Stenciled Jute Rug

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I have a lot of wood floors in my house and rugs can be really expensive…especially nice ones.  I suppose I could slap down a piece of Berber, but that’s not exactly my style.  I found a jute rug on clearance at Hobby Lobby a few months ago.  Jute is good…cheesy leopard print is not.  That print was certainly why it was on clearance.  I flipped it over in the store and it looked just like an ordinary jute rug when upside down, so I bought it. 

It’s served me well for a few months, but it’s a little ho-hum.  When I had an opportunity to select a stencil from my sponsor, Royal Design Studio, I knew exactly what I wanted to stencil.  Yep, the ho-hum underside of the clearance leopard print jute rug in my guest room.  I chose a simple Swedish-style stencil (say that five times fast), which would make a perfect border. 
I measured the stencil and the rug to see how the two matched up.  It wasn’t going to be a perfect fit, but I wasn’t concerned with perfection.  I want it to look hand done, not machine stamped. 

I poured some white paint into a clean Chinese food container, which was the perfect size for this humungo stencil brush (that’s not the technical term for it), also from Royal Design Studio.  (You know how much I love brushes, so I couldn’t resist this bad boy, mac-daddy brush…also not the technical term.)  Once I lined up the stencil where I wanted it, I dipped just the tips into the paint and wiped off the excess

I held the stencil in place (if you’re working on a vertical surface, you will definitely want to use tape or a stencil adhesive to hold it into place) and applied the paint in a gentle swirling motion.  Because I didn’t have a lot of paint on the brush, I didn’t need to worry about paint bleeding under the stencil.  A rough texture, like jute, is also very forgiving. 

I lined the stencil up and worked around the rest of the rug. 

I added one flower in each of the four corners, so the design visually wraped around the entire border of the rug.  This project took me about 15 minutes and added a great finishing touch to a rug I simply settled for (and used upside down) because it was on clearance. 

I think this stencil would also look amazing on stair risers, a table apron or the front of a dresser. 
Thanks so much to Royal Design Studio for providing me with the stencil and brush.  They have some beautiful patterns available to deck your walls, rugs, floors, fabric, whatever.  The “Springtime in Paris” all-over stencils is one of my favorites. 
Use coupon code MMS10 to save 10% off your order.

Yeah…see…I’m not very good at resting.  I was going to get a massage today (a gift certificate I received for my birthday), but I couldn’t get an appointment, darn it.  I am still having a nice dinner and seeing a show, though, so it will still be an afternoon and evening out of my paint clothes. 


  1. Melanie Royals

    It's perfect Marian! That stencil has been popular lately. I think simplicity rules right now! You did a lovely job….personally, I don't mind a "little" leopard but the Swedish border stencil was so right for that room. Thanks for making it look so good! 🙂

  2. michele

    omg the swedish border stencil was the perfect choice. get down, marian. get down.


  3. Anonymous

    That rug looks great! I sooo need a rug for my living room and bedroom. Something simple like this would be perfect.

    Andrea @

  4. The Decorating Diva

    Great idea to turn the rug over! Looks beautiful, perfect in that room.

  5. myomyohi

    You are so talented and creative. Great job.

  6. Southern Junk Chic

    What a wonderful idea! And it turned out great! I love reading your blogs – they're always full of fun new ideas and tips! I'm experimenting with chalk paint and can't wait to post pics of my next project.

  7. Gerry Sharp

    I love the rug. You certainly are talented with a vision of what can be. I also love that hand crocheted bedspread that I would love to see more of. Amazing blog and one of my favorites. Lil


    What a beautiful transformation…I love clearance items. I always say "Sometimes you gotta look past the ugly, for its true potential". Lord knows I say when Im pickin up some ugly furniture.

    Great job, beautiful stencil!

    Lucky 7 Design

  9. Cheryl

    marion you never cease to amaze me. I would of never thought of buying a crazy leopard print rug on clearance and turning it over to stencil it. I think it looks great. So clever

    This is a different kind of busy. It's busy for pleasure just for you and not some deadline. Thanks for sharing and enjoy your evening out.

  10. Anita @ GoingALittleCoastal

    This would look great under my table. You did a wonderful job. You would never know there is leopord under there!

  11. Dixie Sargent Redmond

    That's beautiful. I love stencils so much. I'm still hangin' out in country cottage style…although right now my house is pretty style-less while I'm working on projects for work. I would love to see more on stencils and how to use them in unusual ways. 🙂

  12. Anonymous

    Dear Marion,
    I LOVE your blog! Your rug is beautiful. Painting jute rugs is a great idea. I couldn't afford a "traditional" wool rug to put in my dining room, so I found a 10×15 jute rug and painted it. One of the great things about it is if the rug gets stained, you can always paint it!
    Lori B., VA

  13. Pamela

    The rug turned out wonderful but honestly I loved the rug just as much before hand ugliness and all though I know you are not a leopard print kinda gal!;)

  14. Katie Bell

    I, for one, think maybe – in your spare time, of course – you should hire your talents out for labeling paint equipment. I'd by a brush called 'mac-daddy'. You're welcome.

  15. hadassah

    That's so cool – i would never think to turn a rug over or stencil it. 🙂 Way to go; it looks beautiful! 🙂

  16. Amy @MaisonDecor

    wow that stencil pattern looks amazing with that martha washington bedspread! hope you get your appt for that much needed massage!

