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It’s that time of year!  Well…almost.  Our February has been so warm and mild that it has felt like spring.  We’ve even thrown the windows wide open a few days and I’ve gotten the itch to start some cleaning, home maintenance, and organization…all of which, I suppose, can be classified as spring cleaning.

I have started on a few things, like cleaning out the hanging space in my closet, washing all of the quilts in the house, and reworking the open shelves in the bathroom…

But cleaning and organizing can be like dominos and I’m realizing that some nooks and crannies need a good scrubbing.


It was about this time that I received an e-mail, asking if I would be interested in partnering with eBay on spring cleaning.  My first thought was, perfect timing!  Then I realized that I had never thought of checking out eBay for tools and supplies for spring cleaning or organizing.  I’m a frequent eBay shopper, but it’s usually for antique and vintage items or second-hand clothing.

I clicked over to eBay to check out their spring hub and they have everything from playgrounds to pools, lawn mowers to ladders.  I had a few cleaning and organizing tools on a list, like microfiber towels and a good broom.

Armed with a $100 eBay gift card and the beginnings of a spring cleaning to-do list, I did a little online browsing.

I gravitated towards one thing immediately.  Vacuums.

I love my 12-year-old Dyson.  You may recognize it, since it’s been in many of my photos.  It’s like a little pet that seems to find its way into shoots.

For quite a while now, I’ve been interested in getting a hand-held Dyson for quick clean-ups, like Goldfish spills and fur balls on the sofa.  Well, I learned through my browsing that there is a Dyson outlet store on eBay.  And I picked up a company refurbished Dyson DC34 for just over $100.

I was thrilled that my eBay gift card covered almost all of it.  I figured a Dyson brand anything would way out of that range.  Fifteen years ago, I felt like eBay auctions were my secret way to find bargains.  It’s grown and changed so much over the years, but bargains are still to be had and the variety of items available now, from antiques to brand-spanking-new, is amazing.   (And who knew you could get eBay gift cards!  Mother’s day is just around the corner.  Just saying.)

Anyway, this Dyson handheld is a powerful little thing and will be great for a variety of spring cleaning tasks, like doing an extra good vacuum of the baseboards and other trim details, cleaning all of the crumbs out of the sofa nooks and crannies, dusting the tops of picture frames and between blind slats.

It’s good for getting the fuzzies out of A/C vents, too.

Just from hitting a few spots around the house, I collected a nice little sample of how disgusting my house can get, even with regular cleanings.

I don’t really have the time to do my spring cleaning in one long shot, so I’m going to have to stick to my list and pick out one or two things to do at a time until it’s all down.  The down side is that I don’t get the satisfaction of having it all done at once, but that’s just this season of life.  Having two active (and messy) boys, a husband pursuing his masters degree, and a business to manage means that everything isn’t going to be perfectly clean and tidy and, when it is, it won’t stay that way for long.

But, a girl can try…

Disclosure: This post was written as a part of my collaboration with eBay.  I received the gift card and compensation in exchange for this post.  As always, all words and opinions are my own.

spring cleaning

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38 Comments on “spring cleaning”

  1. Oh my, Dyson – don’t get me started!!! I trust your handheld is waayyy better than the uprights. I recently purchased the Animal. Yes, the suction is GREAT – but that’s all it has going for it. The bagless vacuum is the worst “invention” ever. The dust clings to everything when trying to empty it – not to mention breathing all the dust it creates! The machine is heavy to haul around, steps are awful to do , the cord is a mess to drag around and the flexible hose is anything but when the machine keeps attacking your behind! And you really should wear ear plugs when operating it to save your hearing. Couldn’t wait to return it. However, I can see how this model may be good the kind of jobs you’ll use it for. Thanks for letting me rant ….. 🙂

