February Favorites

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We’re almost halfway through March and I haven’t shared my February favorites!  I have some good ones, though, so I wanted to make sure I got this post finished and live.  If you want to check out my favorite products in January, you can see them HERE.

These are the things I was really digging in February…

To watch…


Season two of Mercy Street on PBS (and streaming on Amazon Prime).  I absolutely love period dramas, so when Mercy Street premiered last year, I was all over it.  I couldn’t wait for season two and I finally got to watch and finish it in February.  It really is a well-done show.  My dad, who has a degree in history, doesn’t find it 100% accurate, but I love the characters and the backdrop.

I also loved the movie Hacksaw Ridge and I highly suggest seeing it, if you haven’t.  Now, I will warn you, it is very violent, but in a way that is appropriate, in my opinion.  It’s portraying a very bloody part of our history and it doesn’t shy away from that, but it doesn’t glorify it either.  In fact, this movie showcases heroic pacifism in a time of war.  It’s touching, moving, and will leave you wondering how you never heard of Desmond Doss before.

 Lastly, Jeff and I really enjoyed watching Series of Unfortunate Events on Netflix with the boys.  The humor, which can be very dry and sarcastic, was a bit over their heads at times, but all four of us enjoyed it.  Marshall, especially, couldn’t wait to start the next episode.

You might want to look away, though…

To do…

As I’m sure you picked up, I loved drawing and painting portraits in February.  I took an online class through Jeanne Oliver’s Creative Network and it was soooo good!  I learned so much and it’s only made me hungrier to learn more.

I’m taking a landscape journaling class now and also have a weekly “art date” set up with my friend, Katie.  She is so talented and has been formally trained as an artist, so we’re going to sketch, paint, and draw together and just enjoy the girl/creative time.

My youngest, Calvin, has also found a love for watercolors, so we paint a lot together.  I can’t get him to paint a portrait, but he’s doing the landscapes with me and has even watched a few of the classes and painted along.

To listen to…

Jeff stumbled across this band on You Tube a couple of weeks ago and I immediately bought their album on iTunes.  They are a Christian group, sort of in the cool bluegrass/country/rock genre, like Mumford & Sons, Rend Collective, and the Lumineers.  The group is called “I Am They”.  I love their sound, their original songs, and their lyrics.  (And her dress.)

And, I have loved this classical songs for ages, but never knew the name of it!  I have heard it on several movies and tv shows, like North & South, Wit, and an Auschwitz documentary on Netflix.  It’s such a simple piece, but it evokes so much emotion.  I also love that it sounds sad, but it also sounds hopeful.  I think you can hear it differently depending on your mood.  It’s called Spiegel Im Spiegel by Arvo Pärt and this version on You Tube is beautiful…

To wear…

I have been into linen dresses for about a year, but I recently found a cut that I really like wearing and I always get compliments on them.  It’s a linen dress from the LinenBees Etsy shop.  Each dress is custom-made by a mother/daughter team, so I gave them my measurements and they made them to fit me perfectly.  I will definitely order more styles and colors from them in the future.  They wash well, wear well, and the quality is beautiful.

And, with my linen smock and lace-up prairie boots, I look like I’m from the set of The Village.  I think I’ve reached that magic age where I’m not quite as concerned if people think my clothes are fashionable.  I just care how they make me feel.

And linen dresses just make me feel good.

What were your favorite things in February?

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February Favorites

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35 Comments on “February Favorites”

  1. Thanks for sharing, Marian. You are a blessing to me and never cease to amaze me. Many blessings to you and your beautiful family! God bless you!

  2. Thanks, Marian, You are such an encourager! Your blog always inspires me! Many blessings to you and your family!!
    God bless!

  3. I love these “favorites” posts! I, too, am at the age where I want my clothes to feel good and I LOVE linen. I popped over to the linenbee shop before I even finished reading your post 🙂 Wow – gorgeous clothes…I already have three things on my wishlist.

  4. My fav February things were the Valentine cards I made for my family. I enclosed a simple stick of gum with the card. I also addressed the cards with funny names like, “Lovey Dovey Wayde” and “Kissey Face” Casey. Great for an extra smile.

  5. Totally agree on the Hacksaw Ridge recommendation! Yes, I squinted or closed my eyes, but very well done and a powerful message.

    Another favorite movie we recently discovered is “Still Mine”. Incredible!! Stars James Cromwell, Genevieve Bujold, and is also based on a true story. It has stuck with me in the same way that Hacksaw Ridge has. We rented it on Amazon Prime, if you have trouble locating it. My husband and I gave it four thumbs up.

  6. I really liked Mercy Street as well. And I agree with your dad that some things weren’t historically correct. But it is fiction. Unfortunately I just read that there will be no season three.
    If you want to see a scary but very well done movie, I recommend “Get Out”.

  7. Marian, Would like to see you model this dress because just hanging up it looks like a sack! A pretty sack, but a sack. Thanks for the post.

    1. Yes! I do need to show a picture of it on me. I was just going to link to one of their pictures, but decided to take a quick pic of one I own. It is an oversized tunic, so a little “sack-ish”, but in a cool way. I having been wearing them with a light cardigan, a long necklace, leggings and boots. It’s like a secret that I feel like I’m in pajamas, but I look nice.

  8. I loved watching “Mercy Street,” too. Wonder if there would be season 3 or not…
    I also loved, loved, loved watching the 1st season of Victoria. Brits still do period dramas the best.

  9. I agree…you can’t beat linen…I have been wearing it all through the year where in the past, I thought linen was only for Summer…thanks for a fun post.

