Still playing & more for sale…

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I’m still “playing” in the living room…trying different things until I feel I’ve hit the nail on the head.  I liked the door with the painting on it, but it didn’t feel 100% right, so I thought I would try something else.

missmustardseed-16 (427x640)

I pulled the mirror out of my bedroom…

missmustardseed-22 (427x640)

…to try it between the windows.

missmustardseed-34 (427x640)

There was a time when I had a mirror between the windows before and I liked the way it reflected the dining room and additional light.  It did extend the room visually a bit as well.

It looked a little naked on its own, so I hung a boxwood wreath from a ribbon over it and that finished it off nicely.

missmustardseed-32 (427x640)

The mirror was a freebie from my uncle, so you can hardly beat that!

missmustardseed-33 (427x640)

missmustardseed-35 (427x640)

When I’m working on accessories, I like to put something in a place and live with it for a few days.  Sometimes I’m not sure about it at first, but then  it grows on me and sometimes the reverse happens.  So, we’ll see how this one sits after a few days.


I also took some time today to continue cleaning out my office, so Jeff can work out of there.  It will sort of be our office, but I sort of work everywhere and have used my office as a glorified storage closet, so I’m moving most of it to the basement, just leaving the hutch and the t-shirt counter (I love and need that piece!)

missmustardseed-36 (640x427)

I made some good progress, but it was slow going today.  Most days I’m very driven and motivated, but today I floundered a bit..sometimes just standing in a room, spaced out, until I shook myself out of it and carried some more things to the basement.

missmustardseed-38 (427x640)

The basement is getting a little cluttered and I need to photograph everything and get it in the online shop.  I plan to work on that this week, but I have to be flexible.  The boys are out of school again tomorrow due to the record low temperatures in our area.  It sounds silly canceling school for the cold, but the high tomorrow is 12 degree and the wind chill makes it feel like -19.  That probably doesn’t seem too bad for someone in North Dakota, but we’re not accustomed to that kind of cold here.

Anyway, while cleaning out the office, I decided to sell a couple of larger items.  Since these are big, they are just for local buyers who can pick them up in the Gettysburg area.  The first is the large letter “m”.  I’m sad to sell it, because it would be perfect in a big studio some day, but I don’t have the perfect place for it now and I’m not going to hang onto it for some day.  It was a neon letter from a mall, but the neon has been removed.  The letter is metal with a thick plastic front and I gave it a fresh coat of blue paint.  I can send measurements if you’re interested, but it’s big!  The price is $250.

missmustardseed-37 (427x640)

And yet another rug….this rug captured my heart when I received it as a prop for a photo shoot, so I worked out a deal to keep it.  Now that we’ll be sharing this space, I am going to take down the wallpaper (it’s only on one wall) and take out the rug, since both are a bit girly.  Both were a little out of my decorating comfort zone, but they’ve been fun to have for a while.  The rug is the 5 x 8 Gypsy Rose hooked cotton rug by Dash & Albert and it’s in great condition.   It sells for $664 new and I’m selling it for $300.  Just send me an e-mail if you’re interested in either (

missmustardseed-39 (427x640)

I’ll be listing the smaller things that I can ship soon, including a lot of things from my office shelves…

Still playing & more for sale…

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56 Comments on “Still playing & more for sale…”

  1. Hello! I very much enjoy following your blog. You are such a creative mind and a really wonderful writer to boot! A question for you (if you’ll tell): what wall color is painted in your living room (with the Craigslist couch and the piano)? I love the combination with the white trim. Thanks so much!
    Nodding Goat Home

  2. I can’t believe I never noticed the missing blue mirror before now. It was always eye candy for me in your space. I hope you have it hanging out somewhere else?

  3. I’m glad you are sharing your journey of reorganizing and purging. I am by nature a neat person and I have no trouble at all giving away things. My problem is that I can never seem to settle on a look or be content with a style. Seeing your posts makes me realize that one style isn’t right. I think they all look good and it helps me to realize it’s probably that way in my own home too.

  4. I just love how things are going and how there is a beautiful iteration the room each time things change.

    I also love love love love love the t-shirt counter/ cabinet. It’s prompted me to write this note!

  5. I do the same thing with accessories- play around, stand back, live with it……. But I think you hit the nail on the head! I like the mirror there much more than the previous mirror or the door. It adds a touch of a elegance without being fussy. The boxwood wreath is the perfect pop of natural color. It fills the space perfectly, & fits much better than it did in your bedroom- winner, winner, chicken dinner!!

  6. I love the sofa and two chairs you had in the room when you had the blue mirror. Wow! How long ago was that? Probably sold a long time ago? Anyway, love the wreath on the mirror.

  7. Hi MM If left a few messages about the needlepoint chair that you posted and I want to buy. Can you please respond. I messaged you that I have a gray hound freight right near my house if possible to send it that way. It’s been a couple of weeks since you posted it and I’ve requested the price and shipping info a few times. Do you read the comments. Or does someone do it for you? I’m seriously interested. I just need a response. With the price and shipping cost.thanks and happy New Year

  8. I think your mirror and boxwood wreath above the sofa are perfect! I also think that you’re on the right track with your blue striped grain sack pillows on the sofa and once they’re complete I think you’ll be quite happy with the overall look. That bit of blue on the sofa will pull it all together nicely!!
    Your home always looks lovely, legos and all!!!

