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A few weeks ago, my mom told me about a nest that she discovered in one of her rose bushes.  She thought I would like it, so we went snooping for it when we were over at her house for burgers on Memorial Day.  It was a beautiful nest, filled with three turquoise eggs.  Sadly, though, the mother was not to be found.

We decided to keep the nest there just in case she came back.  She never did and, without her nurturing, the eggs never hatched.

Yesterday, my parents stopped by to pick up a desk to take to my cousin and she dropped off the nest for me.

“Since you’re packing your house and don’t have anything pretty to photograph, I thought you might want to take pictures of it and write a blog post about it.”

Oh, the life of a blogger.  The scavenger hunt through each day to find content.

She was right.  The nest was a perfect subject and here I am writing about it.

It’ll be a great subject to draw and paint as well.

…if ever in the world I finish packing!

That task has still been consuming most of my time these days, but the house is getting closer to being finished.  I mean, look at all of that green tape!  (Each piece is a visual cue that the cabinet is empty.)

And messy counters and fuzzy floors just happen when you move.  They do.  Even if your home has been in a magazine.  Moving = mess & fuzz.

But there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

The studio is almost completely packed as well.  I have been trying to go through everything before I pack it, but I must admit that I’m nearing the point where I either want to throw it in a box or take a match to it.  I’m almost indifferent as to which option I choose.  Since lighting household belongings on fire generally isn’t acceptable, I have been throwing things in a box, which I’m sure I’ll regret at the other end.

But I’m also sure I’ll appreciate that the stuff isn’t in a heap of ashes…

rose bush nest & more packing

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34 Comments on “rose bush nest & more packing”

  1. That’s a beautiful nest, and the color of the egg is gorgeous!

    Moving is exhausting, but I hope you’re finding joy in the journey and that where ever you guys land, you’ll see God’s amazing hand in it all!

  2. I’ve often thought that the most obscene word in the english language is ” U-haul “, and EVERYTHING that it implies!

  3. LOL !! I love the take a match to it attitude!!!!,,, having been a single Mom of 2 girls, moving us was a challenge, on top of working full time,, blessings to you and the final days,,,as they somehow seem the worst… 🙂 ,,, I cant wait to see all the new rooms, walls and creativity that will soon flow in abundance ,in your new dwelling,,,,also the birds nest with the egg is a real treasure,, I just love birds,,,

  4. It’s a beautiful bird’s nest, and I don’t mean to be a downer, but be mindful that there are some larval cocoon cases in it (those little brown things in the photo near the egg, possibly flies) which will likely hatch, as well as the potential for some really nasty bird parasites that can infect humans and make them very sick! Not to mention a potential rotten egg? I know, I know, but I just had to say it. A lot of people do not know.

    1. Ha, yes, I know. I left the nest outside for those reasons. It’s sitting in concrete garden urn.

  5. Just a reminder to take care of yourself during the stress of packing (and yard sales). A few days before the move day, I had to spend a whole day in bed resting. It was terrible timing and threatened to derail plans. My husband was worried that it was getting the flu and would be down for days. I was exhausted and my body was telling me to stop. I even broke out in a gross cold sore which hadn’t happened in years. Don’t stay up late packing “just one more” box or cabinet. Pay attention to what you are eating and drinking. And resist the temptation to excuse packing as exercise. Even my young teenager was saying he couldn’t wait until the moving truck left so he could rest. Locking the front door and driving to the airport was a great feeling. I’ve never enjoyed a plane flight so much.

  6. Do you know where you are moving to yet? Did I miss a post that said when and where? I am trying to keep up. We will be moving next year …hopefully if the house sells and downsizing to a smaller home (hopefully). I have already begun to get rid of things, sell items and clean out everything. Hoping it makes the whole process a lot easier.

    Wishing you the very best!

  7. Something to consider with packing…I bought two florescent rolls of duct tape, one hot pint and the other orange. I chose one color to “label” boxes that were fragile. I’d just pull a big strip and add it to the top of the box and write “fragile”, so the movers didn’t miss it! I also used the other color for “inside only” items (pictures, framed photographs, candles, anything that might melt). All of my movers, whether family or paid individuals, said the bright color made them quickly aware of what they were carrying and thought it was very helpful. I also learned to pack two special sets of boxes that basically stayed with me in the car so that they didn’t get lost: one with sheets and towels for the first night and one with paper plates and cups, paper towels, and toilet paper. Having these items handy during chaos has always eased the transition! Get rested and stay hydrated!!!

  8. Hi from Texas! Stick that bnest in a ziplock bag and leave it in the freezer for a couple of days to get rid of any mites or other critters that can be lurking. I do this all the time with the little barn swallow nests I find around our property. They’re beautifully formed and so pretty in arrangements etc. note I ALWAYS monitor the condition so as not to disturb eggs or babies. Love them.

  9. best wishes in your packing. I have done it with tennis elbow and that was not fun!! It will all be worth it when you are all said and done!! New journeys are always exciting when we get to our new destinations!! Count to 10 and sit for a bit and relax!!

