farm table & hitchcock chairs

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Another piece is finished and ready to wait in the wings until the Lucketts Spring Market in May!  It seems so close, yet so far…

Anyway, the finished piece is this antique farmhouse table…

…and, though they are not 100% finished, these antique Hitchcock-style chairs I purchased last fall…

For the chairs, I decided to tape off the rushing and just paint the frames in MMS Milk Paint Grain Sack.  Kriste worked on applying the coats of paint over a few days, since chairs are tedious!  It’s best to work on them in doses.

(As an aside, a few people have asked about Kriste.  Well, she is now six months pregnant and is expecting a boy!  So, she is mostly doing computer work, pricing, etc. and not as much crawling around on the floor, sanding, etc.  Jenn and my mom have come in a few times to help with that sort of thing and I’ve been doing more of it myself.  Kriste’s due early May, so she won’t be helping at Lucketts this year.  My trusty sidekick is growing up…  sniff.)

Anyway, I then distressed the chairs and finished them in Hemp Oil, applying it to the rushing as well.

As I pointed out when I first shared them, the rushing is sturdy, but it has some cosmetic issues that can become more serious if it’s not protected.  I’m planning to make a simple seat cushion for each one.

I ordered a huge lot of European tea towels and rolls of hemp and linen, so I’m planning to use some of that for the seats.

The table was a craigslist find. It was “married” to a really cool primitive bead board hutch top when I bought it, but clearly they didn’t go together originally.  The hutch top was really too large for the table and is painted white with gray showing through the chipping and the base of the table was painted a very sad shade of brown.

The two were not a perfect match, so I separated them.  The brown was covered with a much happier Farmhouse House and the old wood top was hydrated with Hemp Oil.

I lightly distressed the base with 120 grit sand paper to show off the amazing texture.

The paint crackled, crazed, and chipped in all the right ways.  It even pulled off the yucky brown to show what was probably the original minty green paint.

And the top?  I would whistle at it, if I could, but I am a pathetic whistler.  The Hemp Oil did just what I was hoping it would and it brought out a beautiful richness in the old wood.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have any photogenic food or flowers at the studio today, so I used some pieces from the Lucketts pile to style a kitchen of sorts.

You can find details on this step-back cupboard makeover HERE.

And I got in the rest of my Savon de Marsailles soap order this week.  It was caught up in a snow storm, apparently!  These blocks of soap flew out of the booth last year, so hopefully they will again this year.

If not, well, I won’t have to buy soap for quite a long time.

And I wanted to show the liner my mom put in the drawers and shelves of this piece.  I bought the blue and white checked shelf liner at HomeGoods and I thought it would be a nice pop.  The drawers, though cleaned, just looked a little grubby.  Shelf liners are my favorite way to give drawers a “fresh start” for their life in a new home.

And this particular shelf liner just makes me smile.

It was fun to work on a photo shoot again.  So much of my work this week has been on the computer or drafting table, so I enjoyed playing “big-girl-doll-house”, styling and photographing this “kitchen”.

And, you know?  Sometimes when I’m doing a shoot like this, I just want to move everything over to my house.  I felt like that a lot last year as I was preparing for Lucketts.  I think that’s a good sign when you love and want to keep everything you’re curating for a sale!

More Lucketts prep to come over the next few weeks…

farm table & hitchcock chairs

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44 Comments on “farm table & hitchcock chairs”

  1. Rather that cover that beautiful caning on the chairs can you just CAREFULLY hot glue the pieces that are sticking up to prevent further damage? I know that is not the “proper” fix and the boo-boos will still show, but it might work…maybe?

  2. Are those “Hancock” chairs or perhaps “Hitchcock” chairs?

    The navy checked drawer liner is available at Amazon. I have it under my kitchen sink and bathroom sink. Makes me smile every time I look at it.

  3. When you finish a piece with hemp oil, do you use just the oil or do you mix it with vinegar as in your oil and vinegar post? Love, love, love the details on the chairs, and I can’t wait to see the tea towel seat covers. They will look very girly!

  4. Wow, my favorite thing to paint is chairs!! I love them because they are quick and challenging both at the same time. I am a master of all types now. It’s the waxing that’s a pain, if you have a lot of spindles. Chairs are actually the perfect project for a beginner, in that they don’t take much paint. They key is to turn them upside down and paint the underneath parts FIRST, then flip it around and do the rest.

    Something that would be nice to have is the cross stitch pattern for the blue design on that towel you draped over the table top……..

  5. I gathered Kriste was expecting many months ago but did not ask as I wanted to respect her privacy. Now that it has been announced, want to congratulate both parents to be and send best wishes for them and their son.

  6. Love the “Martha’s green” peeking from the table. I have a few pieces that were last painted that green from the 1930’s. It’s name comes from the original lady that owned the pieces! A lovely lady. Regardless, I matched that green and it mixes well with white and wood tones. Love your work!

