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It’s time for me to introduce another one of the European Colours in the Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint line.  (The “colours” spelling was for you, Kate.)  Please give a warm welcome and hello to Marzipan…

This is a very soft, warm neutral with a whisper of a beige in it.  When I first worked on this color, I wasn’t sure how much I would use it.  Well, now I’m totally in love with it.  For those of you who don’t know, marzipan is a paste made of almonds, sugar and egg whites that is used to make cakes and confections.  When I was thinking about a name for this warm neutral, the marzipan treats from my childhood in Germany came to mind.  The funny thing is that I never liked eating marzipan!  It was just too sweet for me, but I loved looking at all of the beautiful things made with it.

The MMSMP paint color, Marzipan, is less yellow than the food version, but the colors had the same feel to me.

And here it is on this beautiful old dresser I bought off Craig’s List…

The details on this piece were so pretty, but they were a little lost in the dark brown wood…

I painted the body of the dresser in two coats of Marzipan and then highlighted the trim with Ironstone.

I distressed the edges to bring out the details further.

Apparently, the original top to this dresser was marble or stone, but it was broken somewhere along the line.  The previous owner made a top out of old barn wood.  I really liked the rustic quality of it, so I left it alone.


I love the details around the keyhole.  It’s right up there with turned legs for me!


I had beautiful light in the studio today, so this was a fun day to take pictures.

I’ll share more details about how I distressed this piece in another post.

Two more European colours still to introduce.  Stay tuned…

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    1. Betsy @ Happily Ever After Etc

      This is so pretty! I love how delicate it looks and the details are amazing! Those keyholes…

    2. Sarah

      Beautiful, lovely work, as always! …But I can’t stop staring at those breathtaking doors! Wherever did you find them?

    3. Fiona, Lilyfield Life

      It is such a beautiful colour. Marian – will the European colours be available in Australia? I think i need to get my hands on this one. And the dresser is beautiful. I love how you have painted it.
      fiona x

    4. Arlene

      This is one of my favorite pieces – love the neutral color and love the rustic top very much. I love all the colors you use, but have a hard time imagining them in my own home. This dresser would be the one to tempt me the most if I ever got to one of your markets!

    5. cassie

      i am doing whole 30, too, so all i got out of this was marzipan… yum. 😉 it’s pretty!
      so a gal i know is coming to take your class in a couple weeks and is super excited. she is really sweet- her daughter is a year behind emmy at the same school and they are in dance class together. 🙂

    6. Sandy

      Well Marian, this European colour, Marzipan, stole my heart. Will we be able to purchase it in the States?

    7. Kalina

      Love this beautiful colour and the piece it’s on…and what colour are the walls in the studio? They just glow!

    8. Lauren Baxter

      I LOVE this color! Great name for it as well, and it turned out beautiful on the dresser! Those small details give it character and are so magical, those are my favorite part of the piece as well!

    9. Wendy@OldLakeGeorge

      Beautiful color. Your distressing is perfect, looking forward to the post about how you do it so well!

    10. Pamela

      Simply Amazing! Inspired to go paint something… actually, I’m halfway through a great project with your white wax that I am just loving…amazing product! I ran out and need to order more to finish….

    11. Patricia

      Marian, what is your technique when painting around key holes where you want to preserve the metal? I have tried many tricks but it is always a hassle. Suggestions? Love this color. So rich, blends beautiful w/ whites.

    12. Liz M

      I Love Marzipan, Marian!!! I think it’s my new fav warm neutral color that I can use on so many pieces to sell. I have a hard time painting strong color( i.e.: blue) on pieces I am going to sell, thinking neutral appeals to more people. I have many of your MMS colors but always go to the neutrals. I love the way you left the top in a natural wood state!! That is my personal signature- try to keep some old wood and fix the rest to accentuate the beauty of the details, like the keyholes!! Well done!!

    13. Becky Reavis-Ring

      Love it!

    14. Gail

      Lovely! Any chance you could show us all of your “off-white” colours together? It would be cool to see the subtle variations.

