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When I shared the milk painted dresser last week, many of you noticed that the bed crown was finished and up!  My mom and I worked on that as well as sewing some pillows for the bed in the master bedroom.

Several readers have asked to see the entire bedroom and I will show it soon, but it’s not quite finished, yet!  I still have a few more finishing touches before the final reveal.  Here is a preview of the bed crown and the new pillows, though…

bed crown | bedroom decorating | stonington gray | miss mustard seed

mirror | monogrammed pillow | Aviary Toile fabric

Now, I realize that a bed crown is going to be far too fussy, formal, and French for some and that’s okay.  If it is, then don’t put one in your room!  For my space, it’s the perfect solution to a tall, arched headboard in a room with 8′ ceilings.  The space created between the bed and ceiling was pretty awkward to fill and looked a little unfinished without anything.  Square, rectangle, or even oval/circular art wouldn’t fit with the arch of the headboard.  I considered an arrangement of plates, with is my go-to for this sort of decorating dilemma, but I thought a bed crown would fill the space batter and provide an opportunity to add more pattern and texture.

bed crown | bedroom decorating | stonington gray | miss mustard seed

I used THIS kit from Etsy (30″ in white), which made it very easy to make and install.  I just hemmed each fabric panel and sewed a rod pocket on top.  I also bought some French curtain tiebacks from Etsy to hold the panels back.

bed crown | bedroom decorating | stonington gray | miss mustard seed

We made the Euro pillow covers out of inexpensive blue linen and one of my splurges – a very Provincial-style blue and white print from Lisa Fine Textiles.

blue & white | bedroom decorating | life fine textiles | miss mustard seed

We also made a pillow out of the aviary toile with a blue & white checked box-pleated border.

blue & white | aviary toile | miss mustard seed

I love how the box pleat turned out as well as how all of the fabrics play together.  (I ended up with one seam facing out instead of in, but done is better than perfect, so I just went with it!)

blue and white | bedroom decorating | aviary toile | miss mustard seed

I don’t know if you noticed in the reflection of the mirror over the dresser, but I also put one of my original oil portraits in an antique frame and hung it on the wall…

bed crown | bedroom decorating | stonington gray | painted dresser | miss mustard seed

I’m trying to get better about hanging my own artwork on the walls and I now have nine pieces hung around the house, so I’d say I’m getting much better at it!

I hope to do more portraits as we go into the winter and I don’t have so many home projects going on!  (I just finished the beams and bathroom cabinets over the weekend, so all of the large projects are finished!)

oil painting | portrait | antique frame | stonington gray | miss mustard seed

I love working on all of these finishing details, like the pillows and bed crown, that make this large room look more cozy and customized.

bed crown | bedroom decorating | stonington gray | miss mustard seed

master bedroom bed crown & pillows

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116 Comments on “master bedroom bed crown & pillows”

  1. Looks good but I think the tie backs in brass call too much attention to themselves. Either replace the screws with brass or paint ties and screws a coordinated blue. Just some thoughts. Can’t wait to see the whole thing.

    1. Yes, I didn’t have brass screws, but I am going to put a little brass paint on the screw head. I’m not going to paint the hooks, though, because I love how the gold looks in the room. That’s just my preference, though.

    2. I think the brass tie-bracket color is lovely with the other gold/brown accents in the room like the mirror, the books, and the wood. Absolutely lovely job.

    3. I’m so surprised anyone criticized on your site! Makes me wonder why someone needs to tell you what to do. Your work is impeccable! You surely know what works and how and why. I’ve followed you for years. There is always something to learn or better understand. You are certainly loved and appreciated by this wonan

  2. It’s just lovely! You are lucky to have such tall ceilings. My bedroom is tiny, 10X12. I want it to look warm and cozy but the more I try the tighter and cluttered it looks. I love my small hose but it’s a challenge. Modern isn’t my style so I’m stuck.

  3. Looks beautiful and you’re right, I think the bed crown is the perfect solution. I also really love those fabrics! Great job, as always!

  4. Very nice.
    I encourage you to hang your artwork , God has given you gifts use them and enjoy them.

      1. He loves it. I think the blue and white color palette cuts the femininity. I tend to decorate more feminine, but he just goes with it.

  5. Would love to see a picture of the whole bed wall – it’s just a little hard to get the full effect with smaller photos.

  6. I LOVE it. The tiebacks are gorgeous. I wish I had the talent to make one. Looks so custom and high-end. Can’t go wrong with classic French. Timeless. Love the portrait too.

