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You know how you can plan out your week, but those plans don’t exactly work out?

Well, this week is turning out to be one of those weeks.  My plan for a super-productive, get in a good rhythm on a few things (like exercise, organizing, etc.), knock a bunch of things off to-do list, etc. was derailed when Calvin came down with a tummy bug last night.  And, since he has type 1 diabetes, that turned into an all-night ER visit to get dehydration and ketones under control.  We finally got to sleep about 4:30 in the morning and, while I’ve gotten some work done, we spent most of the day resting and recovering.

And just when we thought things might get back to normal, Marshall tosses his cookies this evening.  So, that’s just how things go sometimes.

One bright spot is I learned you can hose off a braided jute rug, let it dry in the sun, and it’s as good as new.


So, the to-do list was out the window.  I did have a chance to go over to the studio a little bit this evening to photograph a few of the goodies I purchased last week, though.  Kriste worked on unpacking them today while I was at home.  I have found a ton of stuff, but I pulled out a few things that were easy to photograph.

I thought these little milk glass jars were so cute!  The numbers aren’t original, but you really have to study them to see that.

…and I couldn’t resist this sweet ironstone sugar jar with gray transferware flowers…

…or these adorable leather shoes!

I wish they were in my size.  I would seriously wear them.

One thing that I did buy for myself was a set of old screw drivers.  I mean, why use new ones with plastic handles when you can use these…

They are so beautiful and the handles feel so nice in my hand.

It is a little funny how much I like picking through the booths with old tools.  I’m my Opa’s granddaughter, that’s for sure.

Kriste also unpacked some pieces given to me by a sweet blog reader and friend, Barbara.  She came out shopping with my mom and I on Friday and brought boxes of beautiful things she’s collected for me as she has cleaned out her house.  I mean…French copper pots, old crocks, glass jars, linens…really beautiful stuff.

Also this antique French watering can…

…and some cheery red and white cafe au lait bowls.

I’m generally a blue and white girl, but these would be so fun to bring out for Christmas.

A lot more to sort through, work on, photograph, and share…

In other news, I am starting to clear out things that I know we won’t want to take with us whenever we move and one of those things is the “hodgepodge potting bench” that I made out of an old workbench and a chicken roosting box.  (You can read more about it HERE.)  The top “hutch” and workbench do come apart, but it’s a big piece, so you will definitely need a pick-up truck to get it.

It’s sturdy and in shape that’s expected in a piece that sits outside.  I’m selling it for $175 for local pick-up only.  E-mail if you’re interested!  (Update: The potting bench is spoken for.)

And I’m selling the pair of vintage metal porch/patio chairs from my deck.  The custom cushions are including and I’m selling them for $80 for the pair.  Again, just shoot me an e-mail if you’re interested!

I’ll be listing these pieces on craigslist, but I thought I would give my readers first crack!

antique goodies & things for sale

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31 Comments on “antique goodies & things for sale”

  1. Beautiful finds!
    I know what you mean about old tools, I’m the same way. My dad had at least two, or three, of every kind of tool imaginable. I was blessed to get a few small items, but his poor wife had quite the cleaning-out to do when Dad died.

  2. Oh I love that watering can, messaging you concerning it. The little red bowls…speak to me. I have my father’s old tools and love them. It’s like he’s there when I use them.

  3. I love the bowls Marian!! Beautiful photography! I agree with your assessment about the screwdrivers . Hopefully your bit’s are feeling better.

  4. Is there any way to purchase the red cafe au lait cup bowls? I collect red transferware and these would so complement!!! Thank you!!

    1. I’m actually keeping those, but I do have some pretty red transferware from France that I will be selling. I can send you an e-mail about it.

    1. Indeed, I do!

      Yes, we are moving, but not sure exactly when or where. For details, check out the “onward” post from last week.

