Creative Business Owner’s Personal Retreat Guide


Creative Business Owner's personal retreat guide

I am so excited to offer this FREE resource to my subscribers.  I hope it will be a valuable tool as you assess your creative business.  

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    My dear fellow creative entrepreneur,

    If you’ve ever been on a purposeful retreat, whether you’re attending a conference, spending time with a group of like-minded friends, or even stealing time away alone with some books and podcasts, you know how life-giving it can be for your creative heart.  There is intentional time to slow down, to think, to create, cultivate ideas, to study, to learn, record goals, and set a course for the near future.

    If you’re about to go on one of these retreats, awesome!  This guide can be a compass as you think through the big picture (and the small details) of your business.  It can supplement the classes you’re taking or the books you’re reading.  It can facilitate the conversations you need to have with yourself.

    If a retreat isn’t on the horizon, you can take a mini retreat by working through this guide under the shade of a tree in a quiet park on a pretty day or by grabbing a seat on a comfy couch in your favorite coffee shop.  You can even splurge on a hotel room for the night to have some uninterrupted time to invest in your business and your future.

    The point is that you set aside some time to retreat from the daily grind for the purpose of growth, discovery, planning, and dreaming.

    And it is my hope that this guide will make that time even more valuable and fruitful.

     - Marian