antique mail sorter

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I shared a preview of this find on Instagram and everyone thought I was talking about the marmalade jars.

Those are awesome, but I was actually showing a preview of this antique mail sorter…


The cubbies are the perfect size for all sorts of little goodies and the wire backing is the cherry on top.

It was one of those pieces that I knew was special the moment I set eyes on it. I cleared it off right away and lugged it by myself to my “pile” by the register.

 When the antique-score adrenaline kicks in, I could haul an entire hutch on my own, if need be.

I loved it even more once I started styling it for this photoshoot.  Doesn’t everyone need an old mail sorter to store their French soaps and marmalade jars?  Right?!  I mean, they fit perfectly!

This piece, along with all of the goodies it’s filled with, will be at the Lucketts Spring Market this year!

And, speaking of Lucketts, I have some extra help coming in this week, so we’re going to make a big push to get a bunch of furniture done….

antique mail sorter

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21 Comments on “antique mail sorter”

  1. I love it! The scale looks fabulous too! Wish I had somewhere to put something like this! Just to play shop, filling all those cubbies, changing them out with new stuff, shopped from home, to showcase. FABULOUS!

  2. Oh I agree – I can move mountains when I need to! The same applies for fitting things into whatever car I happen to be driving; no great piece ever gets left behind!

  3. OH this is a fabulous little goody. I am so excited for the upcoming Spring Market! I will be selling for the first time as well and would love a bit of Lucketts Spring Market advise if you are willing to share. 🙂 I am a bit nervous since this will also be my first time selling at any antique market and feel so privileged to get to do this one for my first time out of the shoot.

    1. Oh, so excited you’ll be coming as a vendor! I’ve written lots of posts about Lucketts and selling at an antique fair. Just run a search for “Lucketts vendor” and you’ll find a bunch!

  4. I have had one for years and years that we got on a trip to Indy – it’s long and I stand it on end on the floor and was storing my Steiff animals in it, but recently started redoing that room. Love your styling of yours!!

  5. I love it, and someone else will, too!!
    About the soap….do you slice a piece off to use it, or is it just decorative? thanks.

  6. Dear Marian!
    HIYA !
    That is a crazyyyy AWESOME piece! I love it!
    and… I have something similar in my barn, yup!…old green paint, wooden back or no back,…it’s buried, sort of ! i have to check now!!! it’s there WAITING for me ! thankyou Marian! I’m gonna put my stuff in it like you show!!!
    and on a table, in my store, but I’ll be keeping it for display/pretty sure! ; )
    love how your brain works !!!! and all the stuff you get and show us and sell and so on!!!…. lol…
    Thanks so much again, always, for all the kind and inspirational sharing!
    am so excited…. !!!
    Hope you had a nice EASTER! <3

  7. I have one like this. The top is the same but mine is a one piece unit on very slender tall legs with a brace between the legs. It also has a lip, quite high actually, that assisted in sorting stacks of mail I am sure.pep

  8. On my bad days, your blog is such a pick me up. I wish I had a photography book of pictures from your blog. A MMS magazine perhaps? The look books just aren’t enough.

  9. Some forty five years ago on a house tour in Rhode Island I came upon a mail sorter in a family room
    of the said house. I was smitten and after all those years that is all I remember about the tour. Oh yeah
    it rained like cats and dogs that day. The rest of the house was equally as charming. Relative of yours? lol

  10. I love Kathryn’s idea….a MMS look book with your post images….what a pick me up that would be! Better yet….a MMS magazine! So would love it too…..Oh…and love the cubbies!

  11. Yes! It is awesome! My first thought in terms of what I would use it for was as a potting bench accessory. Now I think it would be great to put little pots of flowers and vines in on my deck. They might not get enough light in the cubbies, though. They could be rotated in and out with a second set! And who has time for that?? Anyway, it’s a great find.

  12. OK…I want everything in the picture. Love the scale, all of those lovely Marmalade jars etc…….beautiful display with the mail sorter. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE

  13. Marian, just love that antique mail sorter! I have never seen one before! I’m still wishing I could go to Lucketts! It’s on my “bucket list”!

    Enjoy your day and good luck in getting everything ready for the sale! Glad you have some help!


  14. I would subscribe to an all MMS magazine in a heartbeat (because you aren’t already busy enough LOL).

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