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In December of 2017, I received a Sleep Number bed as a part of a blog sponsorship and I shared an initial review of it (as a part of that sponsorship) in April of 2018.  You can find that post HERE if you’re interested.

I am sometimes asked about products I receive through sponsorships and if I still use them or love them.  Would I buy the product as a regular customer?  Would I still give it a thumbs up even if I’m not being paid?

We’ve been sleeping in the Sleep Number bed for just over a year, so I thought it would be a good time to write a non-sponsored follow-up for those who might be curious about it.

In summary, I can tell you that we’re still loving the bed.  It addressed the major issue we had of being on total opposite ends of the spectrum when it came to mattress hardness/softness preferences.  That being said, it’s not our favorite beds as individuals.

My favorite bed is our Tempurpedic Cloud Supreme, which used to be our bed, but it was way too soft for Jeff.  I love how much I sink into it and how the foam absorbs any movement.  That mattress is currently on the bed in our basement guest room.  I sleep in it sometimes when I’m sick, so I get to visit it now and then.  Jeff suggested we sell it at one point and I told him I wanted to keep it, so I could use it when he’s dead.  (Just kidding…well, sort of.)

Jeff’s favorite mattress is the Sapira mattress, which is one with springs that comes in a box.  It’s on Marshall’s bottom bunk.  Jeff has sleepovers with him sometimes and always comments on how much he loves that mattress.  I’ve sprawled out on it a few times and I can tell you just from that, that it’s way too hard for me.

I know this is a Sleep Number bed review, but I wasn’t able to mention other mattresses in my original sponsored post, understandably, and I wanted to share how the Sleep Number mattress compares and why we love it as a couple, even if we each have different favorite mattresses as individuals.  Hopefully, that makes sense!

So, back to the Sleep Number review…

I would say it took me about 3-4 months to really get used to the feel of the bed.  I wasn’t too surprised by that, though, because it took about the same amount of time for me to get used to the Tempurpedic when we switched from an innerspring mattress.  Even with the thick memory foam topper, the Sleep Number bed does have the feel of an air mattress.  Well, a very nice air mattress!  Especially on the lower setting, you can feel the air redistribute underneath you, which just feels different than memory foam or springs.  Now that I’m used to it, though, I don’t even think about it.  In fact, I find the bed incredibly comfortable and I’m always happy to get back to it after a trip.

All of the technical components of the bed have been in perfect working order and are easy to use.  I was a little concerned about that since it’s such a high tech bed, but there haven’t been any issues so far.

We have the model that will adjust through the night to keep the feel consistent as you move, but the sounds of the mattress filling or letting air escape don’t ever bother me or wake me up.  Some people had asked about that, so I wanted to address that concern.  If you’re a very light sleeper, though, that might be an issue.

The one downside to having such extremes when it comes to the firmness setting is that the fitted sheet always gets pulled over towards me since I’m in a valley and Jeff’s on a hilltop.  It also doesn’t help that I’m a major mover when I sleep, but the setting difference accentuates the issue.  It’s a small price to pay in order for each of use to have the firmness that feels best, though.  Surprisingly, the bed doesn’t look like there is a big divot in my side or anything when it’s made.

I think that sponsored posts should be approached with a healthy skepticism.  Even unpaid reviews should be taken with a grain of salt!  What works for one person won’t necessarily work for another person and that seems to be especially true with mattresses.  A site that is great for getting unbiased ratings and assessments of mattresses is Sleep Like the Dead, so I would suggest you check out any mattress you’re considering over there before buying.

In other news, our stairs are being worked on this week and they are looking amazing.  I can’t wait to show you the transformation…

non-sponsored follow-up Sleep Number bed review

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41 Comments on “non-sponsored follow-up Sleep Number bed review”

  1. I have the Temurpedic and absolutely love it! I’ll never have anything else. Glad you are comfy on this one.

  2. I’ve had the Sleep Number for at least 10 years. I will say that my side of the bed as a divot now and that even though I inflate it, it doesn’t seem as comfortable as it originally did. But that is possibly to be expected.
    I have also been wondering about the shoes you took on trip to France! Did each one work out? Those flats were cute, but looked like the lack of support would be a deal breaker for me.
    Could you tell us about them?