  7. This was the perfect solution to complement the wall height and bed size, and even the dressers, lamps and mirrors look better. I like the subtle pleating of the crown leaving the beautiful fabrics to take center stage. Beautiful job!
    Love the simple elegance of the tie backs – would just add a dab of brassy paint on the screw heads or replace with domed brass ones. Look forward to seeing the whole room.

  8. Love, love your blog, but NOT a fan of the Miss Mustard Seed tv pop ups. In fact I hate them. Very distracting. Any way to disable? Thanks.

    1. Get an ad blocker. Mine is free and creates a problem on only a few sites that want me to disable it. I’ve never been bothered by an ad on MMS’s site.

      1. I find the videos inconvenient also, as I am browsing on a very old iPad that crashes when I try and close the video, and if I don’t close it, it takes too much page. (I also am not a fan of the pop up asking if I’d like to subscribe when I’ve just linked over from my email subscription.)
        But! All of that aside, I don’t do ad blockers because ads are how my favorite bloggers make an income. I’m willing to pay that price. The content is worth it.
        I do hope bloggers will reconsider how they use the video in their blog, but again, I feel like a guest here, and it’s not up to me to rearrange the furniture.
        Speaking of furniture, what a gorgeous bed. I just love all the fabric choices. It’s dreamy.

        1. Thank you, Cassandra and yes, the blog is free to users and the money is made through ads. This is true of social media platforms, news sites, etc.

    2. Cathy, if you put it on reader view (see ‘Aa’ in the very top left corner of your screen if you have an iPhone and click reader view. Otherwise Google ‘how to see reader view’ for other devices) There will be no pop ups or adds at all and the text will be slightly larger too. Kathie

      1. This tip made my day! Thank you, Kathie! And, Marian, your bedroom is perfect! 🙌🏻💙💙💙

      2. Thank you Kathie B!! I had stopped using my iPhone to look at any of my blogger posts because the ads were so frustrating on my phone screen!! It doesn’t bother me on my computer, though, and I also am willing to let them pop up for the bloggers benefit! Definitely worth looking at my favorite Miss Mustard Seed posts! I only wish my husband would allow me to paint our bedroom set so I could achieve the gorgeous French Country look. Marian, you are AMAZING!!

  9. I love this in your space! We have a really awkward half-moon shaped window over our headboard so I get that sometimes it can be hard to figure the space above a headboard out but I think this is a great solution! It is so French and so you with the mix of blue textiles.


  10. Just as beautiful as I thought it would be, only more so. I love every single thing. All of it. Nothing does not fit, nothing is not perfect and so you! I know it must feel just peaceful to walk in that room. Y’all have done so much to make that house a home. Beautiful things you do.
    I get hanging your own art. I have been painting Santa for 20 years and last year is the first time I have ever hung one of mine up. It’s not that I don’t like it, not that I am too self conscious, I just don’t hang it in my home.

  11. I really love this! It’s not something that would work in my home and I’m so fickle that my husband wouldn’t go for it but I love that you shared an unconventional way to solve a design problem. Reminds me of the time you put your bed in front of a random door in your old master and put up a crown and canopy then. I’ve been reading your blog from the beginning for inspiration and to not feel bad about not having my style down yet. Your blog has taught me it takes time and it will change. Thank you for sharing your beautiful home!

    1. Yes! I’ve thought a lot about that original bed crown! I loved it but I went with fabrics that weren’t really right for my house. They were more aqua and not the kind of blues I love. It was a good learning experience!

  12. Why didn’t you show a complete picture? 1/2 shots, partial shots really don’t show the whole thing. Maybe you think it’s “artsy”? Not a fan of your crazy picture taking…..🤦‍♀️

    1. She stated in the beginning of the blog that this is just a preview. She will have a reveal when the room is finished.

      1. Margo, I read your comment as “Why don’t you find some martinis?” lol. I think I’ll have one myself, come to think of it!

    2. Rebecca, I said in the post that this is just a preview. I’m not showing the entire room, yet, because it’s not finished.

    3. Hi Rebecca,

      Marian was giving us a “preview” and the reveal is yet to come. I can’t wait as she completes the finishing touches~ it’s so gorgeous and soothing now!

      Take care, Cynthia

  13. hi there. love everything! so much talent. can’t wait for the big reveal! l only wish l had the patience that you have. your home looks so beautiful from where you started 3 years ago. sending hugs to minnesota.

