milk-painted washstands reveal

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I told you I was going to reveal these on Thursday, but I ended up reminiscing about my 41 years on this earth!  I loved reading your comments on that post and you brought back some memories of things I forgot from my childhood.  Thank you also for all of the birthday wishes.  My DMs on Instagram blew up with all of the messages and it gave me the warm and fuzzies.

I’m sure no one was holding their breath for the reveal of these, but sorry to make you wait all the same!

And here is how they turned out…

They were painted in MMS Milk Paint in a custom mix.  You can find that recipe HERE.

I decided to replace the ring pulls, which were most likely not original to the pieces, with glass knobs.  They seemed to work better with the soft blue paint color and the farm-housey-shape and style of the washstands.  I also removed the “backsplashes”, because they felt a little…I don’t know, maybe bulky or unnecessary.   They just looked cleaner without them.

I didn’t replace the cabinet knob, because it is actually a latch!  It turns and there is a latch on the inside that catches to hold the door closed.

The washstand on the left ended up with some beautiful, subtle crazing…

There was a little bit of cracking and chipping in a couple of places on the washstand on the right, but I didn’t distress it and sealed it with Tough Coat to prevent further chipping or cracking.

They turned out so sweet that I was walking around my house to see if I could fit them anywhere!

I didn’t have a perfect spot for them, though, so I was planning to take them to Junk Bonanza.  They ended up being spoken for by a friend, though, so that’s one less thing that I have to haul up to Shakopee.

I still am gathering some things to bring to sell, though, and I’ll share what I’m bringing tomorrow…

milk-painted washstands reveal

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28 Comments on “milk-painted washstands reveal”

  1. Your fried is very lucky, they are adorable. I would love to have them. The color is coming across so soft. Happy belated Birthday!

  2. These are such cutie pies! And I really like the addition of the glass knobs 🙂 Beautiful re-do’s Marian!

  3. Right time right place. We are in the process of buying a townhouse/condo
    in Fla. The young couple who remodeled the 1980’s condo turned it into
    something from HGTV. On a narrow wall in the kitchen they have a “Tiffany”
    blue wash stand. Thought to myself I can do that with my little wash stand
    (or commode) and paint it. It originally came from Block Is., RI painted white.
    $5 at the time.
    I painted it a deep blue and then removed the paint and it has been natural
    for years. Time to repaint! It is such a practical little piece of furniture and
    I hated to give it away…………… so a solution. Thank you.

  4. Hey Marian!, they’re GORGEOUS!
    and I LOVE the blue mix, did you have to sand these first? sorry if I missed the ‘how you got there’ part of these! ..
    but was just wondering, how crucial sanding can be, OR, could I get this look without sanding first…?
    some stuff I have/worn off varnish, I know varnish slippery glossy-like stuff will chip,
    so to get the crazing/ did you sand, I guess that is my question…
    is that a loaded

  5. OK ! oops, sorry!
    I went back searching/didn’t have to go too far/just saw your post from April 3rd!)
    (remember seeing it and saving it for later!!!! LOL! OH MY GOODNESS.)…
    so will read up on the “mixing a custom color & fixing too much chipping” to see how you did this! Thanks!

  6. Oh! My! These two washstands are so cute — such a nice color! Also, Marian, a belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY! May you be blessed with a wonderful year!

  7. I LOVE the paintings you are doing on the index cards. When you finish your challenge will you show us all of them?

  8. Hi Marian! That paint mixture happened to make my favorite color blue! I just love how they turned out! Now I have a recipe for that color. Awesome! Have a great day! 😊

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