subtle seasonal dining room

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The week after I got back from Europe, summer was still hanging onto Rochester, but it finally released its grasp.  The trees are turning fiery hues at their tips, there is a refreshing chill to the air, and I donned my favorite leather boots in church this weekend.

Fall is here.

Having missed a week and a half of September, it feels like autumn will be shorter this year than usual.  For that reason, I’m not going to spend too much time or money decorating for it.  I’d rather put our decorating dollars towards the work we’re having done in the foyer (painting and new tile flooring) and my time playing catch-up on work that was neglected during the more relaxed pace of summer.

I couldn’t let it pass without some recognition or subtle nod in the home, though!  While out running errands last week, I bought a couple of heirloom pumpkins, some baby boos, and few small gourds.

I added them to some hydrangeas from our front garden that I clipped and dried.

It’s simple, but is fitting for the room.  I love how the greens of the dried hydrangea blooms and the pale blue of the pumpkin pulls similar shades from the wall mural.

I also added a couple of green-striped pillows from HomeGoods to the cane chairs.

(Sebastian will not be denied his moment.)

And I scattered a few baby boo pumpkins in the milk-painted hutch.

The butler’s pantry received the same treatment…

Isn’t it nice to know that seasonal decorating doesn’t have to be elaborate or expensive to be beautiful?  I felt like a few scattered pumpkins wouldn’t be enough, but in their subtlety and simplicity, they are.

subtle seasonal dining room

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33 Comments on “subtle seasonal dining room”

  1. Marian,
    Perfect touches of green pumpkins, squashes, and white Baby Boo-Boos for your dining room and butler’s pantry add just the right amount of Fall.

    Happy Fall,

  2. It looks beautiful and nothing to store after the fall holidays. I was in Lancaster, Pa a few days ago and found a great deal on pumpkins in all shapes and variety. They are just enough to honor the season.

  3. thank you for your inspiring ideas ,i’m in fall cleaning mood and i’m trying to get rid of stuff ! so having a few beautiful pumpkins around will be just enough !

  4. Always love baby boos and heirloom pumpkins for Fall since I am not a orange pumpkin kind of gal. We had a few hints of cooler more Fall like temps last week but it seems it was short lived as it will be in the 80’s in central VA this week. I was envious when I saw the weather forecast for Minnesota this past weekend!

  5. You were smart never to start a tradition of a lot of seasonal decorations. Seems like once you do, the kids never want to give it up. Mine are 13 and 16 (!) and still complained when I simplified a little bit on Halloween this year. Your kids seem really easy going, maybe it’s because they’re boys. My girls are very into decorating, which can be fun and/or kind of a pain. We are hosting the family Christmas this year and they have been telling me since June that we need to go “all out” for decorations. Looks like the Snow Village will be out in full force.

  6. Lovely! I would pour a glass of wine and stay awhile. HA! HA!

    Please tell me where, OH WHERE, can I buy the crock you have the plant in by the stairs?

  7. You are so real and wonderful. I love how you decorate in real time and how it never looks like you scattered fake stuff all over for pictures.

  8. So pretty! I just love your dining room! Even though I “watched” you put it together, I just can’t help loving it all over again each time I see it. I think the mural just ties it all together!
    The pumpkins are sweet, too.

  9. So pretty, Marian! You always do such a lovely job with your décor. Also, I have really enjoyed your travel posts. So glad you and your Mom had such a nice time. Have a blessed week!

  10. I read all your posts but forgot what color you painted the butler’s pantry & your island. It looks lighter than your boxwood. I feel you mixed two colors together. Can you tell me what they were? It is a beautiful combination!!

  11. I love your house, Marian, but please tell me you haven’t ended giving us your impressions of Italy. I’ve been so looking forward to Lucca.

    1. No, not at all! I was just giving my readers a little break from it, but I still have a lot more to share! A meal at a vineyard, the flea market at Lucca, shopping at a Tuscan thrift store, the villa where we stayed…

  12. Your dining room mural looks so beautiful! I love that you brought it around the corners to the adjacent walls. really nicely done.

  13. the green ironstone cabinet is stunning. i haven’t had a chance to visit in awhile. the changes to your new home are remarkable in such a short time or maybe its been long. feels short but looks amazing.

  14. I just love how you decorate and I adore the mural you painted on your dining room wall! So beautiful. Could you please tell me which of your MMS milk paint colors you used to paint the hutch in your dining room? That’s “my favorite color” and I haven’t been able to find it anywhere. I love your blog so much and look forward to reading it. Thanks .


  15. I just adore this. I love the simplicity of it. It’s so hard when you see bloggers and Instagrammers going all out. It feels like you too have to go big or go home. I have recently been studying your Christmas posts because I love the easy going prettiness of it. The thing I get the most from your blog is that if each “thing” you own is exquisite…you don’t have to own as many things to make it beautiful. So inspiring.

  16. Your dining room is just lovely…but….do you ever have a large group (more than 4) people over for dinner? Where do you sit? It’s great, but I’d need a larger table!

    1. I would’ve preferred a table that seats 6, but it’s a small dining room and a larger table won’t fit very well. We have a larger table in the kitchen, adjoining the dining room, so we have people sit at both tables and we can set another table if needed.

  17. Love love love it I too am going subtle this year. I’m too busy fighting this cancer. I have a question: how did you dry your hydrangeas? I’ve tried several ways including using glycerin which did a pretty good job. I’m always open to new ways. Hydrangeas are one of my favorites and they’re scattered around my house. I made a huge wreath with them last year that turned out pretty good. Thanks. I look forward to your blogs. You’re very inspiring.

    1. I’m sorry to hear about your cancer. I hope you come to full healing and health very soon!

      As far as the hydrangeas, I just cut them when they were green and put them in a vase without water. They dried very well!

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