Before I share the progress on the daybed, remember Furniture Feature Friday?  Someone mentioned it to me in a comment a couple of days ago and it sparked an idea.  Why not bring it back, but host it on Instagram by using the hashtag #FurnitureFeatureFriday ?  It’s much simpler than the old school link parties and it’ll be a fun way to see and showcase the work and finds of others.

Here’s how it will work…

This will take place on Instagram, so you do have to have a public Instagram account to play along.  Just share a piece of furniture and use the hashtag, so myself and others can find it.  It doesn’t have to be painted furniture, but can be a favorite find, a new arrangement, a makeover, whatever.  As long as furniture is included.

And I’ll pick and feature my favorites on my Instagram account and here on the blog.

Start sharing today and I’ll feature pieces next week.

And, speaking of furniture, I started working on the upstairs guest room daybed yesterday.  This is a project I brought with me all the way from PA.  This bed was just too special for me to sell, so I kept it in the hopes I would have a spot for it and it’s perfect in my sewing room/guest room.

I started out by painting the frame in MMS Milk Paint Farmhouse White.

I painted straight over the existing paint and didn’t do any prep work.  This is an old, crusty piece, so I was fine with just painting it and going with whatever happen.  It started out a pale aqua, so I only needed to apply one coat of paint.

I wanted to bring out some of the detail and knock the “newness” off of the paint…

…so I lightly sanded the edges with 120 grit paper.

You can find a more detailed post on distressing HERE.

Once I was done with distressing, I wiped off the dust and finished it with Hemp Oil.

Hemp Oil can look a little yellow or green when applied over whites, but it will be white again once you wipe away the oil.

I prefer using a microfiber cloth for wiping away excess Hemp Oil.  They are lint-free and do a great job wicking away the oil.

Now. it’s ready for the upholstery…

More to come…


  1. Mary

    They’re looking lovely! There’s something so rustic and homey about them, and they’re such a beautiful shape. Looking forward to see how they turn out in the end! Thanks for sharing your work!

  2. Rebecca Neustel

    I love the shape of the frame and can’t wait to see the finished piece! Any guest would be happy to use it, I’m sure.

  3. ART

    YAY!!!!!!!!!!! On both the fabulous daybed & Furniture Friday!!!!!

  4. Nancy

    Hooray for furniture feature Friday!! Woot woot! Marian, do you have a nice ticking in mind for that daybed? From the screen it begs for ticking….
    Furniture feature Friday!!!

  5. Linda at q is for quandie

    What a great tip about the micro fiber cloth for hemp oil. I’ll have to try that! Looking forward to seeing what you do with the day bed 🙂

  6. Terri

    Absolutely gorgeous!

  7. DeAnna

    When removing upholstery and I’m always amazed to see what the furniture was stuffed with. Sometimes it’s a mystery :/

    • Kristine

      I bought a couple of dining table chairs from an estate sale, and DH and I re-upholstered the seats. You are right — I was astonished at the material they had used as stuffing!

  8. Barbara

    Awesome about Furniture feature Friday!!! One question….do you paint over paint that might have lead from years ago? Is that okay to just paint over old paint, or do you suggest the top coat first, then paint, then Hemp Oil? My mom has two old tables that I believe have really old paint and I was gonna give them a coat of your top coat then paint, but if I can just paint right over the old paint that would be a big time saver!!! Thanks!

  9. Leslie

    Just loving this daybed. Looking forward to the completed results…….

  10. Deborah

    Gee. ☹️ So disappointed. I’ve been following your blog for years but now I’m going to miss out on one of my favorites. Furniture Feature Friday. I have really missed it and now that you’re bringing it back it won’t be on your blog. I don’t instagram, Twitter or tweet or any of those things. I guess it’s going in the direction of just being for the younger set who are in to all the social media avenues that some of us aren’t. Very sad.

    • Marian Parsons

      I will share my favorites here on the blog, but the pictures need to be shared on Instagram, which actually includes more people, since more people have an Instagram account than a blog. Anyway, I would encourage you to open an account, even if it’s one you keep private, just so you can view the furniture. I will share instructions along with my favorites next Friday.

    • Carla from Kansas

      I’m 61 and I have an instagram account. It’s not just for the young. It is very easy to use.

  11. Rhea Wood

    I agree with Deborah – I also do not tweet, twitter or instagram.

  12. Juanita

    My memory isn’t the greatest so I tried to put your instructions on Pinterest . You don’t allow that or to print off the instructions. Please do so in the future. I need them.

  13. Janet

    Even if you don’t have an instagram account, you can still access it. You just type Miss Mustard Seed intagram in a search and it will come up. I do this all the time because I don’t have one:)

  14. Marlene Stephenson

    Looks lovely and oh so wonderful, thanks Marian and have a fun weekend.

  15. Norma Rolader

    I do not have an instagram account but I will have to look into it The frames are coming along beautifully

  16. Laura

    Beautiful! I love the French look of it and hope to see the finished results!

  17. Leila

    Can you explain what the application of the hemp oil does, especially since you wipe it off. I thought hemp oil was to bring out the beauty of stained wood but here you are putting it over painted wood. What does that do?

  18. Kristine

    I nearly knocked over my coffee this morning jumping and down and cheering that Furniture Feature Friday was coming back! (I scared the cats too!) Oh …. wait….Instagram..? I DO have an account; I just never go over there, because I got so much creative-feed from other blogs and Pinterest. Well, I guess it’s time to grow some Instagram chops and get over there. Looking forward to reading AND participating! I’m just so darn glad it’s coming back – I always loved it!

  19. Lynda

    I have noticed you have hung ironstone lids on your wall. I just purchase lids that have no rims to use a conventional plate hanger. Any suggestions as to what to use to hand the lids on the wall??
    Thank you in advance

    • Debbie

      I hot glue beer can pop tops to the back of plates to hang. There are probably Command type hangers that you could ‘tape’ to the back as well.

  20. Isayo

    I have a question, I painted light fixture and distressed. Do I need Hemp oil to keep out rust or just for the wood furniture?
    Thank you.

  21. Starla

    Hi Marian,
    The bed is coming along beautifully.
    I am also eagerly awaiting your dining room table redo. It’s such a pretty table. Can’t wait to see what you do with it.

  22. Mary Ann

    Instagram is not an age thing. It’s a “one more thing to clutter my life” thing. I enjoy the blog (and several others). I like having everything in one place – click on my email notice, click on blog link, click on links (including advertising). Sp I will miss out on some content but I only have so many minutes in a day and so many of those I allow on “fun” internet activities!

  23. lolnexus

    Valuable information! Looking forward to seeing your notes posted. The information you have posted is very useful. Keep going on, good stuff. Thank you for this valuable information.

  24. Shirley

    Years ago I bought what I thought was twin headboards. They look like your daybed. I hope you do show how they go together as a daybed. I do not have the side pieces, but I would love to use mine as a daybed.

  25. isac

    beautiful. really enjoyed

  26. Susan

    Reading your post, i have come to point of not selling my old furniture. I will definitely try some ideas to make my old furniture look good.


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