    1. Sure thing! I ended up not even bringing the flats! I wore them around the house and they didn’t provide enough support. I returned two pairs and kept one. I ended up wearing the Keans all over Europe. They were perfect…supportive and comfortable and worked with leggings and a linen dress. They were also light to pack, so I bought a brown pair and a black pair.

  3. I am temporarily residing in my RV bought the recomend air mattress, I do not like the sleep number. It has contributed to my bursasiti pain
    I put 3 in memory foam topper on it reduced my shoulder pain but my hip pain is going no where. Also have tempupedic at home a much better choice.

    1. Yeah, it’s such a personal taste purchase. It’s what feels nice on your body. It’s interesting that the air mattress contributed to pain for you, because on Sleep Like the Dead they are highest rated for pain relief. That may have been specific to back pain, though… Anyway, glad you like the Tempurpedic. As I said, that’s my favorite.

  4. My husband and I loved our sleep number mattress for over 20 years…but for the last 6 months that we had it, his side consistently lost air every night. So we were ready for something different. Besides, my hip always hurt sleeping on that bed for about a year. We went with a latex mattress…the Zenhaven mattress. We both love it!!! You don’t sink into it like on a Memory foam, but there is just enough “give” to feel comfortable. Linn

    1. Nice! Isn’t it awesome when you find a mattress that you both love? I know my parents had to go through several to find one that works (and so did Jeff and I!) My parents ended up with a Tempurpedic.

  5. We had a Temperpedic bed for years. I found it too hard. I put a 4″ topper of ultra soft foam on it before it was comfortable. We went to a Sleep Number because of the adjustability. I keep my side around 20, and my wife’s is around 90. There has been some computer issues, technical issues, and now pump leaking hoses issues. The bed is almost two. I am a light sleeper and with the leak, the pump will wake me up at night.
    The best sleep I ever got was my old water bed, ahh, those were the days….

    1. Ha, a waterbed! I have heard of other people having technical issues with their Sleep Number bed, but I’ve also heard of people who used them for 20 years and they worked great the entire time. Hopefully, ours will continue to work well and I hope you’re able to get your issues resolved…

  6. Marion, I want to know about the shoes, too!

    My husband and I seriously considered a sleep number because his brother has one and loves it. But he did extensive reviews and found that people usually love them or hate them and we couldn’t gamble for the price. We wound up with a Leesa mattress which is hard enough for him and soft enough for me. And after two and a half years, no “pits” on either side! We still love sleeping in it!

    1. The Sapira mattress that Jeff loves is made by Leesa and it’s been a very nice mattress so far. It’s way too hard for me, but I know the Leesa is softer.

    1. It’s from Arhaus, but I bought it on final clearance (it was 75% off!) and it’s no longer available.

  7. Never mind I looked it up on your blog. What I neglected to mention bed-wise is that like most couples, my husband and I had the same problem. We ended up buying 2 XL twin mattresses, one firm, one soft and then used one of those foam “bridges” they have at BBB. I put a mattress topper over that and the bed is perfect for us. He gets his soft squishy side and I get my firm side. I could not pull the trigger on the sleep number price and it’s mixed reviews.

    1. Great idea! We had looked into that, but I was afraid the mattresses would look too different next to each other. I think that’s a smart solution, though!

  8. Your keeping the old mattress for when Jeff dies??!!!……lolololol….too funny!!!!! Thank you for making yourself a bit more “real”.

    1. Ha! I am saying that jokingly of course, but if it were just me I would use the Tempurpedic. 🙂

  9. We also have the Tempurpedic Cloud Supreme and love it. It is over 10 years old and is still going strong. Whenever we go on a trip, we can’t wait to come home and sleep on our comfy mattress. I also have a tempurpedic pillow and take it with me when we travel.

    1. I am with you on that. It’s my favorite bed ever, but it just didn’t work for Jeff. I was so sad! So, this is a nice way to bridge that preference gap.

  10. Marion, I remember your sponsored post and was highly curious of your opinion. We ended up buying a SN bed last November (Black Friday deal on the iLE360, which is a model between the i8 and i10), and are still getting accustomed to it, but both really like it. We bought the split king mattresses, and they work very well. I would NOT recommend SN mattress pad covers, as they are too slick (polyester) and the sheets crumple badly on them. We just haven’t replaced the pads yet (but will). Not sure if yours has a nightlight under the mattress, but we’ve had a couple weird on/offs with that that we need to have checked out. The app seems to be something that can tempt anyone with a touch of OCD, and that has happened to us to when reviewing Sleep IQ. All in all, though, I can’t believe we waited so long! I really do like it and, oh yea, I really like their classic PlushComfort pillow!

