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We sat at a table at the title company, signing papers while the boys were occupied with games on the iPads.  When we reached the end of the stack, we all stood up and shook hands.

“Boys, we just bought our house!”

We were all excited and eager to get over to the house.  A lot of work was ahead of us, but that didn’t matter.  The next chapter of our life was just a page turn away.

I know my readers have been eager to see our house and I’ve been eager to share it!  As I mentioned in my Moving Story, we didn’t buy an old farm house.  In fact, we bought a suburban home with a two story foyer, something I have declared many times would never appeal to me.  But this home isn’t just for me and my business, although I will live there and work there.  And it’s not just for blog material, although I will share all of my projects and makeovers.  This house is for my family to live in and it has to be well suited to all four of us.  And when we put together the wish list, we realized it sounded an awful lot like a newish home in a neighborhood.

At first, I was completely resistant to it.  I dug in my heels.  But, in my extensive online house hunt, it became clear that I needed to be more open.  And I zeroed in on a home that wasn’t old, but it had so many details that satisfied my craving for character…transom windows over the doors, pretty woodwork, an arched hallway, a butler’s pantry, and even a back staircase.

One thing that’s sort of funny is that I was so looking forward to house hunting.  I imagined driving all over town, looking at different properties with a realtor, weighing the pros and cons of each house…  In the end, we only looked at one house.  (I told Jeff I might need to go check out some open houses or something just to get it out of my system!)

Well, that one house is the house we bought this morning.

I shared a tour of the first floor on my Instagram Stories and many people commented that this house isn’t very “Miss Mustard Seedy”.

Nope, it’s not.  Not yet, anyway!

The beige walls and beige carpet and modern fixtures definitely aren’t me.  But, it’s a blank canvas and I really liked that.  As I looked at homes that required a lot of work, I became very anxious about where I would work while the house was being ripped apart.  In this house, we can work on it as time and money permit, but each space looks perfectly fine (better than fine), until we can put our stamp on it.

So, just look at the bones of the house and know that I have plans!

And this house has great bones.  That’s what I fell in love with…  the traditional layout, the rooms flooded with light, the finished details.

Sebastian was following me everywhere as I was taking pictures!  He’s not usually a poser, but he was today.

The room I am probably most excited about is the sunroom off of the kitchen.  It will be my art and photo studio!

Of course, it needs some work to make it functional year round, but it’s doable and will look amazing painted!

This house will get buckets and buckets of paint.

But, before we break out the brushes and rollers, though, we’re working on cleaning tubs & toilets and shampooing carpets.

And we’re trying to pace ourselves, knowing there’s no rush.  We even took some time to hang out with our new neighbors.  The boys were outside this evening, riding scooters, enjoying the thing that was highest on their wish list – living in a neighborhood with kids they can play with.

My back is sore, my hips hurt, and my hands are dried out from scrubbing and cleaning, but my heart is so full as I settle into a borrowed air mattress for the night.

And this is only day one…


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  1. The house looks beautiful Marian! And so much potential! You and your family should be very happy there. I wish you all the best of luck in your new home and look forward to seeing how you put your personal stamp on it.

  2. crown moulding! interesting layout and lots of light. Proximity to town when kids are small and other practicalities always factor in our choices too. Congratulations, enjoy your new home.

  3. Congratulations you made it and what fun you will have transforming it. Will be exciting to see all you do. Welcome home.

  4. So excited for you! I have needed a tissue each time you have posted about the details of your move. I look forward to hearing all of the details of the settling in process and making this house your home! Carol

  5. Congratulations! Your new house is very, very nice. Let’s face it. Most people would be very grateful to have it just as it is and I know that you and your family ARE grateful for your blessings and do not take anything for granted. So, just relax a bit. As you know it takes some time in a house to discover all its quirks and quarks. For one thing the quality of light in all the rooms seems superb. Sebastian seems to be giving it his stamp of approval along with keeping a close eye on your whereabouts. So very happy to hear all is well. Your entire family deserves a big sigh of relief to now be in your home. Enjoy. Blessings.

  6. Congratulations! You know, everyone is telling you to ‘get busy’ and transform. I’m going to be the outlier and say “Marian, get some sleep!” you have so much to do. Go to bed when the boys do and sleep straight through. You’ll be glad you did.

