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I learned a few years ago that I love the smell of lavender.  I don’t ever get tired of it and anytime lavender is a scent option in a product, that’s the one I’m going to pick.

That is what first enticed me to purchase a bottle of Mrs. Meyers cleaning products.  Well, after over two years of using the multi-surface lavender cleaner, I’m sold.

 And that led me to other lavender-scented Mrs. Meyer products, like the laundry soap, fabric softener, surface scrub and glass cleaner.  My love of lavender also led me to start using Jāsön lavender body wash and liquid hand soap.

The issue for me with buying some of these products is that I live in a small town and the full range of Mrs. Meyers products isn’t always available and I have to drive about 30 minutes to get it.  Now, I get them sent to my door each month from Grove Collaborative, along with other products I love, like Tom’s toothpaste and Acure Seriously Glowing Facial Serum.

I learned about Grove through one of my blogging friends, Myquillyn (aka The Nester).  She literally sent me an e-mail and asked if I wanted to be a part of a cult.  The answer to that would usually be “no”, but when it involves Mrs. Meyers Cleaning products, the answer is “yes”.  We’re both a little sarcastic, if you didn’t pick up on that.

Anyway, if you’re new to Grove Collaborative, well, they know how to put together a welcome basket.  (And they aren’t really a cult.)

From today until March 12, Grove Collaborative is offering…

Mrs. Meyer’s Spring Hand Soap (in Peony or Lilac)

Mrs. Meyer’s Spring Dish Soap (also in Peony or Lilac)

Grove Collaborative Glass Spray Bottle

Grove Collaborative Walnut Scrubber Sponges

Free Shipping & 60 Day VIP Trial

(a value of over $30)

…to Miss Mustard Seed readers who are NEW Grove Collaborative customers and place an order over $20.

Lavender-lover that I am, I must say that both the lilac and peony scents are absolutely lovely and are perfect for welcoming Spring.

While the bottles are pretty, I like using glass soap dispensers by the kitchen sink and that one just happened to need a refill.

And my Lavender Multi-Surface Cleaner is going in the glass spray bottle.  (Current users can get the glass spray bottle for 50% off by clicking HERE.)

A few things that I like about Grove Collaborative

While your membership does set you up for a monthly order, you can adjust that order based on your needs.  Like, we need toothpaste and laundry detergent more often than we need cleaning spray and surface scrub.  I can go into my dashboard and remove and add products as desired.  That way, the monthly order feels like a helpful reminder to order things I’m running low on, but I don’t feel like I’m pushed to buy things I don’t want or need.

I also like knowing that I’m getting a good price on the things I purchased.  It only makes sense to buy products this way if it doesn’t cost me more to do it.  I like that it costs me less or, at the very least, the same.  Grove Collaborative does have a price-matching program, which I really appreciate.

And they’ve been great to work with and I just like working with and supporting nice people!

This offer is open through March 12, if you want to take advantage of it…

So, what are your favorite scents for housekeeping?

Disclosure: I am an influencer for Grove Collaborative and this post contains affiliate links.  If you’re curious about what affiliate links are and how they work, you can check out THIS POST.

Peony & Lilac | Free Mrs. Meyers Products

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42 Comments on “Peony & Lilac | Free Mrs. Meyers Products”

  1. I know how you feel about having a scent you just love. I’m a little addicted to Bath and Body Works scent Kitchen Lemon. It just smells fresh and clean to me. But then again, I love citrus smells because my fav fragrance to wear is L’Occitane Citrus Verbena.

    Your photography is so great you even made cleaning products look special. Have a great day!


    1. I started using it a few weeks ago. I primarily rub it on my neck and I’ve noticed a difference with just how soft the skin feels and, because it’s hydrated, it doesn’t look as much like crepe paper!

  2. I just moved into a new house last week that we had remodeling done on….I cleaned with Mrs. Meyers products (mint glass cleaner and lemon verbena multi purpose spray) from Grove, and even the contractors noticed how good the house smelled! One even joked that I could come clean his house if it’d smell that good. 🙂 I’m a pretty no frills kind of girl – and these work double duty! (Clean well, and smell great.)

