a million tiny drawers

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Okay, so the post title is a bit of an exaggeration.  These little handmade hardware cabinets have just 17 drawers between them, but it seems like a lot more than that!

Do you remember what they looked like before?  Here’s a refresher…


Clearly, some guy (or perhaps a gal) made them for a workshop space and have gone in and out of those drawers with greasy fingers.  There was something that spoke to me, though…the crude design and all of the imperfections and irregularities.  They definitely needed to be freshened up, though!

We painted them in two coats of Farmhouse White from the MMS Milk Paint line, lightly distressed them, letting the paint chip where it wanted, and then applied Tough Coat to finish.

I like that they look fresh, but still old.  Well worn and well loved.

The inside of the drawers looked a little grubby, though, and I had to think about how we would make them look nice without having to paint each and every cubby, which may or may not have adhered well to the dirty wood.  They needed something, so one would feel like they could actually put stuff in those drawers.  I decided decoupaging some pretty paper inside would be the best option.

Kriste likes tiny things (maybe not anymore), so I tasked her with that job.  She worked on a couple of drawers at at time and completed it over a few days.  It looks much more inviting and playful…perfect for art supplies, beading, jewelry, even screws and nails!  We left all of the measurement labels on, because there is just something sweet about them.

The cabinet on the right has a bunch of dividers and narrow drawers, making it a great place to organize small things.  I tested it out with art supplies and they fit perfectly.

I like that the drawers can be removed if you need full access or want to make the contents more accessible for a specific project.

The cabinet on the left doesn’t have any dividers, so it’s better for small pads of paper and other things that are too large for the dividers.

It’s so tempting to keep these, but they will be for sale at Lucketts in May.  I plan to go into full “Lucketts mode” when I come back from China. I have lots of pieces just waiting for my attention…

Also, I wanted to give you a head’s up that the linens, French soap and some smaller ironstone pieces will be for sale in the online shop on Thursday (March 9), at 8:00 pm EST.

a million tiny drawers

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21 Comments on “a million tiny drawers”

    1. A few days ago she mentioned in a post that it’s a handmade smock by a seamstress in TN. Can’t buy it online, but you can purchase it in a shop. Here’s what she had written: I have received several comments and e-mails asking where they can be purchased. If you live in the Memphis, TN area, you can buy them at either of the Me & Mrs. Jones locations. (They are made by a local seamstress for Stephanie.)
      I also think it’s a cute smock. Too bad I live in CA.

      1. Try www. roughlinen.com for similar aprons. They are made in California along with linen sheets, duvets, etc. You can order online and they ship to you.

    2. You can get them online also. Marian also posted “Me & Mrs Jones does not have an online shop, but if you’re not local to her and interested in purchasing one, you can send an e-mail to Stephanie (stephanie@mrsjonespaintedfinishes.com) to get pricing, measurements, and to place an order.”

    3. Sandy, try http://www.roughlinen.com. It’s a company in California which sells similar aprons in different colors. You can order online and they’ll ship to you. They also sell linen sheets, duvets, etc. I have a white linen duvet from them and it’s high end linen, beautiful and wonderful to sleep with. I highly recommend!

  1. Oh my gosh I don’t know how you are going to get rid of that – it’s so perfect for art supplies! Love how it turned out – you have such vision! (I’m pretty sure I would have passed it up in its “before” state!)


  2. Those drawers are perfect for art supplies. I’m sure they’ll be snapped up at Lucketts 🙂 I wish I lived close enough to see you at Lucketts, but at least I get to enjoy seeing what you do from your blog.

  3. The perfect little space to keep your art supplies! This little set of drawers is my absolute favorite! I love the character, the grubbiness, and the way you lined the inside of the drawers. I can see why you gravitated towards it.

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