  9. I think the mirror and the wreath look better with the existing curtains but I think the door and the painting (that I loved) would look amazing with the checked curtains. My vote would be for the painting and the door, but then my personal taste is very casual and “unfancy”. Whatever you end up choosing it will be beautiful.

    I finally treated myself and ordered your book today. Really looking forward to receiving it.

  10. Just wanted to say thank you. After reading your bog yesterday you motivated me. I moved my daughters bed from upstairs to down (we live in a cottage) and re-arranged and moved bedroom furniture. One happy little girl. It’s not as organised as it should be but we are getting there.

  11. Hi Marion. I am the same way in my own home. always moving furniture and accessories around. while looking at your windows in the living room (specifically the 2 next to each other) it occurred to me did you ever think about shortening the curtain rods? It would look great to make each of those rods about 15 iches and scrunch your fabric onto a shorter rod, finial still at each end. this way you dont have all that exposed rod showing and the drapes fall nicely on either end of each of the windows. It could add architectural interest which I know is something you love. just a thought ….. keep up the good work….

  12. If you ever think about selling the counter, please please please contact me!!!

    I am in love with it and would make the ride to pick it up!!!

  13. HI Marian
    I spend hours going through your blog, tutorials etc. I love what you do and desperately try and do the same. I however live in South Africa and can not get your paint here. Is there any way of getting some?

  14. You know what always catches MY eye? The horizontal board and batten wall in your office. Did you intall it or did it come that way? I would love to do that, but am not sure how.

  15. Oh! That rug! I so wish it was ship-able. I’ve had my eye on it on the Dash and Albert site, but it’s out of my price range right now. Tough it is almost worth it for me to drive to your place from Maine to pick it up. 🙂 Hmmm. I do have a trip to Hershey possibly coming up in February. 🙂

  16. I love following along as you play with your house.
    The door with the picture(love the picture) looked really good but I love the mirror with the wreath. I don’t know what it is but there is something about a boxwood wreath that finishes off a space.
    Would you mind sharing name of the paint color you used on the walls in that room? I like how it looks with the white trim. I have an open living,kitchen,eat-in,sun room area. The kitchen is painted red(it was done 7 years ago) the rest of the space is an antique white almost tan. I’m ready to paint the red. I have been for awhile now. I just can’t find the right off white color. The color you used looks like it might be the one.
    Thanks for the inspiration.

  17. You have inspired me once again. I have started moving things around the house also and I am having the domino effect as well. I am trying to organize and purge as I go thru each room. I am also still waiting for you to sell me some of the curtain panels that you have:)

  18. It’s gorgeous- love the mirror in it’s new spot and love the wreath there too. So fun to shop the house and make changes! Happy New Year!!

  19. Marian — I’m housebound again today with the “polar vortex” that has brought extreme cold, blizzard like conditions and general yuckiness to my part of the country. It’s not so bad because I love my cozy little home! This morning I am binge watching MMS vids so I can get creative with my cozy little home…Thank you soooo much for your friendly, approachable presence through the internet.. I am almost ready to jump off to do some MMS Milk painting and some slipcovering…think i can…think I can! :-)) The two times I’ve asked your advice you have 1) took time to reply and 2) done so with efficient but thorough answers. No need reply this time – it’s just a thank you for being you.

  20. The mirror looks so pretty there with the wreath. I’ve got a mirror in my living room…was thinking of moving it around. Might still do some of that this week. Working on snugging up the living room.
    I had a wonderful and weird flash back when I saw your huge letter… right after I got married, I worked for a sign company. I learned to make those letters. The metal part is called the ‘can’ and the plastic part with the trim around it …is the ‘cap’ The method/job description …was ‘trim-capped’ and I was a ‘trim capper’! I learned to cut those heavy plastic letters and put trim on them.
    LOOOOONG time ago… I bet they have a different method now.

    liked this post -enjoyed it!

  21. love the mirror.have you th ought about putting roman faux blinds in your front room? Up to the ceiling.

  22. im interested in the rug!!! Can you ship to Texas??? Been looking at this particular rug for a while now…… Let me know!!!!!

  23. Really like the mirror. It gives the room an open and clean feel. Do not care for coffee table and maybe a different rug( looks like Summer) Sorry! I am always moving my furniture around and changing things too. I take photos and from them you can really see how things look.

  24. I l love the mirror you hung between the windows ! It is more elegant than the gray blue painted mirror. I would like to buy some of the boxwood wreaths you have sold on line but they say “out or stock”.
    Will you be getting more boxwood wreaths ? How soon? I love them too!m
    Please respond .

