DIY window valance

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Good evening from New York!  I spent the better part of the day driving through the rolling hills and small towns of PA and NY and even got to stop in at an antique store and eat dinner at an amazing restaurant, so I can’t complain.

Anyway, earlier this week I worked on a valance for the dormer window in Calvin’s room and I thought I would share how to make this simple window treatment…


(I’m still figuring out the cord situation in this desk area, so don’t judge!)

I started out by cutting a board the width I wanted the valance.  In my case, it was the width from one wall to the other, since it’s a dormer window.  I just used a scrap board, but a 1 x 2 would be perfect.

I then cut a piece of fabric about 3″ longer than the height of the window and the width of the board, plus the measurement of the two sides, so it could wrap around the board, as well as an extra 3″ for a double hem on both sides.  (The pictures should help that sentence actually make sense!)


I folded, ironed, and sewed a double hem on both sides and the bottom of the fabric.


And then stapled the top edge of the fabric to the board, folding over the sides like a present.


The side with the staples is the top side of the board.  Since my ceilings are low, I’m going to screw the board straight into the ceiling, but if you’re ceilings are higher, you can use L brackets on the underside of the board to attach it to the wall.


I added ties to the valance to gather up the excess fabric.  I used twill tape, but ribbon would work nicely, too.  I cut four lengths of twill tape to about 24″ long.  To prevent fraying, we brushed the ends with Tough Coat.


I stapled the twill tape to the top of the board, one directed to the front and one to the back on each side.  This way, they can tie together under the piece of fabric.


I screwed the board directly into the ceiling with a couple of screws.  Since our walls are plaster, I didn’t need anchors, but you may consider that if you’re screwing into drywall.

I cinched up the fabric and tied the twill tape to hold it in place.


It’s a super simple curtain idea that takes about 30 minutes to make and requires minimal materials, so it’s a great DIY window treatment option.


Calvin now wants a curtain that makes the dormer a “secret hideout”, so I’m going to get an inexpensive tension rod to put at the “door” of the dormer and make a simple curtain out of a sheet or something.

To be continued…

DIY window valance

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