revamped balance scale

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When shopping for pieces, I try to look past things that aren’t my taste cosmetically, like color and fabric, and try to envision what the piece will look like when I make it my taste.   In the case of this scale, the bright yellow just wasn’t my taste.  I love yellow, but this yellow was pretty in-your-face and I felt like it clashed with the mellow brass.

I obviously wasn’t alone in thinking this, because the scale was marked 75% off of its original price.  That made it perfect for me, because I’m a girl who likes a bargain and I know how to paint things!

Now, I use milk paint 99% of the time, but this piece needed something else.  The shape would’ve been a royal pain to paint with a brush and I thought an enamel finish with a little bit of gloss would look sharp.  I ordered Krylon in Dover White, gloss from Amazon.


I sprayed the scale with two coats of paint, turning it on both sides, both ends, up-side-down, right-side-up…you get the idea.  A piece like this really needed to be painted from all angles to get good coverage in all of the nooks and crannies.

And, wow!  Sooooo much better.  The brass really pops against the creamy white and the gloss finish was absolutely the right way to go with this one.

I love it.

I have a similar one at home that I’m tempted to paint now.  Maybe I just will!

I also did some work on this fellow…

Oh my.  What a mess.  This cabinet has more than just cosmetic issues, but I know it’s going to be amazing when finished.  So, I took it outside, removed the doors, scraped off all of the loose paint, and disassembled the bottom (which was in pieces inside).  I really wish I could’ve saved the doors, but they were just too far gone, sadly.  The bright side is that the interior is very cool, so I don’t mind that it’s exposed.

Here is how it sits at the moment…

Much better already, right?  My dad is going to help me rebuild the bottom (we have the wood, so it will match) and I’m going to seal the chipping paint with Tough Coat.  I can’t wait to see how this one turns out!

revamped balance scale

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28 Comments on “revamped balance scale”

  1. Boy what a difference a little paint can make. I love how the scale turned out and would love to have that for my collection.

  2. That balance came out awesome. I’m staring at it and thinking the logo medallians on the sides could use just a tiny bit of gold or antique/distressed gold. Like just on the lettering.

  3. Love the scale. Searched Pinterest at JE vintage scale and there is one just like yours for $79….did you sell yours?

  4. Scale looks much better and I am amazed at the wonderful condition of those brass pans…..! STEAL!!!!!

  5. The scale looks beautiful.

    How do you know about lead content in all the old chipping paint? That always concerns me on old pieces.

    1. There are tests you can get. Since I handle a lot of pieces that may have lead paint on them, I treat all of them with care and follow the EPA’s guidelines for DIYers as best as I can. I also seal any old paint that’s really chippy with Tough Coat, so it doesn’t chip any longer.

  6. Marian, the scale looks GREAT:-)….and WOW, taking off the doors on the cabinet just makes the difference already!! Sorry to hear about the bottom, but I am sure you can work a miracle. Can’t wait to see what you do with it!

  7. Scale is transformed!!! Thank you for saving it!! Now, can it go in your shop online and no wait for Lucketts? Some of us die hard fans can’t make it there. (I’m having fort surgery and will only be shopping from a prone position! Please??????

  8. Yes, the scale is 100% better! That yellow was really something–the epitome of “in your face”!

    You said the doors on the cupboard were too far gone, but they don’t look that bad in the photo. Maybe they can be used for something else neat. It’s a cute little piece. I know it will be awesome once you get it repaired and painted. Can’t wait to see!

  9. The scale “after” is right out of the pages of Ballard Designs, always love the photos as much as the narration!

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