  7. I’m with you! i would have bought the house for that sun room. it is fabulous and incredibly unique. So excited for you and your family and the next season God has for you.

  8. I agree, it’s not very “Miss Mustard,” but this is going to be very instructive to all of your readers in the days ahead. I can see that this is a nice home, but what a wonderful opportunity to show how to transform the typical (dare I say “vanilla”?) home into something spectacular (as you do so well). It’s going to be GREAT!!! And, we all will relate to how all of this is a process that evolves over time and doesn’t happen overnight. Congratulations and welcome to your new home, Marian.

  9. You know what will be extremely AWESOME? Is that with this new adventure you will show those of us stuck with builder-grade ,rack-em stack-em, houses how we can transform them into a cozy home. I’m delighted to be a MN neighbor too (ok, maybe not quite a neighbor –> a few hours north in Mpls) as well. I’ll be also watching closely to see where you uncover MN Mustard honey-pots as well!

    Welcome Home Marian! (Excited squeal)

  10. And now the journey begins 😊. Many blessings to you and your family as you settle into your new home and a new chapter! We, your readers, are eagerly anticipating your forthcoming blogs. And you are so right… your home DOES have good bones!

  11. Well I for one am looking forward to seeing what you do with a suburban newer home like the one I live in 😀 So very happy for you and your family and I agree – take some rest time and settling-in time. Before you know it your boys will be back in school and then you’ll have lots of “project time”

  12. I am so very happy for you. I just love your God-story of how He faithfully worked every detail out for you & your family. Home is truly where your heart is so I have no doubt this house will quickly be home to all four of you.
    And,, FYI, my 24 y/o son is Type 1. He was dx’d almost 20 years ago to the day. He was 4. I empathize with you and your struggles. But know Zach has done everything he’s wanted to do so diabetes hasn’t stopped him. I will pray you easily find an excellent pediatric endocrinologist 🙂

  13. Congrats on your new home!!!! Im so excited for you and your family…The house looks awesome very bright and waiting for love and memories to be made with in the walls. Looking forward to seeing you make it a home. Enjoy!!!

  14. Congratulations Marion! I think you made a wise decision and knowing your boys are thrilled to have playmates will ease your mind about how they settle in. I was always worried about my children settling in to a new situation when my husband was in the military and we went through many moves. I know, with your talent, your new home will become “Mustardized” lickety split!!! 🙂

  15. Dear Marion, I can “see” the MMS colors transforming all those built-ins and especially the sun room. Ah! But which color?

    I am so happy for you and your family! A new ministry, new neighborhood, new home. God’s perfect plan for you caused you both to go out of your comfort zone and you have embraced it!

    We, your MMS sisters (and there may be a few brothers out there too) look forward to watching you settle in with your family in this new chapter of your lives as well as unleashing even more creativity to make this your MMS home! There are some lucky women out there who will be coming on board to be your new assistants.

    Your heart is full to overflowing.

  16. So happy for you. I know you and your family will enjoy this beautiful home. Are you homesick at all or have you had time yet?

  17. Dear Marian!
    WOWWWWW AND Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!! sigh of relief for you!!!!!!
    You’re all there and all moved !!! YOU DID IT 🙂 and showed us all along the way so much, such good kind and sweet advice and how to do a good move! I have my own house to reclaim/is a work and living space right now, so while you are transforming your home into ‘you’, I hope to be doing the same here, reclaiming my long lost house back to a home again! LOL, that would be a very interesting story indeed! LOL
    Have been thinking of you alot /following all the steps you’ve had to take lately to get you to your destination….you’ve accomplished so much and so well!!!! Way to go!
    ….hope you all get lots of rest, enjoy your new home and good luck with the new position to Jeff !
    I love your new house ! So much to look forward to !
    Always, all the best! <3 p.s. thanks so much for all the generous and heartfelt sharing you do, I look forward to all from you…p.s. meant to tell you! loved your recent fav. art tools writings too, want to explore some of those products when time! & again, realllyyyy..your portraits are amazing…very beautiful ! they remind me of you/look like you even ! Am I the only one who has thought that !
    (speaking of your art/love the new art/photo porch area ! looking forward to you being able to use all (in good time)

  18. Again… welcome to Minnesota! You’re going to LOVE it! Many of us have a very similar style home so I am very excited to see you put your gorgeous touch on it. This will be helpful for us to learn from you how to transform our own homes as well! Thanks for sharing the before pics! I can picture it it with your style.