  3. I have been using Grove for about a year and I love it! Great products and totally convenient!!

  4. I’m in! I’ve been using the multi-surface cleaner and have been meaning to try the other products. I am really excited about the bubble bath for the grandkids!!

  5. I am not familiar with Grove Collaborative, but am a big fan of Mrs. Meyer’s products. I have been using them for a few years now, ordering directly from Mrs. Meyer’s website. Matter of fact, I just got my shipment of their products the other day. Lilac and Peony hand soap, of course, but also some bar soaps and surface cleaner. My go-to scent for surface cleaners is Basil, and as far as the hand soaps go, my household also likes Rhubarb, Bluebell, and Honeysuckle. Love that their products are all natural!

  6. Marian,
    I dont have granite in my kitchen. I have NEW laminate that looks like granite. I used Mrs Meyers along with other products…not just Mrs Meyers and they all leave a film. The only thing that works believe it or not is Windex multi purpose that has windex with vinegar. And my visiting nurse said the same thing and she has the exact color etc laminate product. Do you have any suggestions, knowledge?? I love Mrs Meyers products….I actually had a grove subscription and cancelled it we just don’t use a lot being the two of us….I will look at it again:-) Thanks for any thoughts!

  7. Hi
    What is an “influencer” and how does that differ from an affiliate link?
    I’m interested in trying these products, especially since I’m looking for something nontoxic and scent friendly to use in our camper.
    Thank you

  8. Your kitchen back splash and counter is so nice. I always love Mrs. Meyer’s products.
    Always a fan of them.

  9. I hope I’m not missing that soap sale you mentioned last week you were going to offer this week….very excited!

  10. Um, for those of us who jumped to join the “cult” without reading the fine print, is there a monthly shipment requirement or anything? I never do stuff like that, but here I am…awaiting shipment. Haha.

    1. Ha! Yes, I was honestly worried about that, too. If you click the cart in the top right corner, you can see what your next orders are. Just click “I won’t need it” and that item will be removed from your cart. Also, go to your “Your Subscriptions” under the “Your Account” menu and you can manage when you want to receive products. I get body wash, toothpaste and laundry soap once a month, but have some products switched to 6 months and I unsubscribed from others, like the glass spray bottle. I only need one.

      If you have any problems or concerns, just contact their customer service. They are very helpful and want to make sure you’re 100% satisfied.

    2. Noelle, I just jumped and “joined the cult” too. I think we have 2 months of VIP trial status – free shipping – and then the membership fee will kick in. Can’t wait to get my products. They sell so much of what I already use. Thanks, Marian!

  11. Yup! Bought 4 lilac Mrs M soaps and two of he lilac cleaners too last week. Obsessed with the smell. With little kids and pets at home I like to do most of regular cleaning with essential oils and unfortunately Mrs M stuff kinda isn’t that non toxic. But man does it smell great! I do my floors with hot water, lemon essential oil and a small squirt of Castile soap. Amazing!

  12. I absolutely love Mrs. Meyers products but my local store doesn’t stock very much of it….super excited to take advantage of this offer…in this post it appears that I would get one each of the dish soap & hand soap in both Peony and Lilac plus the sponge and spray bottle. When I went to Grove Collaborative it only appears that one of each is included. Am I doing or reading something incorrectly?
    1 FREE – Grove Collaborative Walnut Scrubber Sponges
    1 FREE – Grove Collaborative Glass Spray Bottle
    1 FREE – Mrs. Meyer’s Spring Hand Soap
    1 FREE – Mrs. Meyer’s Spring Dish Soap
    Free 60-day VIP Trial
    Free shipping

  13. I love Mrs. Meyers hand soaps. I wash my hand many times a day and my hands never chap or get dry. And the fragrances stay ‘true’ even if you have them on a shelf in the basement for a long time before using. Also, their plastic bottles don’t wear out with use. Some I keep to use with liquid fertilizer and other house hold ‘stuff’ and they keep working and working. My fave fragrance is lilac, when I am washing my hands I breathe in that fragrance like crazy.

  14. Do they make any products that are Unscented? I have multiple chemical sensitivity in which I cannot even find a LOTION that doesn’t hurt the skin of my hands, not to mention face. An all-natural product would be ideal, but scents are generally not tolerated. Help? Thank you.