  10. Two years ago my husband and I decided to downsize and moved closer to the grandkids. We started pruning. We are now two weeks from the actual move and still rationalizing what goes with us, what temporarily goes to storage and what just goes.
    Best of luck with your move.

  11. Can’t wait to see it after you paint it! Pretty subject! Would love to paint it on the the seat of an antique wooden chair!

  12. I try not to move if at all possible. My Father was in the Air Force, so we moved a lot. And with seven kids!!! What always leaves me perplexed is that one pile of stuff after everything is packed. It is all odds and ends and I never know what to do with it. I usually end up putting it in a box marked “STUFF??????”

  13. Sending hugs and prayers to you and your family! This is a GORGEOUS nest and I adore it! Does anyone know what kind of bird built such a beauty? Be well and don’t forget to take care of yourself!

  14. Nature centers love getting nests. They show them , describe the bird and often let children handle them. A precious gift, especially with an egg.

  15. The cabinets and the tape bring back memories- I used fluorescent post-its on mine. I do identify with how you must feel. Its definitely also an exercise in negotiation too because what the hubs may feel is valuable enough to pack, is not necessarily what I think is pack-worthy, and vice versa. The kids too. We brought a lot of toys we could have jetted because of guilt and feeling like we were uprooting them, at least they could have their toys when we get there. Then you think- well I would spend a fortune to re-buy all the stuff tossed out in a few months with new house bills as well. Its tricky. We packed all our stuff into a pod for about 3 months. Then we had to wait for the pod to come once we were in the house. If you have never used a pod- they drop it off, you fill it and then a truck takes it away and stacks it with all the other pods where ever they are kept. So- your pod may be under 5 other pods and they have to play tetris to get it out and it may take some time from when you ask them to bring it until they do. So note to self- and others do not pack stuff you might need right away in the pod. We accidentally packed some important papers in there and school registration was delayed about a week for our kids because of what we were missing.
    We filled the almighty pod and took a few things in our own vehicles to our interim place, and things like flower pots and hand me down yard furniture were placed to the curb with a free sign. I had to let go some of my on-deck makeover chairs. It was hard to reconcile that it was never gonna happen and not worth the stress and money to wrangle taking flotsam and jetsam chairs with me. There will always be others, though! Good luck Marian

  16. Yes, thatnest would be a great for a still life, with all of the texture and gradations of color. Is that a robin’s egg? It’s the only bird I am aware of with a blue egg, but maybe there are others.

    Sending you supportive vibes as you continue packing.

    I’ve had the “privilege” (ahem) of moving in and out of some very different places: A 54-foot Hatteras to a two-story townhouse to a 4-story townhouseto a 34-foot Airstream, to a 1BR apartment.

    One thing I’ve appreciated in each move was the opportunity to see which types of things did and did not stand the test of time, then trying to consider my future acquisitions accordingly.

  17. Dear Marian, Hi !
    I feel for you, when you say you’d like to paint the nest but when will packing ever end!!…I have had that feeling many times over the years when other things seem to take priority, and I hope you can take time out to paint when the spirit moves you, even if just for a couple of hours….unless that stuff is packed away( OH myy, I don’t remember you saying so, so I hope they ( your paints and stuff) are still out within your reach! ),….I mostly have said NO to myself though too, always other things more pressing, but i feel BEST when I do try to give in to it and do try a bit more, I’m sure you do too, and know both feelings… even if it is a little bit of time,… paint! create!……God has given you a gift for a reason, isn’t it funny that you received such a piece of beautiful inspiration from your sweet Mom right when you think you shouldn’t be painting…lol…must have been for a reason! eh !
    welll, that’s how I feel about it! heheh
    🙂 <3 Looking forward to all, as always, keep on with your beautiful inspiring words, paintings, creations… so much more to look forward to with your new move! Good Luck <3
    p.s. I've kept nests that I've painted outside too…they're so beautiful !!! Good find!

  18. What at beautiful nest and precious egg! It will make an absolutely lovely painting. I, like so many others, can’t wait to see your new house and how you will be decorating it.

  19. Oh lordy Marian, moving is so hard. … and you know what… it is the small stuff that kills you in the end. The big chunks are easy. I feel for you. Did you ever share where you are moving? Maybe I missed that post?

  20. As a person who has made 18 moves I can empathize….but more important, you tell it like it is. “Fuzzy floors” is the truth during a move! Thanks for keeping it real and making us laugh!

  21. The homestretch is the hardest! You just want it over and done. You are almost there…Very soon you will be nesting in your new home …

  22. Hey Marian…a little off topic of moving, but I’m wondering about those butcher block counters. I’ve always loved them, and I’m wondering if after all this time do YOU still love them? Have they held up? Especially around the sink? I’m seriously considering them for my upcoming kitchen refresh. Would love to hear your opinion about them.

  23. Wouldn’t it be great if you could afford to get someone else in to do the packing and then the unpacking at the other end….then i would be happy to move many times over!

  24. Just moved our 23rd time and I am done!
    No more.
    My husband is retired Air Force and then it seems we just kept moving.
    Now we are where we need to stay ~ near our grandchildren.
    You can do this!

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