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Remember that linen tea towel I started cross-stitching back in June?  When I was at the beach?  Well, I finished it when I sat outside for a few hours, watching my boys at football camp, but I just got around to ironing the “hoop impression” out of it this week.

Yeah, that pretty much sums up what happens to things in my world when they just aren’t a priority.

Here’s the pattern I created based on an antique monogram I found.  I was at the beach (without a printer, graph paper, etc), so I had to improvise with my pattern…


I stitched the monogram on an antique linen tea towel that already had a simple border stitched on it.  I love it when half the work is already done for me!

mms-8449 mms-8496

I was a little sloppy on this one!  I worked on it when I wasn’t giving it my full attention and some of my stitches went awry, but I think I recovered and made something passable.  It’s not going to win any neat stitches award, but, you know, it’s done.


Since my hand-drawn version isn’t very easy to decode, here is the proper pattern for the “P”…


I hope my imperfect stitching encourages you.  If you’re nervous about how your needlework might turn out, don’t be.  It’s just cross-stitch.  You are not a machine and it doesn’t have to be perfect.  I think it’s the imperfections that makes handmade things endearing.


Speaking of cross-stitch,  one of my Lucketts customers and workshop attendees is a cross-stitch pattern designer and she brought me some gorgeous goodies when she attended the workshop…


…some linen and the prettiest floss (of course, in my favorite color!)

I haven’t had a lot of time for stitching lately, but I’m already looking forward to my next project.  I’ve managed to lasso Kriste into this, though!  Mwah-ha-ha!  (Well, back into it, since she used to cross-stitch.)  She just bought some antique linen from me last week and told me of her plans for monogramming them and sewing them into pillows.

I can’t wait to see how they turned out.

If you’re picking up cross-stitching, you can find more monogram patterns HERE.


  1. Jo

    Are you designing the letters yourself or getting them somewhere. If you are getting them online can you share the source? I want a J and an N. Thanks. It looks gorgeous. One way to eliminate hoop marks is when you aren’t actually stitching, take the outer hoop off.

    • Miss Mustard Seed

      I’m finding antique linens with the initials on them and then making a pattern from it. I think I have a a J and an N, so I’ll look for those and do them next!

    • Colleen

      Check out the blog needlenthread – Mary Corbet has some excellent sources and patterns for monograms.

      • Jo

        Thanks Colleen!!

  2. Donna Doble-Brown

    Where can I find some antique linen . . . I am a cross stitcher but have not tried doing it this way . . . So fun and I love Kristie’s idea! XO

  3. Shannon@Belle Bleu Interiors

    Your cross stitched tea towel looks beautiful, and it is in my favorite color! You have inspired me to try my hand at cross stitch. I hope that you have a wonderful weekend!!!

  4. Cindy

    Ahhh, i used to cross stitch but haven’t in years. Seeing this on the scrumptious nubby linen is so totally enticing me to stitch again. I love how simple and pretty this is…

  5. Melissa Mundy

    You have to have a workshop in this in Biglerville and share your amazing talent. Just beautiful!

  6. Lynn in DG

    A quick glance tricked me into thinking this post was about Layla’s little about-to-arrive-P-for-Peanut! I’m sure you won’t mind the mix up with my other favorite blogger!
    Good for you for picking up cross stitch. I never had the patience for all that counting which is silly as I am now a knitter that has to count pattern stitches all the time.

  7. Natalie in Ohio

    The “P” also looks like a “J” and a “T” ~ now there’s a multifunction letter pattern! 🙂

  8. Vicki

    I am always on the lookout for cross stitch or hand embroidered items. I think all that handiwork should be brought back so the coming generation can see how to take some down time and relax.

  9. Kay

    I love it + am going to share with my sister, whose last name is Porter! Oh, + she is at the beach right now! P = perfect!

  10. LaDonna

    Happy to read the post and more surprised to see the linen and threads. I do hope you enjoy them! I loved how you mentioned the stitches don’t have to be perfect and they really don’t. It is one of the reasons I am drawn to antique schoolgirl samplers. Don’t get me wrong some of those girls stitches are amazing but most are simplistic in their design and stitching. If you do decide to put a workshop together I really meant it when I said I would love to join in.


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