    1. Wow, surprised to hear someone hates it so much. I have an animal too, and I love it now just as much as I did when I bought it 10 years ago. It’s still going strong. I love the long cord- means I don’t have to unplug it 5 times just to reach my whole house. I also like the bagless canister. Means I don’t have to buy bags and I can clearly see when it’s time to empty it. I just take it outside with a garbage can, dump it in the garbage, seal it up and throw it in the dumpster. None of the dust stays in my house. Then I usually tap the canister on the grass to get out any extra dust. It is loud, I will give you that, but I think most vacuums are. I also really like how all the attachments are all together on the unit, and you can just pull the hose right out to clean baseboards and such. Honestly not sure why you’d need a small hand held in addition, but I’m sure it could be useful for some people. I’m fine with just having my upright. It also has a hepa filter. Anyway…

  2. I am pleased with our Miele canister vacuum, does a great job, lightweight, and doesn’t take up much room in the closet. And, it’s nice to look at. My husband bought it for the function, but it has “form”, too.
    I am in Spring Cleaning mode, too- spent an hour (!) just doing two small bathrooms today. Actually, that was only the cleaning part, will do organizing tomorrow. Have fun, and remember to “Spring Forward” one hour before you go to bed this Saturday!

  3. My Shark is much better than any Dyson. I thought I wanted to get a Dyson at one time but borrowed my neighbor’s to see how I liked it….it was so clumsy to use and I didn’t think it picked up more than my cheap Wal mart vacuum. I’d had a Shark steam cleaner so thought I’d try their vacuums. Best purchase I ever made….I even bought one for my daughter’s house. There are a lot of reviews on Dyson vs. Shark and IMO shark is a better product. And I’m not being paid to say that (LOL)

    1. Yes, I’ve heard positive things about Sharks, too. Just to clarify, this post wasn’t about promoting a Dyson, but promoting eBay. I could’ve bought any Spring cleaning products I wanted, but I love the Dyson I bought over 12 years ago, so I chose to buy a Dyson hand-held. I think they are great machines! 🙂

  4. good info, I never thought about Ebay for something like that – my Mom tried the Shark and likes it because it is lightweight, have always wanted a Dyson though, you hear such good things about them!

  5. I ordered my Miele canister vacuum using Air Miles reward points…so it cost me no $$ and free shipping. I have had just about every vacuum ever built, Dyson, Electrolux, Dirt Devil, Shark…you name it…and none compare to the Miele. I absolutely luv it…it is so lightweight & rolls with such ease & does an amazing job. It came with two vacuum heads & three on board tools. The Miele retails for $499.99 plus tax in my area…so receiving it “free” was a win win!!

  6. My first dyson took a dive after a few years. I did replace it with another dyson and so far so good!!! I did however just purchase a hand held shark and I am awaiting it’s arrival. Looking forward to owning a hand held vacuum as well! Gotta love a $ 100 ebay gift certificate!

  7. Sorry, I wouldn’t give up my Oreck for anything. I am not a fan of bag-less vacuums. I have owned my Oreck for over 10 years and love it. Its light-weight but powerful!

    1. I had an Oreck canister for years. It finally bit the dust, probably because I wore it out. But I loved it. The canister with the shoulder strap was so lightweight and easy to use.

  8. I’m an eBay shopper too. In fact I just scored a tape dispenser like the one in your workshop. It was in a picture of one of your past blogs and my eye went right to it. I’ve looked for many months and finally I was able to find one! I envy the sounds of your weather. I’m looking forward to opening up the windows when it stops raining…

  9. I have a stain and a shark and like my shark much better. Lighter weight, comes apart to hand hold canister when doing stairs etc., easier to use hose. However, I have had my eye on the Dyson hand held. Would love to know how it compares with a Shark hand held.

  10. I had a Miele and hated it. The bags cost a fortune, for one thing, but worse than that, I hated dragging it around. Seems like it was always tipping over and I really don’t like pulling it behind me. Plus, no beater bar. Sure there’s an attachment, but it’s not the same. I guess I prefer pushing an upright. I absolutely love my Dyson Ball. Gets everything SO clean. And everything you need is onboard. Unless you’ve got serious allergy problems, I don’t see the point of the expensive Miele or it’s expensive filters.

