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This was my family room right when we moved here about 3 years ago. I was not into the beige with mauve undertones on the wall, the side door with only primer on it and the furniture was a mish-mash of stuff from our last house and hand-me-downs. Not bad, but I had plans…

So, I painted the walls a creamy yellow by Sherwin Williams called Lemon Chiffon. Yellows are hard to pick out and this one didn’t turn out exactly like I thought it would, but it’s still a great improvement. Please excuse the black foam over my hearth (I have 2 toddlers and it has saved a few trips to the ER.) We’re planning to rip out the fireplace to make way for built-ins…some day. I hand painted the wreath and swags above the fireplace.

Here’s my new concrete chicken that I purchased at Luckett’s Fair. I wanted a larger one, but I couldn’t imagine explaining to my husband why I bought $45 concrete chicken! OK, hold your breath…I’m going to show something truly shocking and terrible….

Yes. I have a big, ugly, black, treadmill in my family room. And it just hangs out there…mocking me. I live in a house built in the 1940’s and we do not have a bonus room or a finished basement or a 2000 sq foot master bedroom or a gym, so this is where it is. This is where it will stay. And I need to make peace that. OK, now that we’re past that, I am happy with this room, but I have big plans for it. For those of you who have looked through my blog, you’ve probably picked up on the fact that I love blue & white. I didn’t do blue & white for this room because I have green counter tops in the connected kitchen. Once those green counter tops go…hello blue & white! So, although these are after pictures, they will soon be before pictures.

I painted the side door in a glossy black to give it a classic look. The french side chairs I purchased recently at an auction for $20 and slip covered them in a cotton twill, the ottoman was a $5 yard sale find, again slip covered in cotton twill. My side tables are on a constant rotation at the moment. I’ll buy one, use it, paint it, sell it, buy a new one, use it… you get the idea. These tables are pretty, but too high and not what I want. Once I find the perfect tables they will stay. The sofa is a white slip covered sofa from Ikea and I love it. About once a year I get a new slipcover (ready made from Ikea) for $50 and *tada* new sofa. Love it. I have so many ideas for this room and my house, so I wanted to share where it is now, so you can follow me on the journey.


  1. Jessica

    I found that I was able to buy good family room furniture for a great price at the It was less costly than elsewhere.

  2. Carrie

    Oh my goodness! I love that yellow, those chairs….

    And I didn't even notice the treadmill. 😉

  3. nannykim /spindle cottage

    I know what you mean about being limited in the use of colors in an area because of a room that joins the area. It is frustrating!! I live in a forties house too and I got rid of my treadmill and just jog in my house! hA!!–it works—I have a circular area I can jog in–through the kitchen , a dining room, a living room, a hall, another dining area and back to the kitchen to start over. It works—I can also jump a bit to get the heart going faster or go up and down the stairs and up and down a step and sit in a chair and stand and sit 60 times or more and this raises the heart too. I am much happier without the tread mill.

  4. Tomena

    although your other decor is great I LOVE red and yellow… that's what my whole house it (except the kids rooms) ..accented with greens and aqua.. SO when you change mail the stuff to me!! LOve the room. Especially the plaid pillows. Great tutorials! I love the slipcovers


  5. nell ann

    Me again. Do you buy a new white slipcover every year, or whatever you want? We're thinking that couch is our next sofa purchase and with a toddler and more to come I am wondering about how how many washes I can put one of those slipcovers through.

    I can't wait to see your "one day" kitchen and new blue and white family room. It will be awesome!

  6. Denise Marie

    Dang girl…you have serious skills! Love the chair and ottoman. I have plans and don't accomplish…you get er done!!


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