red & white grain sack chair

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As I said last week, some things from our guest room will be coming up for sale, since we’re converting the guest room into a room for our youngest son.  It’s a little bitter sweet for me, since that room has always been one of my “pretty rooms”, but I’m so happy that both of my boys will have their own space.  My room was my haven when I was a little girl and I would play in there for hours.  If I had a mini-fridge and a microwave, my parents may have never seen me.

One of the pieces I am selling is this French chair upholstered in antique grain sacks…


I stripped this piece and painted the frame years ago and actually had it professionally upholstered.  There was a season when I was selling at Lucketts and just couldn’t keep up with the rate my stuff was selling, so I had to hire out my upholstery work.  It’s beautifully done and I fell in love with how Ruthie (the upholsterer), showcased the details on the antique textiles.


The monograms on the inside of the arm put it over the edge for me and, with all of the pieces that have come and gone and even though it wasn’t blue, I haven’t been able to part with it.


It’s time now, though.  So, I’ve loved on it and will send it off to a new home to be loved by someone else.

mms-9809 mms-9807

I am going to keep the painting for now and use it in a few photo shoots.  I have grown a real soft spot for original art and this piece really speaks to me.


If you’re interested in purchasing the chair, it’s $385.  I would prefer to sell it locally (Gettysburg, PA), but I am open to shipping it as well.  Just send me an e-mail!  (

PS – The chair has been claimed!

red & white grain sack chair

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