  5. Those screwdrivers are gorgeous! I’m going to put “tools” on my list of things to look for next time I go treasure hunting 🙂

  6. Hope your boys are feeling better! I love the vintage patio chairs and wish I had room but I bought a vintage patio set last year. We also have my husbands late grandmothers vintage metal glider that we had restored so our screen porch is full.

    Its a good thing I don’t live in your area and buying your home, I would want everything! You might not even need a moving truck….haha.

  7. I thought it was cute that you spelled it, “keytones”, like a musical term. Added a little calm to what was a “stop-and-pray-before-reading-further” moment. Hope that both boys are doing better, and that nobody else in your circle catches the bug.
    Thanks for sharing some of your personal life with us. That’s what makes this more of an online “community”, instead of just another blog.

  8. I collect watering cans, just love the one you posted. If it’s for sale at Luckett’s I hope to make it in time to make it mine. If not I will admire from afar.

  9. Hi Marian,
    Loved this post, it hit on so many topics that I love. First off, I now know I can clean my Jute rug that is starting to look sad and dirty, this is exactly what I needed to know before I tossed it out. So thank you. Second, I love those red and white bowls…super cute. Not only will they be cute at Christmas time, they will be awesome to use around the 4th of July! I have lots of red, white and blue in my home and my eyes quickly spotted them. Love you Ironstone you found, I too found some this weekend, lots of blue and whites and every a set of brown and whites…you got me hooked on Ironstone! Yes, you! Hope the boys are feeling better, in the mean time be blessed.

  10. I believe I wore shoes just like the ones you show when I was little. My mother would take us to the children’s department of Bamberger’s department store and buy us Buster Brown shoes.

    1. Sheila,
      I forgot about Buster Browns! My Mother would take me downtown to buy a new outfit and shoes for Easter each year. I believe Buster Brown always gave some type of little trinket like a spinning top or small toy when you bought a pair of shoes.

    2. This is really telling my age but yes, those are Buster Browns. Feet always grew out of them before they looked worn. They really made things better back in our day!

  11. Marion,
    I’m sorry to hear the boys weren’t well. I hope that they’re feeling better. I also really like the watering can, but I live much too far to even consider purchasing it.

    Have a blessed day,

  12. The sugar jar. It’s what we called a biscuit jar. Meaning cookies, which are biscuits in England.

    I love it and would love to have it, but I’m hoping to move, too……so if you don’t keep your ironstone, some other lucky person will have it.
    Sold mine 40 years ago when we changed states. Foolish me.
    40 years! How time flies!

    Enjoy every hour with your boys, b/c when you look back in a few years you’ll be amazed at how fast the time passed. (There’s a poem in there someplace….LOL)
    Be well and be happy……

    1. I believe it actually is a sugar jar, not a biscuit jar/biscuit barrel. It would’ve been a part of a set with a sugar, creamer, coffee and tea pot. I have collected well over 100 over the years and this is the same size as the other sugar jars that have passed through my studio.

  13. Nice pieces, Marian. I love the transferware sugar bowl and the old watering can. But those wood-handled screw drivers are really treasures. Wish I had the tools my grandpa used when I was a child and spent time with him in his workshop. Don’t know what ever happened to them.

  14. Marian, hang in there. You’re doing great! Is it wrong of me to be praying you get sent to a church in TN? 😜

  15. Red is my color and I have difficulty finding it, as for those latte cups – I love them.
    I see that you plan on keeping them, but if you have any others, I’m interested!

  16. Oh my goodness! I DO love those screwdrivers and watering can. And if I were closer, I would snatch up those patio chairs!

    Lovely finds. 🙂

  17. Motherhood has such fun moments….maybe not this one, but most of them. I captured many of my father’s small tools and treasure them. Those are real beauties.

  18. Thinking it ironic reading this about your Type 1 event in the hospital as one of my Type 1’s (hubby) is here for the same tummy bug not mixing with diabetes thing!
    Your posts are delightful! They bring a slice of beauty into my day. Thanks!

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