    1. I don’t know if they make any that are unscented, but you might be able to use something like the lemon or mint, since it’s a natural scent. My mom has trouble with perfumes and scents as well, but can usually use products that are scented naturally.

  15. Just wanted to chime in…there’s a couple other Mrs. Meyers’ products I love. Their (or is it ‘her?’) dryer sheets are non toxic and smell great. Another great option (I have bigger boys…) is the laundry scent booster — this stuff that looks like Epsom salt that you put in your wash load…gives it an extra bunch of their/her scent and it works amazingly well on those size 15 socks (seriously, he’s 19 and PU)…if I can just get him to remember to add it to his washloads…haha…he does his own so I shouldn’t complain, right?
    Not sure I want to commit to the Grove offer but I just might…at least they have all the scents I love!

  16. Hi Vicki K (also)! I have found the dish soap in “Unscented” (which smells very pleasant but is not perfumy at all) occasionally at TJ Maxx.

  17. Is there a cleaner for shower doors that have soap film on them, or does the glass cleaner do this too?

  18. Just another fan over here of Mrs. Meyers’ products. I actually have ready access to them, but our usage is not heavy, so I don’t buy them monthly. We wash our sheets in the lavender Laundry Soap – just lovely!! I am going to search for the Lilac and Peony scent products when I am next shopping!

  19. You are so good to us! I really appreciate the generous Grove offer and placed an order immediately after reading the blog.

    I wanted to pass the offer along to a friend, but Grove gave me that ability only through Facebook, with a product freebie as a reward. But I think any reward should go to you in affiliate credits. So I instead sent my friend your MMS link for the offer:

  20. I wonder if they put some on a boat it could make it to the other the side of the pond to try over here ?

    I love lavender and if you can get it in the US Try method eco cleaning products they have an amazing mint window cleaner ?

  21. Vicki K, for a lotion, I melt cocoa butter w coconut oil and olive oil, then let it cool, and use it as a moisturizer. I add a few essential oils to mine for helping with acne….rosemary, tea tree, and lavender, I think, but it can be made without any scent. I have very dry akin, and it works amazingly. I didn’t check the Mrs Meyers’ lotion ingredients, but seeing as most of their soaps have sulfates and chemicals in them, their lotion most likely does as well….so you may want to look at a few diy lotions with ingredients you can basically eat, lol, and make something that will help, vs hinder. (I don’t remember the exact proportion of oils….it was 3 parts solid oils to 1 part liquid…but I don’t remember exactly how much of the cocoa butter I used with the coconut oil, as my solids.)

  22. Take me back to your kitchen counter please. I am assuming there is a story behind it. Looks like wood. Love it. What did you finish it with and how is it holding up?

  23. Acure makes great products. I love their Lemongrass Clarifying Shampoo and Clarifying conditioner. Their products are primarily natural and contain minimal chemicals.

  24. I will definitely check out Grove. I have to say I have been a Mrs Meyers devotee for some while now. I know the products are slightly more expensive but I say to myself, its not like I’m throwing money away on something nonproductive, it helps make cleaning more enjoyable and since I am the one doing it, I may well make myself happy and more likely to clean

  25. Thanks for sharing, the lilac is a scent in cleaning/beauty products is one that I have be trying to track down for sometime. It is hard to get just right.

  26. Happy! Just placed my order. Free products, supporting the environment, and I know I’m getting good prices, delivered to my door. I got to see what the Peony scent smelled like today at Target and knew that was the one I wanted. Thanks so much for sharing Grove Collaborative with us Marian!

  27. The Nester got me on board with the cult too 😊. I’m obsessed with the Caldrea line (pear blossom agave is my favorite). It’s a bit more expensive than the Mrs. Myers, but I just get the all-purpose cleaner and the hand soap and it feels like such a luxury to have it in the kitchen. One thing you didn’t mention though is their awesome cleaning tools! I started with the dish brush (I tried for months to get one of your gorgeous European ones but was always too late!), then got the cup sponge, now I have pretty much all of them and I LOVE them!

  28. Thank you for the Miss Mustard Seed offer with the Grove Company. I clicked on it and ordered it and it arrive, like in a day, and I could not believe this huge box they sent with all kinds of wonderful products. And the sizes were normal, not just sample sizes. It is a fun motivator to spring cleaning!

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