  17. Kacey

    What a fabulous creation! And so easy. But seriously, you are going to fall over one of these days if you don't rest. I hope you have a wonderful (relaxing!) evening…before getting back into your paint clothes again tomorrow. 🙂

  18. Anonymous

    That rug is awesome! I think I lack vision ~ I wouldn't have thought to use the reverse side! But in the future I will!!
    Thank you!

    marie @ spunbyme

  19. Anna

    Totally awesome. As usual you are the bombdotcom 🙂

  20. Heather @ REOlisticRenovation

    This is adorable and totally doable! Love that you flipped over an ugly rug. What a concept! Now I am going to be on the lookout for something similar to do this with.

  21. Sue

    You make me think I can do this!!! And that's pretty hard to do. It's perfect..
    Well, Kathy and I are off to The Farm Chicks Show tomorrow(no brag just fact). All the way from Florida and we are just so excited.
    Be happy for us!!!!

  22. janet

    Hey Marian,
    Love the stenciled rug…perfect in your guest room. I have been a fan of the art of stenciling since my Houston days (80's-90's) . I was lucky to have had a fabulous teacher in Ms. Nancy Tribolet. She went on to found her own stencil design company and to teach at both national and international seminars. Stenciling is such an easy way to add a design without the skill of being a decorative painter.

    You should try the stencil cremes…heaven to work with and the color blending capabilities are endless.

    I really enjoyed this post. have a lovely weekend and date night.

    Janet xox

  23. Anonymous

    Beautiful rug. Do jute rugs scratch the wood surface or do you need to put a pad under it?

  24. Ellen

    The rug looks great. I must have one of those great brushes. Have a great day.

  25. Deb

    It looks great…but I have a question about the bed spread. Do you happen to have the name of the crochet pattern that was used? It's gorgeous and I LOVE to crochet!

  26. rockpaperscissors

    Great idea! I love your bed. Just seeing it makes me want to take a nap….hugs

    Maryjane of Storybook Cottage
    PS….also love everything you do with chalk paint. I have something in my home that needs color. Soon I'm going to try to follow in your footsteps.

  27. Tonia

    A great way to spruce up a dull rug. Looks lovely in the room as well.

  28. Primitive Echoes

    hey that is such a great idea. I don't know that I would have thought to turn it over. Like you Leopard print just would not do. :O(
    thanks for sharing.

  29. Formerly known as Frau

    I love it….you have such an eye! It's perfect in your ever changing guest room!!

  30. molly susan strong

    I once spilled a can of paint on my jute rug…turned it over and handpainted the rug and gave it new life!! Love your simplicity here. Come on over and enter my CP giveaway!!

  31. Stacy Curran

    Every time I have ever tried to stencil it bleeds, but you gave me new confidence to try this….I can see how it would be better because the jute is absorbent and forgiving. Great job on this!

  32. Anonymous

    Love the rug. Wow!! I notice that you use
    another rug under your dining table for all kinds
    of decorating. I'm new to the blog so would
    you share, did you also stencil that or did you buy it that way? I think it has typography on it.
    Love it!

  33. Trese

    You're rug stenciling job has been the most unique project I've ever seen. You have a gift to see the potential in so many items. I'm so glad I came across your blog. I however, do not know where you get your energy! Thanks for the ideas!

  34. Sweet Young Journey

    That's amazing Marian, you would never know that it's the back of the rug.
    Enjoy your show and dinner!
    : )

  35. Barbara Bussey {The Treasured Home}

    Great job! Hobby Lobby must be some kind of fun! We don't have them out west, but I have to admit I would have never thought to do what you did, if there was one next door! A stroke of genius! Maybe you didn't get a massage, but this kind of home run will give you more satisfaction. How about a bubble bath instead?
    Transitions Home Design

  36. SV

    It looks awesome!

  37. Martha

    OK First Of all…Now all the Clearance rugs in Hobby Lobby, Target and Joann's will be GONE! Secondly…only you…would think about using it flipped over and then of course you "Mustardized" it!!!! Now Girls…just wait…as pretty as this turned out…we'll see them in her Luckett's Booth…surely now that you have done won't stop will you? Beautiful as always Marian!
    Blessings and Happy Birthday!!!
    Martha P

  38. Anonymous

    Looks great! What kind of paint did you use?

  39. Anonymous

    Fabulous idea and outcome. I was also wondering what paint you used for this project?
    Thanks as always for the inspiring projects!
    Jen at the Goat Dairy

  40. Karena

    Marian… Genius!! I Love this artful rug makeover!! It is just what I need for a room that is a little under-dressed!!

    Don't miss my Exciting Giveaway from Tracy Porter… last day to enter!

    Art by Karena

  41. charlotte wilson

    Wow! That looks great! and I love your green distressed dresser!

  42. Kawakami Mirai

    After I initially commented I clicked the -Notify me when new comments are added- checkbox and now every time a remark is added I get four emails with the identical comment. Is there any approach you can remove me from that service? Thanks!

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  44. Dogwood

    Is there a stencil tutorial available? You mentioned a tutorial in your Jan. 2017 stencil introduction post but I could not find anything when I searched your site. I have tried a Nancy stencil on a wood tray but am having lots of trouble with bleeding under the stencil. I have tried a little paintbrush, a MMS flat paint brush and a roller and all have led to bleeding, I tried with a thicker mix of MMSMP and still had bleeding. What to do?!



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