new kitchen sink

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The measurements were taken for our new counters last week and they are currently being fabricated.  I am just about bursting to see them installed.  I know it’s going to make a big difference in the look of our kitchen and it’ll be exciting to see such a large piece of my design plan finally in place.

As with many decorating decisions, one decision leads to another and the decision to install new counters lead to needing to make a decision about the sink.  Would we keep the existing one or select a new one?  (I guess the post title takes out the surprise element!)

Yes, we decided to get a new one.

I actually love this sink, but that is mostly for the functionality of it.  Having a large basin for storing dirty dishes and a smaller sink for washing is a good design, but I’ve never been a fan of the lopsided look of it.  It feels a bit modern to me.  I also wanted something different than stainless steel.  Since the hole will be cut into the counter to fit the sink and it will be an under-mount, now is the time to make the change.

So, I wanted a white enamel cast iron sink, under-mount, rectangle shape, and two bowls.  I didn’t mind if the bowls were the same size or if one was larger.  After enjoying our current sink, I might’ve chosen one with two different sized bowls, but I wasn’t able to find that in a classic rectangle shape that was the right size and material.  I also wanted to stay under $700.  All of those parameters ended up narrowing the search down quite a bit.

I ended up choosing the Kohler Riverby Undermount Castiron Sink (affiliate link) from Home Depot.  It checked every box on my wish list and came in just under my budget.  It has a classic feel that will work well in our traditional home.

I was so excited as I was unboxing it and it is even more beautiful in person.  It will look amazing with the HanStone Quartz Monterey counters we selected.

Since we just bought a new faucet (Delta Cassidy) earlier this year, we’re going to keep it.  It is also classic in style, but it has the modern function of a pull-out sprayer, a feature Jeff enjoys.

The counters and sink will be installed in a couple of weeks and I feel like a kid counting down the days until Christmas…


new kitchen sink

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56 Comments on “new kitchen sink”

  1. I can’t wait to see it all done! I have the same blue and white bowls you have sitting to the right of your sink. We hosted an exchange student three years ago and he brought them as a gift from France. I’m assuming that’s where yours came from?

  2. We will be moving into our new house in abt 2 weeks. Complete with quartz that looks like marble and I am giddy with excitement for both of us. I can’t wait to see how yours looks.

  3. Have you considered replacing the fireplace surround to match the kitchen since both are the same material now for a more cohesive look?

    1. Yes, but that won’t happen for a while. It doesn’t look bad and really isn’t a priority at this point.

  4. It will be beautiful! I am not a fan of stainless sinks either. I have enamled cast iron though not an undermount. Can t wait to see photos of new counters.

  5. I chose a Koehler enamel sink for our previous house and loved it. You might want to consider purchasing the Koehler sink racks that accompany the model of sink you have. The racks sit on the bottom and protect the enamel from all the metal pots and pans. The racks are metal coated in a vinyl and are an easy clean with a scrub brush. The racks kept our sink in like new condition until we moved 10 years later. Now we have the exact same sink as your current one in our present house. I wanted to switch it out for an enamel one, but as we kept the existing counter we had to go with the the same style. We again ordered the racks for the bottom of each sink. I am enjoying your updates and your “get it done” attitude. It motivates me to get my projects done as I have the same feeling as you when I put off a project for a long time that only takes a couple of hours or less to do! What is with that?

  6. What will you do about the holes in the sink since your faucet doesn’t have hot and cold?
    Love that sink.

    1. I was wondering the same thing. The far left and right holes can be used for hand soap and dish liquid, but what about the holes on either side of the faucet? Will they be capped and not used? Can’t wait to see what the new sink and counters look like installed!!!!

      1. That’s the beauty of an undermount sink .
        You won’t see any of those holes when it’s installed and whatever she decides to use an opening for – the sink and dish soap or a filter – the hole will make is accessible .

        1. Yes, you won’t see the holes, because it’s an undermount. The other holes are for different kinds of faucets, like bridge faucets.

  7. I can just picture how awesome your kitchen is going to be….you are going to be
    So happy….love your choices

  8. Marian, I was notified a couple of weeks ago that I won the $200 gift card from Arhaus! I received it last week and I can’t tell you how excited and thankful I am! I love Arhaus’ style and quality. Thank you so much, and God bless you! By the way, I love your blog and read every one of them. Keep up the inspiring work!

  9. PRETTY! Look forward to seeing the kitchen with your new counters and sink, you’ve waited so patiently!!!

  10. Lovely choices. Being in Australia, I have never seen a modern cast enamel sink !!

    I have an old white one with attached drainer that I use outside in my potting shed – its from the 30’s.

    For a traditional or country design in Australia, there are choices of Belfast or butler or french farmhouse ceramic sink. All of which would look really good in a kitchen full of Ironstone pottery 🙂

    For our 1920’s home we brought a real Belfast sink with us from the UK when my husband migrated in the 90’s – I’d seen them in the UK decorating magazines back then but they were unheard of here.

    Now I can’t wait to re-do my current kitchen and be rid of the stainless steel (among other things). I just wish I could decide: Belfast, butler or french farmhouse? !!

  11. Ok, so i’m really excited about this. I just can’t wait to see it all done! I know it’s going to be amazing. I’ve never understood those brown flecked countertops when there are so many other options out there.


  12. You will love your quartz counters!!! I can’t tell you how many people think mine are marble….

    1. If I didn’t know the sample was quartz, I would’ve thought it was marble. I can’t wait to see it installed!

  13. I have bought and installed Kohler white cast iron sinks in our current and last home in the past 10 years. I love the look and functionality. The first one hazed just a bit. When I bought the second one the sales man at Home Depot said don’t ever use bleach on it. That has made a big difference. I got the nice grills to go in the bottom and have enjoyed those too. You will love your new sink! Counters look like they are beautiful too. Can’t wait to see it all come together.

      1. Kohler makes a product that is good but pricey. I have had pretty good luck with Barkeeper’s Friend. I use both. Love a clean pretty white sink.

  14. We are in the market for a new countertop for our kitchen island and was really confused on what material I wanted. I needed it to be maintenance free, and with all the natural stone options I was really worried about the maintenance involved. When I saw your post on your countertop choices I fell in love! So we visited a local store that carries the Hanstone Quartz. I picked it out, and I even picked out a sink while I was there, we sent the measurements and they sent us back a quote that was actually under our budget which made me so excited, but the sales lady told us that because of the size of our kitchen island there would be a seam and it would be noticeable. I’m so disappointed. Does yours have a seam Marian? And should this really bother me?

    1. There will be a seam in the stretch along our sink, so I can show you what that looks like. It might not be as noticeable as one on an island, though. Do they have an example of one they can show you?

  15. I haven’t asked to see an example of their work, I’ve been told that it really depends on the skill of the installer. I did get another reference though, a place that actually has slabs for you to pick out. I’m going to go check that out first, just to get more info on installation. Thanks Marian for your help! I chose the Montauk, because of my darker gray kitchen island, but your Monterey was a close second! They were all so beautiful

  16. I would love if you could post a picture of your seam if you will, it would make my decision for me. Thank you again!

  17. I have so much fun following along on your projects. You get so much stuff done! I was wondering about your Delta Cassidy faucet and how its holding up. I love the look. But the reviews are mixed with issues around the sprayer being the majority. Either its hard to pull out or hard to get all the way back in and not floppy. I’m in the market for a new faucet and just love the look and price of the Cassidy.

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