  10. I too loved watching Series of Unfortunate Events. Can’t wait for the next season to start. I am enjoying the “favorites” posts and is giving me some new shows/movies to watch, music to listen to and new dress ideas. Thank you for sharing that part of your life.

  11. I’m also loving these favorite post. My husband and I just finished watching Medici Masters of Florence on Netflix and loved it. We can’t wait till next season. Queen is also another good series.
    For all of your gluten free readers, I found a company named Simply Mills that makes baking mixes and crackers from almond flour. Love the pancake mix and the chocolate mix. Their products are on the pricey side but are so yummy. Vichy mints from France are also a favorite this month. I bought some last summer while on vacation but didn’t try them till a few days ago and now I’m hooked. They are made from mineral salt extracted from Vichy waters. They are very soothing.
    I’m a jeans and sweatshirt type of girl but I like to wear dressier sweatshirts. I loved the one you were wearing the day you picked somethings up at my house. So, when I was shopping on line and saw the same sweatshirt,I ordered it, I hope you don’t mind. I love it. It is so comfy.
    Thank you for sharing “I Am They” I really like their sound.
    Many Blessings

      1. That is the one. I love it. I was shoe shopping for my husband and thought I would see if they carried it one line and they did.

  12. I loved these. I find out about things Marian likes that she has not mentioned. Also I love learning what all YOUR favorites are and some of them I add to my wish or to watch list. Thanks to all who share

    The Mom.

  13. The LinenBees shop is radical. It says they are in Latvia! That is Super-cool. I love the boho blouse, the black blouse with ruffle (peplum) and linen pants, so far. What a find!

  14. Hi Marian,
    I am from Sydney Australia. I am a carer to a very ill husband, and have been for some years. In my quiet time the hilight of my day is to check out your post. I only found you about 6 months ago, but it has inspired me to do some things like painting and renovating etc in my free time.
    This is not a complaining message but I just wanted to tell you that I am happy for you that you are enjoying your art and expanding your horizons, but I am not getting the enjoyment I did when I was seeing your projects on furniture and all things homey. I can’t go out much so I am enjoying doing some of those things you have inspired me to do. Your art is yours and in my situation I find no enjoyment in it. I hope this doesn’t sound mean spirited. Thanks for the enjoyment I have had.

    1. Jill I am going to chime in as a longtime reader – just hang on a little longer 🙂 A magical time called “Lucketts Season” is coming up and in a few weeks us furniture lovers will get to see SO many beautiful transformations as Marian gets ready for the Lucketts Fair. To tide you over until then, I recommend you do a search on her blog for “on the truck to Lucketts” to see past years of great makeovers 🙂

    2. Jill, what beautiful dedication you are showing to your husband. I’m sure that is difficult on many levels. I think because my home is finished and I didn’t do a fall show last year, there just isn’t as much home stuff to write about as there was in the past. Some changes will be coming soon, though, and hopefully my Lucketts posts will hold you over. I have lots of antique finds and furniture makeovers in the hopper.

      1. Hi Marian,
        Thank you for that. Just talking about it I m already getting excited and looking forward to it.
        Thank you also Nora.

  15. In the promo shot for Mercy Street that you shared above, the man looks, to me, very much like Emun Elliot, who was in The Paradise. That was a favorite of mine, I was sad when it ended, but- I get more done these days! I enjoy a good period drama.
    “No Longer Slaves”, “Your Love Is Mine” are also good I Am They songs. I haven’t heard anything of theirs that I don’t like.
    I don’t wear linen (too lazy to iron it), but it looks great on you, Marian!
    My March “favorite” is: the end of Daylight Savings time! When I get up at 6 a.m., it’s already getting light out. I crave light and don’t get as much since God moved us to the Pacific NW. But, things grow year-round here, so that’s nice (had a short growing season in our former locale).
    Thanks for sharing:-)

  16. Oh my goodness you just found me my new favourite band!! Loooove them! Not to mention the linen dresses, Mercy Street, North and South… oh I could go on and on 😉 Thanks for sharing <3

  17. Thanks for sharing I Am They. I have now been listening to them all afternoon! My son said, “Didn’t we just listen to that song?” Yes, son, yes we did. 🙂

  18. Love getting all these ideas! You are so educated and cultured! Thanks for imparting these favourite things for us to try as well. Loved Victoria!

  19. I love this! Listing your favorites is such a healthy thing to do for all of us. It reminds us of who we are especially when we feel pulled by the world. I will check out some of your favorites, like the song and the linen dress. Love it!
    I love the show Long Lost Family, where they track down family and reconnect loved ones. Its real and moving every week. I ordered the cleaning supplies from Grove. Love it!

  20. Love this post! Thanks for sharing. I just bought I Am They because I’ve discovered I love bluegrass/country/rock too 🙂 Thanks for the suggestion.

  21. Wow, thank you for all of it ! Always beautifully photographed. The portraits are so good too. The lovely simple dress must be light to wear in warm weather and floats around the body.
    I too love and crave period movies, Mercy Street was one of them. At first the gory bloody wounds were too real and I did not enjoy seeing rotting flesh, but that’s what was true then with no antibiotics and other meds. They rendered those details very realistically for the TV series.
    A friend of mine, Amy Andrews Harrell was costume designer. I now watch Victoria.
    Happy month of March, here, we are in the middle of a blizzard !

  22. Hacksaw Ridge and the story of Desmond Doss was beautiful despite the violence. So glad that you are recommending it.

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