  19. I follow you on IG and it really showed the house off! Lots of light and the archways are so cool! Welcome to your new home!

  20. Potential is so alluring. Your new home looks full of allure.
    Congratulations, welcome home and I am so excited to see you fufill it’s potential!!!

  21. I’m so happy for you and your family! It is wonderful how you yielded to the wishes of your whole family in selecting a home. It made me think this – that the character of our hearts is way more important than the character of our ‘houses’. It is about HOME. I hope your boys love, love, love their new neighborhood. Lucky (blessed) neighbors to have you there. Can’t wait to see what you do with this very beautiful place.

  22. I remember reading that natural wood finishes were very popular in the mid-west rather than painted trim and cabinets. Looking at your new house with lots of natural trim and cabinets that seems to be case.

    With that being said, it will be interesting to see you bring your own style to the mid-west.

  23. I couldn’t pay attention to the house once I saw your purse! What brand is it? I promise to look at the house more in your future posts!

  24. I’m so very happy for you and your family, Marian. May God continue to bless all of you as you begin this new chapter together.

  25. I was thinking the same thing! Can’t wait to see how she transforms it to Mustard Seed goodness. I’ll be taking notes for sure!

  26. Loving your journey. It mimics our own in many ways. We just closed on a home we have lived in 27 years and are on to a new adventure in a nearby town. God had been leading us also and I am excited to begin building our new nest. Thank you for so openly sharing your life journey.

  27. It’s not always the house….it’s what you do to it. AND you will have us drooling in no time!!!!
    Can’t wait to follow along!!!

  28. So thankful you and your family made it safely to your new home! It’ll be lovely, Marian! Let the magic begin!

  29. Oh my, it sure does have great “bones” – I love it and know you will make it yours. What I love most is the faithfulness of God. You looked at one home and it is the one you bought. Amazing. Totally amazing, just like God! Can’t wait to share in this next chapter with you and your family.

  30. I cannot wait for you to put your stamp on it! It will be fun to follow along and watch your progress!

  31. Marian! I see all the possibilities and know it’s going to be AMAZING!! So excited for you all and can’t wait to see the transformation! Congratulations!!!!! xoxo, Jennifer

  32. What an amazing house and it will be ever better when you put your stamp on it! I love that Sebastian is in a lot of the pictures too – even he feels at home! I love the sunroom as is (although I know you will paint it) – it just seems so cozy! Good luck and can’t wait to hear more of your journey!

  33. You definitely have your work cut out to make this house your style, but bones first, paint next and then the special touches it should come together in no time. Enjoy the adventure-I miss moving and getting a fresh start.

  34. It looks like a lovely home Marian with beautiful bones, ripe for renovation.

    I love the light too and can already visualise how amazing it will look in time with your unique touches.

    Enjoy your new home and your new adventure and I hope you will all be very happy there 😊

  35. Congrats on your new home Marian! I am soooo looking forward to seeing you decorate (and maybe renovate a bit?) this house. It’s like a blog reader’s dream come true… an actual real time, real life example of how to take a typical suburban home and transform it into something blog-worthy (there’s no pressure there, what I mean is … to watch Marian be Marian!!). Best of luck in your new adventure!

  36. I am very happy for you and your family. Although I do not know you I can tell that you are a special family. Good luck with your business and have fun with your new home! Maye

  37. I’m just catching up on your moving story, and I have to say, I’m so excited to see what you’ll do! We just bought a new house ourselves, closed July 14, and we’re in a similar situation: We ended up with a home built in the 90’s in a great area with great schools, and it’s 100% builder beige. The dream of the 10 acre farmhouse with our 3 young boys and aging parents just wasn’t feasible. I’m so happy to follow your journey and see how you add your touches to this new house, while I try and do the same. Blessings on your new house.

  38. Oh my Gooooodness! I am so excited that your house is so similar to ours! I can’t wait to see all of the transformations you make and hope to “borrow” some ideas in our own “newish” home. I will say this, you will never regret your decision when you see the amazing childhood your children have in their neighborhood with all the wonderful friends and a tribe of families who make life wonderful. Our neighborhood is one of the biggest blessings in our family’s life. Congratulations and have an amazing time making the house your own! 🙂

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