Pillows for the Family Room

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I shared a couple of days ago that I was going to make some custom pillow covers for the family room sectional.  It came with pillows, but they weren’t my style/colors.  Making pillow covers in fabrics that tie my style and colors with the sectional is a great way to make something feel a little more custom and cohesive.

I already had the checked blue pillows, so I kept those and made some more out of antique linen tea towels with blue embroidery and Waverly’s Country House Linen Cameo Toile.


(I was going to add the gray linen in there as well, but decided against it.)

Kriste made the piping, cut out the fabric, and pinned the pillows and then I sewed them together (more tag-teaming on this project!)  We worked together to get them all hand-stitched closed.  I know I should put zippers on my pillows, but I just don’t take the time to do that.  Sometimes I’ll make ties or something, but most of the time, I just sew them on.  I have found that pillows are something I change out pretty frequently, so I make them simply and then make a new cover when I’m ready for a different look.


And they look great.  As intended, they really tie everything together.


The quilts really bring things together, too, and we actually do pull them off the back to snuggle up in.  I purchased the snowflake/ feathered star quilt on Etsy and the nine-patch/chain at the Raleigh Flea Market.


We made a couple of pillows for the chairs that flank the window behind the sofa as well.  Again, it just repeats a design element I used on the sofa, tying things together.



I love the pattern on these pillows.

I shared the cross-stitch pattern for them HERE, if you want to make your own…



If you’re interested making pillows like the ones I made in this post, here is a tutorial…

Simple Pillow Tutorial (with piping)



Pillows for the Family Room

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