  11. I love my Miele canister for wood floors. The bags are more expensive, but they are so strong I use them at least 2 times. It is so light and pretty too !! Mine is at least 14 yrs. old .

  12. I have 2 Dysons…one for upstairs (it’s an older, heavier model) and one for downstairs. The downstairs vac is a ball animal version because we have both cats and dogs. It’s the best vac as far as suction, that I have ever had. I dream of getting a handheld for quick clean ups.

  13. I love Ebay! I have saved SO much money on kitchen items-the good stuff, Le Creuset, All Clad, Cuisinart-tools for inside and out and beautiful lace tablecloths, books that are out-of-print, on and on. There was an item I saw in a magazine, I got an Ebay search going-which searches all of Ebay EVERYDAY and emails you the results- again everyday. It took over a year of searching, but I finally got two at decent prices. I always say, the whole world passes through Ebay, eventually. It costs nothing to search, to look. It’s a fun break in the day, a cup of coffee/tea and a sandwich-A-H-H-H Ebay!

  14. Dyeing way to heavy to haul around. Beater bar so close to the floor that I have to tip sweeper to pickup larger things like bugs or beads, etc. Not a fan. Love my Shark!

  15. Oh I love my Dyson! Tried a bunch of other machines and took them back. I’ve had it for 10 years. I think people forget to clean everything out including the filters every once in a while. I think it’s the best and it really gets a work out at my house!

  16. I have a handheld Dyson and LOVE it! It’s awesome for painting as well. Perfect for getting in drawers plus after sanding. It really shines for doing baseboards as well…

  17. In January 2016, you took on a makeover Sally’s 1800s Farmhouse. Did I miss the results. The house looked so cool from the little I saw.

    1. I was going to ask about Sally’s farmhouse makeover also. I haven’t seen an update on it and would love to see it.

  18. Dear, Dear, as you are so busy, why not hire a local lady to help you clean? She would do a great job, say every two weeks. Then you can do your business and help employ a local in your area. Just saying. Love the site and today will be spent painting and waxing away to my hearts content.

  19. I’ve never really gotten “spring cleaning”, although I remember my mom and grandmother doing it. I’m more to do things as I find they need to be done and really, just about everything people do for spring cleaning, really needs to be done more often. I take pictures, plates, etc. off the wall periodically and wash or dust. I actually got rid of my hand held vac a few years back, I rarely used it. For baseboards, I use a small, soft broom that is angled and I use it every few times I vacuum. Just take the broom across the baseboard and below (in the crack/line between trim and floor) before vacuuming.

  20. I’m chuckling at the emotional response to vacuum brands. If you read the post again you’ll note that the brands ” dearly loved” are models that are 10+ years old. And that says it all……quality of vacuum cleaners and durability have declined dramatically in the last 10 years….regardless of brand. I had a very old Hoover upright that cleaned circles around any new vacuum I tried. I finally had to give it up when repair become too costly and parts too scarce. I miss it ! eBay…..who knew ?

  21. Always thought I wanted a Dyson as well. Purchased a handheld one at full price and it did not even last a year! Also, two people in my family had the same experience. Never another Dyson. Hope you have better luck.

    1. I had that happen to another friend, but mine has been great for 12 years! I wonder if the quality has changed. I’ll update how the hand-held does over the years.

  22. Oh my! I absolutely swear by my Rainbow and would not consider using anything else. In my 30 years experience with them & on my second unit, it is the best cleaner EVER! You are correct, however: EBAY rocks!!!

    1. Yep, I wondered if anyone would mention their Rainbow vacuum! I have had mine for close to 30 years and it is a workhorse. It is amazing! It was an investment but it will be passed along to the next generation.

    2. I have a Dyson I got at Christmas for smaller jobs(which I like so I don’t have to set up the Rainbow for a spill), and My Rainbow that I’ve had for 3 years~ LOVE it and it Still works like new…They really are cleaning machines!!!
      I got the Dyson animal cinetic canister. I really like it. I think it depends on what you are looking for in how you clean and your personal preference 🙂
      Before the Dyson I’ve only had Rainbows and Hylas….

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