for that pretty umbrella. I have visions of her cute table lifting into the air all Wizard of Oz twister style! I love all the pretty pumpkins and fun little surprises everywhere. The bird’s nest is such a magical little gift.

    5. Laura Dunkley

      Beautiful job and love that Sebastian finds his way into your shoots !
      The metal stand is actually the base for an old hot water tank.

    6. Sandy

      I love your back porch! I need to get mine in shape. I have a beautiful covered back porch that’s ended up being storage for paint projects. Love your Cinderella looking pumpkin (squash). Glad you finally have some good weather so your family can enjoy your beautiful space. Love the photo of Sebastion! He’s the perfect new family addition. I love seeing him in your photos!

    7. Rachel

      So charming Marian! I love the choices you made– you styled the potting bench so beautifully and practically. And I agree about the wooden bench– looks swedish to me too!

    8. Janet H in Kansas City

      Sebastian makes it all look more homey. It was already beautiful.


      Marian, love what you’ve done with your fall décor on your porch. Your potting bench is so unique! Sebastian is such a nice dog and just loves to be with you. So happy you gave him a home!

      That little bird nest is so cute and really adds to your fall décor. We found two bird nests on the ground which we picked up and added to our fall porch décor. The one “tiny” hummingbird nest is going to be put on a wreath for our door next spring.

      Have a blessed day!

    10. Julie

      Love seeing Sebastian in the photos!!

    11. Natalie

      Beautiful Fall porch! Love everything on it!

      If you would ever consider selling your mini cast iron holstein cow (in your chicken feeder), please message me… I’ll buy him!

      Sebastian is such a good dog to stay in your yard and not wander (or run!) away!
      He’s a handsome boy who is blessed to be a member of the Parsons’ family.
      Bless your heart for adopting him. 🙂

    12. Cookie Sheldon

      I don’t do Instagram but wish I could be entered anyway for the contest. I just want to say I have enjoyed all of your” beautious ” arrangeements. Perfect fall porch etc….Love your dog and I am sure he would love playing catch with mine.

    13. Denise

      Love the porch decor! I tried one year putting gourds, pumpkins, and squashes outside. The happy animals thought it was a buffet just for them – ha ha! Oh well, it looked nice for two days.

    14. Becca

      I also have that same metal stand! Nice that your reader could identify what it is. And thanks, Marian, for the idea of using it as a pumpkin stand. You always know how to make use of things and make them beautiful.

    15. Diedre Roberts

      Sebastian adds such life to your place. I am happy for your family and for him. Great deck and outdoor space! Thank you for sharing.

    16. Denise Cox

      Yup!! It’s started…. pics with the pup in them.. ?? What is his name? He is sooooo pretty… or I guess I should say ” handsome”!!

      It all looks so very pretty, Marion..

      • marian

        Ha, yeah. He just sneaks in! His name is Sebastian.

    17. Mary

      My gosh, Sebastian is quite the HANDSOME FELLOW!!! So glad he now has his forever home!!
      Love him!

    18. Belinda

      The pale orange “Cinderella” pumpkins are a variety called “cheddar” some of the other are speckled hounds and fairytails. I love the cheddar pumpkins and I also love the peanuts!

    19. Naomi S.

      Porch looks great, Marian! I love all the pumpkins in that apricot-like color. I hope I can find some like them.

      I can’t get over how handsome that Sebastian is. Your photo of him in this post really shows what an intelligent look he has in his eyes and the way his ears stand up, waving their little wispy flags. He has such a beautiful coat and markings. A bit of an aristocratic air in his stance. A real keeper and he knows it. That’s good! Bless him and you all for finding each other!


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