  7. What a sweet little table. The paint did wonders on these pieces. Love the mint green that popped through on the table base. This was a much needed post for me today. I’m on my way to my local stockist this afternoon because I really think I want to paint my cane backed oak kitchen chairs (I scored them for $38 for all 4). Hello weekend project!


  8. Your mom is just a doll to help you in the studio! Is she going to have time to do the pattern and the tutorial for those crocheted drinking glass cozies anytime soon? I keep hoping I’ll see them pop up on your inspiring blog! Thanks for sharing all these beautiful snippets of the magic that goes on in your studio!

    1. She is such a hard worker and a real servant. I’m blessed to have amazing parents who are so supportive.

      I’ll have to ask her about the drink cozy. I know she started working on one…

  9. Love your vision and outcome for these pieces. You’ve managed to photograph them with their best foot forward, even without food or flowers.
    I cannot travel to Lucketts, but really want a chance to purchase some soap. Any chance the online shoppers will have the opportunity? It sold out last time before I could finish paying!
    Best of luck to Kriste- perhaps in the next few years you will add her little boy as a helper!

  10. I wish you would order soap just for the purpose of selling to your adoring blog groupies, instead of us having to wait till after Lucketts for leftovers in your online shop. I never catch it, and you are always sold out. 🙁

  11. The table and chairs came out perfectly!! I feel like I could just sit down and have a cup of coffee and do some visitin…..
    I like your new web layout, it looks fresh and clean, much like your stlyle, also love your hair longer, you always looked young to me, but the picture of you is really lovely, you look even younger.

  12. Hi Marion,
    Meant to post this comment yesterday, but it’s still appropriate! I really LOVE the new website and navigation capabilities. I find it much more streamlined and user friendly. As a retired PR/Marketing executive, I know that change is hard for people but, given time, a good product will always will out!! And you definitely have a good product in your site. Thanks for all the inspiring posts, tutorials, shopping opportunities, artistic inspiration and general upbeat “you can do it” attitude!! I’ve been a fan for several years after stumbling on your blog while looking for design inspiration for my home that was built to look like a french country manor. I’ve also been inspired to try things I’ve never considered: gardening, upholstering chairs, making slip covers, etc….. My husband and my family tease me a lot because I could afford to have someone do it for me, but would rather do it myself!! There is something fulfilling about doing something yourself that just can’t be bought!! Thanks so much and I wish you continued creative and spiritual growth!

  13. Marian I’m interested to know where you order your European tea towels and hemp/linen from. I have been buying drop cloths from our local hardware store which work well but I’m always looking for other avenues!

    1. I buy them from an individual in Hungary who reached out to me and I took a chance with my first order that he was legit! It worked out and I’ve been ordering from him for about four years.

  14. Can you tell us more about Lucketts? Where, when, how long does it last? Is it best to come on the list day? etc.

    1. I’ll be sharing more details posts about it as we get closer to the event, but it’s May 19-20 in Berryville, VA. You can find details by Googling “Lucketts Spring Market”.

  15. Love the table and the chairs! They look so much better wearing white!
    By the way, that French soap on a plate looks almost like a chunk of cheese. 🙂

  16. Love it!! I love seeing all the beautiful pieces as you prepare for Luckets! And so glad to hear Kristi’s god new!

  17. Marian, just love what you have done with this farmhouse table and chairs. You always do such a lovely job with absolutely everything!

    Have a blessed week-end.

  18. I have just one of those chairs that belonged to my daddy. I didn’t even know it had a name. Do you know what year they are from? I had painted mine just like you did along with his small desk. I love them both.

  19. Add me to the list of those who love your new, longer hairstyle! When I was young I always wore my hair very long, but now, being an “older” lady(?), I find that with my hair long (and grey) I just look like an aging hippie! So I go short and have for quite a while. But your long locks look lovely!

    The farmhouse table and chairs are a unique pairing. Can’t wait to see the seat covers for the chairs.

  20. I’m new to your Milk Paint product line and your blog. Loving it and your instructional posts on YouTube.
    Thanks! ?

  21. Hi Marian,
    As it gets closer to Lucketts, would you let us know where your space will be (maybe draw out a map) so we can find you easier. Headed for your booth first!

  22. This is simply torture, reading about and seeing all the furniture that you’re painting for Lucketts and knowing that I can never be there. I’d honesty travel from California but how do I bring home furniture…? Sob, sniff…wail!

    Oh Marian, we need you here in California too..

  23. Love everything you do. I have a wooden porch rocker that has never been finished. Do I apply hemp oil and then paint, or vice versa, or just hemp oil. Will the oil come off on the seat of my pants?
    Thank you.

  24. I have a mint green flat desk with legs similar to your table. I would love to use it as a base for a 72″ table. Would that work or look strange? VEM

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