  14. Love the sneak preview….so fresh and inviting….thanks for sharing your style and ideas with all of us ~

  15. Without even seeing the finished product, it looks lovely and all the fabrics coordinate beautifully. I particularly love the Euro fabric!

  16. Stunning!!!! God has given you a great gift….and then you graciously share that gift with us. A dream of a room ❤️

  17. Everything you’ve done in your bedroom has been beautiful, but this is literally the crowning glory! We’re almost ready to move into our renovated old home with 12′ ceilings! I’m trying to envision the bed with all of that blank wall, this is a wonderful solution. Love your blog, Marion. Btw, we are using Montauk black slate in the entry. My husband picked it out and thanks to you I knew it would be perfect!

    1. Yes! Bed crowns are a wonderful solution for high ceilings! We saw them all over Italy and France when we visited the past couple of years.

  18. Rebecca, Good Grief, she said it was a Sneak Peek. She has finishing touches before the final reveal.
    Please read before you write.

  19. Love it. And your painting looks perfect! Wish I lived next door.. Then I would do a little ‘walk through’ now and then. I don’t know how you have time to do all the beautiful things you show us.
    Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!

  20. Beautiful. You are blessed with so much talent. Thank you so much for sharing it with us. I love it. And the fabrics are beautiful. It is perfect! Cannot wait to see your living room. The beams are awesome. Again. Thank you for sharing and the inspiration.

  21. Looks awesome! Great work! You have so much talent and patience (especially with all of the sewing). Your blog is such a favorite of mine. Keep up the great work and inspiration! You rock, Marian. 🙂

    1. A bolt of that fabric was given to me by my aunt and there are no markings on it, so I have no idea! I have ordered similar fabrics to try to find it, but I’ve yet to find a perfect match.

  22. This bedroom is perfection! I just love seeing all of your additions. All of your different fabrics coordinate with one another and look so charming. It’s just wonderful that you have the skills and talent to take on all of your home projects.

  23. I enjoyed your use of reflection in this post. The comments had me backtracking more than usual. Loved your comment , Done is better than perfect! Fun post.

    1. Bev, I know. Sadly, the more aggressive the ad, the higher it pays. Believe it or not, I take a pretty conservative approach to advertising, but there are still some ads that can be annoying (or they go rogue and do what they are not supposed to do.) Removing even one of those ads, though, can dramatically reduce my income. People who want me to remove or reduce ads are, without realizing it, asking me to take a large pay cut to make this free blog more convenient for them. It’s a fine line for me. I appreciate the feedback, though, and always welcome input. I do make changes to the ads based on feedback.

  24. You and your mother are so very talented! The apple didn’t fall far from the creative tree, did it?

    Nicely done.

    My fav are those dressers on either side of bed and your new mirrors – just love those.

    The aviary fabric is splendid, too.

    1. Yes, my mom is creative, but we’re creative in different ways. Her real strength when she comes to help me is that she is more detail-oriented and precise than I am. She’ll iron and double-check my measurements, so I end up with a better finished product!

  25. Gorgeous! Love the 2 fabrics of the swag. BTW, love the idea of plates over a bed arch. Just what I needed. Thanks.

  26. I love your choice of fabrics and the bed crown was the perfect solution for this space! I have to tell you that I have a dresser identical to your white one. It even has the same pulls. I used mine in its original mahogany finish for years and years. My nephew said it is too beautiful to paint but I had to do it. Mss Mustard Seed Milk Paint in Lalay’s Mint to paint it. I sanded it but not prime or seal the wood before painting and I had a bit of bleed-through. As it turns out I loved the effect of the bleed-through so it was a happy ending. I just might have to repaint in white after seeing yours!

  27. I have been following you for a year, though I know I have never commented. I am a fan, but felt the need to speak up about this post. One of the last times you mentioned your master bedroom/ bathroom, someone else commented on the fact that language has changed, and designers are adopting the term ‘principal’ instead of master, due to the racist history of the word/ lifestyle ‘master’. I’m not a designer, so I don’t know the nuances of this movement but I do know that our country is being called to change the systems with inherent racism. Here, the system of language is being addressed. I am a white Christian, and would like to speak up that I have heard voices crying for change, and I would like to stand with them and request that change here.

    1. You should find something better to do with your time. There are tons of worthy causes that would be far bettered served by your white Christian efforts than creating issues where there aren’t any. Shame on you.

      1. Why would you say “Shame on you”? She is raising a valid concern, one that she feels strongly about. If you do not agree, then it is not your concern. No need to be nasty. Where are your manners?