  25. Love the new location of the mirror!!! Totally balances out the room and you can never have too many mirrors!

  26. I was going back through your blog and reread the story on Lucketts. I was wondering if you still hd some of the webbing banners? I would love to purchase some if you do. It’s been cold down our way in Fincastle,VA as well. 2 degrees this am and has only gotten to 14 at 3:00 PM. I can’t wait for Springtime. I love your blog and all your wonderful ideas. Keep them coming!

  27. Hi Mariam
    Yes, good choice on the mirror. The other style presented to many square rectangle lines in the small space. The curve of this mirror helped break up those rectangle lines of the windows and the straight line of the drapes. There is still something….I agree with you….your gut always tells you when their is something off (husbands hate that!) I am wondering if there is not a way that you can somehow marry the color and pattern of the drapes down into the furniture area. The two just seem a little disconnected.

    Sometimes I love having outside eyes help me see my space in a different light….I call it, “being drunk in my space” …..meaning you are always in your space and can’t see it clearly anymore.

  28. I noticed your round-front tchotchke cabinet (I know there’s a real name for this?) but in this particular photo I couldn’t see what you have displayed in it. I have one that’s an antique, further adding to my dilemma, and I have it full of little things that I love – full I said – and because of that, it looks like something from my Grandma’s trailer in my memory of years ago. Even though I love the things in it, I don’t like the vibes I’m getting from it and I don’t want other people to get the same vibes. I think displaying my favorite things is an extension of me and I imagine people oohing and aahhing while looking inside of the cabinet at them, but that never really happens. Any suggestions?

    1. I used to have my hutch filled with little nick-knacks that were important to me, but each individual thing was lost in the grouping of them all together. So, I cleaned everything out and filled it with mostly ironstone, plus a few pieces that were really important to me…a piece of the Berlin wall, some shells from my Oma’s collection, family silver pieces, etc. By getting rid of all of the clutter, you were able to see the really important pieces. You don’t have to get rid of the things, but you don’t have to have them all on display at the same time, either. 🙂 Just pack some away for a while and maybe rotate them out.

  29. Marian,
    I too that counter! Are the sides and top clear glass…it’s hard to tell in pic? I would so love something like that for my brick & mortar shop….but I’m sure I can also repurpose some old windows to create something unique and as useful!

  30. I actually love that blue pier mirror. Would you consider painting the gold one blue if you keep it there? Haha, just realized I was asking YOU if you would consider painting something! Funny The Dash and Albert rug is darling! And well within my comfort zone 🙂 but alas…i live in FL. Our daughter and family live in DC and I was glad school was closed for my little first grader. Though her mommy works from home and she gets driven to school not all children have pick up by their parents. Hypothermia waiting for a school bus, not a good thing.

  31. Honestly, I think that the space needs something else.Maybe some colorful pillows or a throw. Maybe some topiaries on the bench with a heavy wooden candle holder (dark wood like the floor) or put the painting back and add something above it like an archectural piece. XX
    Thank you for inspiring me.

  32. Much better with the mirror in between the windows, but perhaps delete the wreath.
    Quite honestly there’s something warmer about your “old” picture. The style of the old sofa looks better with the taller pillows above the window line – the French one just looks too linear against the shape of the windows. Maybe take away the bench – not the right shape and size against the sofa – need a more elegant piece.
    Anyhoo, I know you’ll figure it all out ….

  33. My girls have too been out of school for the past 2 days for extreme cold…but, will start tomorrow 2 hours late. I haven’t gotten anything “done” in forever…unless you can count keeping a fire going, making hot chocolate, baking cookies and watching countless hours of “19 Kids and Counting”! Fun days, but I’m ready to start seeing a little progress made for my 2014 projects! LOVE the mirror! Life to the full! Melissa

  34. Hi Marian –

    I’m interested in the large “m” from your office. If you could provide me with the measurements, I can doublecheck that it will fit the wall in my own office!

    I’m only in Delaware County, PA – approximately a 2 hour drive – so I could certainly pick it up. (Let’s hope it would fit in my SUV as well 🙂

    Thanks, Happy New Year and I look forward to hearing from you.

  35. I just have a strong feeling you should keep the “m”. I wish you could find a place to store it for the future.

  36. I like the mirror and boxwood much, much better – the white door was a bit too country with the couch and the color too similar to the wall.
    With the new mirror I think you need to change out the chippy blue bench…too American country for the European couch. Then you need a few more pillows with pattern on the couch. That’s my 2 cents worth! 😉 Keeping having fun!

  37. I laughed out loud when you mentioned North Dakota. My husband’s last duty station was in Minot and I still have friends there. Not a day goes by that I am not grateful for our orders to Washington! It’s been warm and rainy here. 🙂

  38. Thank you so much for everything you do you make it seem doable for the average person. I was wondering what the cabinet is called in your office I love it and wondered where you found a piece like that? Also, do we need to go to another website to see the smaller things you will post for sale? I live in SC so not in your area.

  39. Miss Mustard Seed

    Your rooms beautiful; in the room where you hung the “boxwood wreath” what is the “long blue “looks like a cord coverer” can you tell me what that is; I like it whatever it is.

    Thank you

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