  11. You could get a split king frame and put whatever you like on your side and the same for your husband.

  12. We got a Sleep Number bed last April and we are torn, he likes it…me not so much. Unfortunately we are past the warranty to do anything about it. I would much prefer a tempurpedic.

  13. We sleep on a sleep number as well and have had it for 15 years! Still going strong!

    I would like to know where you got your bedding. We need to update. Thank you!

    1. I haven’t heard of those! Does it have the “wall” around the side like old waterbeds or does it look more like a traditional mattress?

  14. We had a waveless once and it looked like a regular mattress. At the time, I was in the midst of having babies and I loved the support for all sides of my body but my husband felt it didn’t support his back well enough.

    Mattresses are definitely a personal choice!!

  15. My husband and I LOVE our Tempurpedic Cloud Supreme! . We got it in firm and it is absolutely perfect! For us! There is hardly a night that goes by without one of us exclaiming “I love this bed” upon settling in at night. I figured that if it was Oprah’s choice for herself and all of her guest bedrooms, it was good enough for us!

  16. Thank you for doing something bloggers rarely or never do….write a honest unbiased review after using a product for over a year. One of the reasons I am not of fan of bloggers sponsored posts is because there is rarely a review of the product they were given after a specified amount of time. I guess its a case of being afraid to bite the hand that feeds you.

    We slept on a Sleep Number for several nights when we stayed at a hotel in upstate NY. Both my husband and I really didn’t care for it as it felt too much like a glorified air mattress to me. I have heard great things about Tempurpedic. Currently, we have a memory foam mattress made by Wynndom made locally in our area of VA. Both my late Grandmother and Mom had one and we loved theirs but something is different with ours as it has never slept the same and doesn’t feel as dense in support. Mattresses are worst than shopping for a car!

    1. I have written a few follow-ups to sponsored posts and I do feel like that’s an important step, so people know that I’m still using and/or loving the products I promoted. In many cases, I have become a paying customer myself (YNAB, The Bouqs, Legacy Box, Arhaus to name a few.)

      I don’t know if trying the Sleep Number bed at a hotel really gives it a fair chance because it does take weeks or even months to get used to it. As I said in the post, I experienced that same thing with the Tempurpedic. And, it does feel like a glorified air mattress at first, especially if there isn’t enough memory foam on top of it. The Sleep Number bed is definitely the best solution for Jeff and I as a couple, but it’s not going to be right for everyone! 🙂

  17. I agree with Teresa – thank you for writing an honest follow up to a sponsored post, it really is appreciated!

    1. I felt like it was important with this one, since a mattress is such a big ticket item. It’s a great mattress, but it’s not going to work for everyone.

  18. Glad to read everyone’s thoughts. We have had a sleep number bed from their
    very first edition of beds that were for sale. Do know, that Sleep Number stands besides
    their product. We had a problem with losing air in the mattresses and the company sent
    us new ones, within a day. Customer Service is excellent.

  19. We’ve had our Sleep Number for 5 years. When I had shoulder issues recently, I had to adjust the setting up. It was great to have that option for temporary pain. We went from an old coil spring to Sleep Number so we felt immediate love for it. Oddly, we thought we had a wide variance in our firmness and softness preference but in reality we are about the same.

  20. We purchased a Sleep Number bed a little over two years ago………we thought the split king would work best of us with the head rise and foot rise…….. We’re really glad we did this. I’m a light sleeper and hear/feel everything…….husband heads to the bathroom several times during the night and now I barely notice (if at all) since we have the split system. We’ve probably had seven different mattress systems in past 50 years……..we like this one best. I had surgery last summer and he also had two knee replacements last year……with the head/foot risers this bed worked out fantastic for each of us.

  21. Thank you for updating your review. We need a new mattress but my husband has been happy with it since we got it, and I was uncomfortable from the get go — and its now 12 years old. I wake up in pain every day. He calls it “the cloud” and asks the kids to join him in “the cloud” before the go to sleep! The best mattress I slept on was for 3 months at a Marriott — they actually sell them which is very tempting. (It was a work related trip for my husband -we stayed in Savannah at the Residence Inn.) I LOVED that mattress and was sorry to go home!

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