…and the kitchen sink

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When Kriste and I were out shopping a few weeks ago, she pointed out this amazing dry sink, buried under at least two other pieces of furniture.

“That’s basically my dream sink for a room I don’t have.”

“Well, let’s turn over that tag and see what we’re dealing with.”

The price was surprisingly low.  I later learned, after I asked to buy it and it was un-buried, that the bottom needs to be rebuilt.  It’s sketchy to say the least.  It did have furniture stacked on top of it, so it was clearly otherwise structurally sound and it’s a easy fix, so I bought it despite the imperfections.

We still need to fix the bottom, but we got it cleaned up and it’s looking good.


The cool thing about this piece is that it can be used as a dry sink or it can be plumbed by connecting a drain and installing a wall-mount faucet.  Maybe even two, because it’s a huge double sink.  It runs the full length and width of the cabinet and is about 9″ deep.  You could ignore dishes for days in this sink!


I love the little latches and I’m leaving the paint as-is.  It’s got some great crackling and patina, but it’s not flaking and chipping off.


It’s so tempting to keep this piece for my future free-standing kitchen, but it’s going to go to the Lucketts Spring Market to be sold.  That’s not until May, though, so I get to love on it for a little while before I send it off to a new home.

Did you notice this linen tea towel?  I bought two of them and I am so in love with the weave and monograms.  Some linens just speak my language.  You know what I mean?

They will most likely become pillow covers in the near future.


And, did you notice the stool cover in the first picture?


I have some very exciting news about that little stool cover that I’ll share on Monday…

…and the kitchen sink

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18 Comments on “…and the kitchen sink”

  1. “you could ignore dishes for days in this sink”!!! Love it….what a great piece. Makes me miss Iowa and all the old furniture in the shops and at auctions…..it is going to be awesome in someone’s dream space!

  2. It’s breathtaking! I think my heart skipped a beat when I realized what it was! I think I would suffer from seller’s remorse later on … You really must keep this …. keep it in your studio? I bet it won’t last 10 minutes at the market! I hope you enjoy a relaxing weekend!

  3. Why is it, Marian, that whenever I read your posts…I feel this overwhelming need to go to my favorite shops to hunt for treasures? Haha.

    Beautiful find! I love the tea towels, ironstone, wooden spoons. Little slice of heaven. AND you made another stool cover, they are so sweet…you are inspiring me to experiment more with sewing, upholstery, etc.!

  4. I think it’s really driving me crazy trying to figure out how you REALLY can part with some of these things! I mean, with simply EVERYONE out there now searching (you’ve been teaching us so well), don’t you EVER worry about the “well running dry?” I’m thinking about things like years ago–when I was a “regular” at Goodwill (before it was “in” and before Goodwill started saving all the good pieces and selling to dealers)–when you used to be able to get a “deal” on houses to fix up (now everyone’s doing it). I could go on, but eventually it would seem there would be very little to find. Do you ever feel anxious about that happening for you? It makes it all the more amazing that you share what you find and how you go about it!

  5. Marian, it’s a find for sure. Just the size alone makes it so unique. It would be lovely in your new kitchen someday. I was wondering something though about the pieces you buy already painted. Do you test for lead paint? I bought the perfect dresser for my living room with beautiful white chippy paint but it’s sitting in my garage bc a friend told me to test it for lead paint. I did and it tested positive. Do you have any guidelines for those of us who own a piece like this?

    1. I would check out the EPA’s site on lead to see what they suggest, since that’s the official recommendation. As I understand it, though, lead paint is fine as long as it’s not chipping or flaking. It’s when the lead paint goes airborne and is inhaled or if it’s ingested that it is harmful. If you’re nervous about it at all, you can always seal it with a poly or water-based poly to make sure it’s not a danger to your family (children and pets, especially.)

  6. I’m SO curious about that stool cover! And the dry sink is awesome! It could be used for lots of things, including a baby changing table. If it’s 9″ deep you’d not have to worry about the baby falling off! “Til he/she was sitting up, at least. Don’t know why I tho’t about that use for it. Could it be that my house has been full of grandchildren all week?! From age 5 to age 10 mos.

  7. No Marian. You cannot do this to us about the stool cover! You must tell us right now! It will be ok to have a Saturday post if you must!

  8. I just wanted to write and say how much I love your before/afters and thrifted find stories. I always find it so inspirational. Thanks!

  9. It’s so beautiful – I would like to see a picture from above as well, but I know you will indulge us soon.

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