painted mora clock & farmhouse white in australia

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When I decide to paint something, it doesn’t take me long to add the powder to the water and dip in a brush.

Remember the Mora clock from Antique Farmhouse I posted about over the weekend?


It looked beautiful as is, but how could I resist painting it in MMS Milk Paint Mora?  A Mora clock painted in Mora.


I painted the trim in Linen and finished the entire piece with a little bit of Antiquing, White and Furniture Wax.


It has a soft, muted finish that I really love and suits the Swedish style of the clock.


I used all three of the waxes to bring out different aspects of the finish…highlight the texture, simulate age and grunge that may have built up in crevices and on ledges.


 The key was keeping it subtle, so the result wasn’t smudgy.


If you apply tinted waxes properly, you really shouldn’t be able to “see” them.  They should just enhance a piece, not define it.

mms-5020 mms-5021

The freshly painted Mora clock and my tufted sofa make quite a pair.  Like peanut butter and dark chocolate.  Mmmm.



While we’re talking about milk paint, I’m excited to share that Farmhouse White will launch in Australia on February 28, 2016.  Those down under had to wait a while longer, but it will be worth it!   There are also five more “Farmhouse White Tickets” hidden in the bags we sent across the ocean, so be on the lookout for those if you purchase your paint in Australia.

For a list of online and local MMS Milk Paint retailers, click HERE.

The tickets in the US and Canada have not been found, yet, so keep opening those bags!  Three have been found in Europe.

If you’re still not sold on the color, this video might convince you…


painted mora clock & farmhouse white in australia

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24 Comments on “painted mora clock & farmhouse white in australia”

  1. That is reallllyyy pretty, even prettier, and more improved,..who’da thought…! I love the texture, makes me want to touch it…beautiful.
    Even better than before 🙂 Thumbs up again!

  2. “Simulate age and grunge…” I love that 🙂
    Do you use separate brushes for antiquing wax vs. regular and white waxes? I have a hard time cleaning my wax brushes and am thinking of getting one for each different wax that I use.

  3. Could not be more excited for the release here Down Under!! My customers are over-the-moon at the possibility of winning a White Ticket!!! Thank you for an amazing giveaway!!

  4. Looking forward to adding Farmhouse White to my MMSMP colours when it’s released in Australia – now to decide what I will be painting with it!

  5. When you apply different waxes, which do you apply first? How do you determine the order? Is there some logic to it, or is it a seat-of-the-pants kind of thing?

  6. The clock was pretty before…but, now, it’s beautiful! Like the video for Farmhouse white. You always choose the perfect background music. Congrats on the launch in Australia.

  7. I have a reproduction mora clock waiting in the wings for some lovin’ with mora and linen as well!

    I need to order another bag of farmhouse white already, as well!

  8. The clock turned out just like I thought it would, wonderful….and the video is awesome…so well done.

  9. Hmm, too much in and out of focus in the video for me – other than that loved it. Like the clock both ways. I always enjoy reading your posts. Thanks!

  10. I didn’t think I could possibly like the Mora better than it was but sure enough you did make me like it even more.
    Just beautiful!

  11. The clock is so pretty I would never have had the courage to paint a clock in my home. It looks perfect in your lovely room and next to the sofa.

  12. I hope when you say Australia that some of those will make their way across the ditch to NZ, have been waiting for this colour for a special piece, yay.

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