My 1940’s Bathrooms

by | Sep 22, 2009 | Miscellaneus | 15 comments

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I live in a house that was built in 1948 with a 2003 addition. Two out of three of our bathrooms have had very little done to them. I love some of the 1940’s detail, but they are SMALL and quirky. Our pink and black bathroom was once pink and burgundy. It also had beige Berber carpet…ick. That came up about 30 minutes after we closed on the house. The burgundy was very 40’s, but not very me. The black tiles you see around the wall were burgundy, as was the floor. I laid a new sticky tile floor (yes, I did…very proud of myself) and painted (yes, painted) the tile black. That was 3 years ago and it still looks great. Another quirky thing is the “ballet bar”/banister in the right of the picture. I don’t want to remove it because of the holes it will leave in the tile…not sure why someone put it there, but we’ll live with it! Behind the black checked curtains is our window to nowhere. Well, it looks at studs and insulation. I’m not sure why the previous owners didn’t take it out, but they didn’t seem very concerned with remodeling the original house. We actually have one other window to nowhere that’s in our stairway.

I sewed a skirt for the sink out of black curtains with a lacy overlay made out of an antique petticoat. I finished it off with a black taffeta ribbon.

Some day we’ll update the fixtures, but we were able to make this bathroom cute for about $75.00.

This is the upstairs bathroom…I really needed a wide angle or fish eye lens to be able to take good pictures of this, but I don’t have one yet. We painted this bathroom an aqua and installed the cheap-o Wal-Mart over-the-toilet shelf over the radiator for storage. I made a skirt for the sink out of an old chenille bedspread and a patchwork shower curtain out of fabric remnants.

The medicine cabinet mirror was very smoky, so it needed to be replaced. When we tried to find one at Lowes or Home Depot we learned that they don’t make medicine cabinets that small any more. One day at a yard sale I found the exact medicine cabinet (minus the smokey mirror) for $1.00 and it was 50% off. So, my new medicine cabinet cost me fifty cents. Nice!
We have plans to renovate these bathrooms, but these projects are very low on the list. I’m going to be working on our master bath soon. Sign up to follow me, so you don’t miss the transformation!


  1. rustandruffles

    Wow….I absolutely love your sink skirts and shower curtain. Beautiful sewing projects.
    Happy day!

  2. bj

    Your blog is fast becomming one of my favorites…so glad I found you.
    I love your precious baths…every one is cuter than the other.
    For Pink Sat., Beverly asked us to make mention of a blog we just found. May I use yours for next Sat.??
    hugs, bj

  3. Let it Shine

    Super cute. I actually like the ballet bar, I think it adds character and charm. I like the constrast of the wood against the tile. And that shower curtain is precious. I LOVE old chenille coverlets.

  4. Jane @ Finding Fabulous

    Super cute 40's retro bathroom!! Love that you made it work…no need to spend a ton of money. Love that original charm!

  5. Debra @ Common Ground

    Your bathroom fixes are just great. I love the old tile of the 40's and now with such great paint products there are easier solutions than gutting it. Your chair slipcover with the ties is absolutely darling. You do great work!

  6. Linda@Coastal Charm

    What a great job you did with those skirted sinks…LUV the look!
    Only 20 more…yippee!


  7. Anne Lorys - Fiona and Twig

    I love your bathrooms, so much charm and character.
    Good luck on getting 100, you'll be there in no time!

  8. Jane

    You did an awesome job transforming those bathrooms for very little money. The sink skirts are great…they hide the pipes and add some extra storage too! Great job.

  9. The Little Red Shop

    Cute! Nice job on all…!

    : )

    ps Thank you for putting me on your blogroll..I'll do the same for you…if I haven't already.

  10. bj

    Thanks for coming by tonight to see my apples! :O)
    I have a bunch……a WHOLE bunch, of little and not so little grandkids..we usually go out at least once during apple picking time and they just love it. I know your little kids would, too.'
    Tell me, dear one, how do you find the time to do all the pretty things you do with young children? Your blogging is so good…great photos, instructions for doing the furniture…You are so amazing!!
    xo bj

  11. nannykim at spindle cottage

    yup…my bathrooms need work!! The tubs are really worn but I like their big size. It would cost a lot to get them replaced and I don't know if I would want them painted instead—I did it in one other house and didn't like the fact that I couldn't really scrub with certain things. But since we can't afford to do anything now…I have time to decide ;-).

    Your medicine cabinet area is better than mine–unfortunately ours came with floresent lights without covers and mounted on rusty silver fixtures. They run along the sides of the medicine cabinets. No replacements are available and so my hubby is thinking of spray painting the fixture (since we can't afford to do something major here for a while!). BUT the advantage is it goes with the time period of the house, RIGHT?? 😉 I love your patchwork shower curtain. I have a see through one in one of my bathrooms because it is just too dark to see while showering otherwise!!

  12. notes of sincerity

    I have really enjoyed visiting your blog today. :o)
    Love love love your shower curtain!
    Sincerely ~ Tricia Anne

  13. Anne Waskom

    I made curtains for two sinks in our house, but they won’t stay up. How did you attach the the skirts to the sinks so they would stick? Thanks for any help you can give!


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