        1. Harriet, I’ll tell you why, because today we can’t say or do anything without someone taking offense. Using the term master bedroom as Marian pointed out has absolutely nothing to do with slavery. Stop trying to make everything a social commentary. We’re talking about decorating a bedroom for heavens sake.
          I stand by my original statement, there are far more important things to do than find fault with this post. And shame on those of us that can’t take a break from looking at every statement 10 different ways in order to call someone out about racism. It’s a crying shame that that’s what we spend our efforts on. Sorry you don’t like my opinion, but my manners tell me that calling out people for a baseless reason is wrong.

      2. Truly, my only purpose in posting was to help inform and be a voice for change. I believe that both of those are worth my time and my efforts.

    2. Sharon, I appreciate your feedback. I took note of the comment on the last post about my bedroom and did some research on it. While some people are calling the “master bedroom” the “owner’s bedroom” or “main bedroom”, “master bedroom” is still the commonly-used term.

      I also researched the history of the term and it began in the 1960’s and referred to the head/owner of the house. It is not a term that is rooted in slavery in the case of the main bedroom of the house. Given this research, I felt comfortable continuing to use this term. I am not trying to make any political or racial statements. I’m simply trying to refer to rooms in a way that is widely understood.

      It is important to me to write this blog with integrity. I want everyone to feel welcome here, to be inspired and encouraged. I never have and never will say anything that is hateful or intentionally offensive.

  28. Love all the details and the different fabrics. You personalized your space for YOU, not for your readers/followers. I was curious tho, do I remember correctly that you once said you’d never do another crown? After doing one and then asking Jeff to take it down? Was that you? I could be wrong. Doesn’t matter. Times change, homes change and we change our minds and styles…. design isn’t static. I love the portrait! I keep asking this question and have yet had an answer… I notice in every bedroom photo that your bedside lamps are on the far end of your nightstands. I like that look but how does it function? Do you read in bed? is it a problem to get up to turn off the light? or do you have a remote for them? I’m just really curious since I’ve seen others with this placement as well…. We are avid readers and read in bed each night and I can’t imagine getting up to turn off the lamp…. but I am kinda lazy so there’s that.

    1. Ha! Yes, that was me! Thankfully, Jeff didn’t remind me of that when I decided I wanted to hang this one and I hung it myself with my mom’s help. 🙂 This is just a case where I changed my mind, just as you said.

      As far as the lights, we have them on remotes and they still cast plenty of light to read by. I put them on the other side, so they don’t crowd the bed frame visually, but that’s just a preference. They could be scooted right next to the bed if needed.

  29. Looks like a room in a lovely Bed and Breakfast. 🙂 I really like the antique frame for your picture. We have inherited several from my husband’s side of the family and I think they are gorgeous.

  30. It is so dreamy. I would sleep so good in that room. It is a soothing room and I bet you and your husband sleep well in there. It is just amazing how you keep redoing rooms and they turn out so beautiful. You are an inspiration to me, and so many others, keep being you, because I love what your doing!

  31. So perfect Marian! The brass French tie backs, the gorgeous fabrics on the pillows, your male portrait in that yummy antique gold frame, oh my!! Thanks for the stunning peek!

  32. Marion, the room is gorgeous! Thanks for the sneek peek. I have been following you since the boys were little with the exception of a few years when the emails dropped. I signed back up a couple of years ago and you are still the same sweet, humble, talented girl that we all love…but the comments have gone off the chain! Lol, I hope your sense of humor stays intact.

    1. Yeah, I’ve acquired a thick skin over the years! 🙂 If I don’t want to hear anyone’s opinion, I could simply remove the comments section. Input can be valuable and I really do consider each comment with suggestions or criticism. It makes me better at what I do when I am willing to listen.

  33. Your oil painting is just lovely! Curious if you knew the subject? Further, the fabric choices you selected look terrific together; soft and warm and cozy. I know I’m going to love the finished result.

    1. Yes, that is my great-great grand uncle. His last name is my middle name and I think he died in a car accident shortly after this picture was taken.

  34. Hi Marian!
    In each of the pictures of your beautiful bedroom the material on top over the headboard is not shown. Do you have a picture of how you attached the material to the ceiling??
    Thank you!

    1. I linked to the kit I used that acted as the rods and attached it to the wall at the ceiling.

  35. Marian,
    You are such a tease! You’ve almost shown the whole room… We’re so anxious to see it ALL…. You are such a talent!!! I love it and haven’t seen it all yet….