    15. Krista

      Oh, I love your Marzipan color, and my dad being from Germany, I enjoyed lots of marzipan growing up. I can still remember the tasty almond flavor and texture of the chocolate coated candy – yum! Being that I’m one of your Whole30 group, I won’t be having any marzipan anytime soon, but this new color is beautiful! I especially love how you painted that piece and left the dark wood top unpainted.

    16. Kaelsma

      I would love to see a side-by-side comparison of Marzipan and Ironstone – like sample board size. You can’t really tell the difference on the photos of the piece of furniture. I think Marzipan may be just the color I’ve been looking for.

      • Kaelsma

        I’d like to amend my request to include Grain Sack. All three side-by-side would be great!

    17. Vicki at EntriWP

      Love Love Love that color. The perfect white!

    18. Kate

      Marian, I am honoured to me mentioned in your blog, thank you. Looking forward to trying out these new colours soon.

    19. Debbie

      Beautiful color! Love it!

    20. Jelena

      I love neutrals!
      By the way, how different is MMSP Marzipan from MMSP Linen? I have used a lot of Linen in my house, and am wondering if Marzipan would be too yellow compared to it.

      • marian

        Yes, I’ll do a side-by-side comparison. If anything, I would say that Marzipan has a little more gray in it than Linen. I think it’s almost a cross between Grain Sack and Linen, but it pulls more beige.

    21. Sharon Hankins

      Looks and sounds delicious! I can’t wait to try and supply this colour over here in Australia!

    22. Rita C at Panoply

      I’m not really a white white lover, so this toned down hue really appeals to me, especially in the way you’ve highlighted the trim with just enough lighter ironstone. Very nice, and nice styling too.

    23. Teri

      It looks like a gorgeous pink on my computer screen. I assume from the description that it is not. I would be in favor of a pale pink……. hint, hint.

      • Debbie Klausing

        She has a really beautiful “whisper” of a pink now. Pale and lovely!

        • Teri

          Debbie, which color is it?

    24. Gwen

      Marian, love Marzipan and your treatment of the dresser using the ironstone highlights. I also love the doors positioned on top of the dresser. Did you paint them or were you lucky enough to find them that way. If you painted, could you tell us how?

    25. Jessica @ Dear Emmeline

      Been trying to decide on a color for the hutch in my kitchen. This may be it. Or maybe mixed with a smudge of curio just to make it a tad darker. Yum!

    26. Laurie

      Love it! You sure do have one heck of a Craig’s List in your area.
      Please share a tutorial on how to search on Craig’s list. I would love
      to try out some of your colors but I need something in which to paint.
      I have easy access from Syracuse to Buffalo but apparently my search skills are

    27. Linda at Beautiful Ideas

      Marian!!! I am totally iN LOVE with this colour and that gorgeous dresser!
      What a job you’ve done on it. A wondrous transformation. Kudos to you!
      Wishing you a beautiful day,
      Linda at Beautiful Ideas

    28. Danielle

      Marian, this is gorgeous. I love the reclaimed top on it with the painted finish. This color is lovely. I am so excited about all your new European colors. x

    29. Beth

      Love that color!

    30. Heidi

      Very pretty, the colour and the dresser, and the colour on the dresser ;)!

    31. Rose

      Yay! this may be the color that I have been waiting for. But having said that… Will you ever do a darker taupe color? Something half-way between grey and beige but not too pale? I see this color on old French antiques all the time and would love to paint some of my pieces with something like that. I can find the color in “Chalk paint” but would prefer milk paint.

    32. Beth Norwood

      Just when I thought this was the BEST colour out of your line… I see how wonderful the ironstone trim highlights the colour. Amazing! or should a say with a British accent–Brilliant!

    33. Ginny

      So very lovely!

    34. Lindsey

      This is the Perfect color that Ive been looking for. There isnt a retailer near me so I have to order online. Will this be available to order online any time soon?

    35. Anna

      Hi Marian,
      This comment is a bit late in the game but curious if you sanded the piece first, and/or whether you just painted the two coats straight-away? Lovely!!! (Know you are busy w/the antique market coming up, so no worries!)

    36. Anna

      *Oh and did you use bonding agent?!


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