  36. I think it’s absolutely perfect, and I love it! Great job, and a stunning design. Thanks for sharing!

  37. I know this post was mainly about the bed crown, which is beautiful, but I can’t help but be amazed at your talent with sewing. The pillow cases you and your mom made look like something out of Anthropologie. So unique and classy! And even through the room isn’t necessarily my style I think it’s all just gorgeous and so you! Good job. Can’t wait to see the final reveal

  38. I read through all the comments to see if I could find out if the portrait is a family ancestor? Just wondering. Love all the coordinated fabrics and design…

    1. Yes! That’s my great-great uncle. His last name is my middle name! I painted the portrait off of a sepia-toned picture of him that I always liked. He looks very dapper.

  39. Love the bed crown!!!….At first I thought, Bed crown? That’s a bit fussy, not sure how Jeff will feel about it. But now that I see it, I feel like the use of the blue plaid takes a lot of the femininity and fussiness out of the crown! You are a master at fabric selection; great job!

  40. This is so pretty. I’ve been watching your slipcover tutorials and I’d love to request a tutorial on that pillow with the boxy ruffle.

    Some of the comments on here are very … interesting. 🙃

    1. Yep, it was my first time making one, so I was sort of making it up as I went along, but I do love how it turned out.

  41. The colors are so calming and classic. I can’t wait to see the final reveal! I love that you’re taking time and energy to make the master bedroom perfect for you and Jeff. In my current and previous homes, I always give the left-overs to our bedroom, spending more time and attention on the family rooms. After being inspired by your room today, updating and making our master bedroom perfect for us is on the agenda!

  42. Marian, this is just so pretty! Not only is it lovely; but it also feels welcoming and cozy – like a good place to curl up and read a good book, on a chilly fall evening. I really like the softness of the fabrics and upholstered headboard. They just speak comfort. And I love your choice of fabrics! At a time when there is so much decor “sameness” you stay true to your loves (blue & white), while honing YOUR style over the years. It just gets better and better!

  43. Oh my! I don’t often read the comments but I did today. What’s wrong with people? I think people should be required to post photos of their homes before they post a negative or nasty comment on other people’s sites😉

    It’s all beautiful, Marion. You have a great eye for detail and I love your home!

  44. Marian, Could you tell us again what paint color you used for your master bedroom? It’s such a nice calming tone and works with your blue and white… Thanks!

  45. So pretty! Love all the different fabrics together and your sewing talent! How nice to be able to work on all these projects with your mom. Can’t wait to see the finished room!

  46. Just lovely! I totally agree with a previous comment – love how in this time of “sameness” you remain true to your style. You have totally inspired me to follow my heart and not the latest trend. I’m a little perplexed at how the crown curtain is constructed. More specifically, how it is that the check fabric is placed on the tie back. Wondering if the check fabric is separate from the toile? Would you consider doing a crown tutorial sometime down the road? Love everything you post, keep up the good work!

  47. So looking forward to the full reveal. Everything looks so beautiful. It’s amazing what people will notice though. They must study those pictures with a sharp eye. ; )

  48. Hang on tight, Marion!!!
    Love everything you do!
    I look so forward to your post!
    This is a Preview and I love everything about it!!

  49. Marion, I’m inspired by your choices! Not always what I would choose, which is why I have always enjoyed your blog. I love seeing how I wouldn’t think of doing things and get ideas for my own space. You have a “style” that is comfortable without being too casual or too formal but has elements of both. As we all do, your style as evolved over time, and with your new surroundings. Again, I love that you have taken into account that this house has a life of its own that you are both staying true to, and bending to your own personal tastes. Thank you for taking us along with you on this journey. With your house, and your personal growth in your many artistic talents. Marie

  50. I love the bed crown and I thought I might try it in my bedroom. I have my mother’s cherry headboard which is arched in the middle and I stuck a boxwood wreath over it, but I wanted something else. I tried the link to the crown on Etsy and it didn’t work. Can you give more info maybe on seller so I can find it another way. I love your beautiful home.

  51. Lovely, unique and inspiring vision….and stunning execution. You always push me to see more. I feel so fortunate that you continue to share your gifts. <3

  52. All so beautiful! Can’t wait for the whole reveal. I’ll go back to other posts to see where you discovered your two mirrors on either side of the bed but I have a paint question. Everything blends so well – your fabrics, furniture, milk paint colors – with your wall colors. Please tell what your bedroom wall color is and what the trim color is. And isn’t your great room Stonington Grey? Thanks so much!

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