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March and April were whirlwind months, which is why their favorites posts have been merged together.  In two months, we’ve squashed in getting a house ready to sell, showing & selling a house, going on a beach trip, packing for a move, selling a ton of belongings, 3/4 people in our house being sick with the virus, and falling just outside of April, I broke my foot on May 1.  But, in the middle of all of the craziness, there have definitely been some favorite things.

isle of palms trip

Well, a trip to the beach has to be at the top of the list.  I learned that March is the ideal month for me to be at the beach.  The weather is still cool, making it delightful for me!  I even put my feet in the water quite a few times and it wasn’t as frigid as I was expecting.  We had lots of downtime, lots of great food, and lots of fun with the family.  It was a sweet time in the middle of a very busy and chaotic season of life.  You can read more about where we stayed and what we did HERE.

isle of palms | march & april favorites | miss mustard seed

collecting shells

Of course, seeing family was the best part of our trip to Isle of Palms, but our morning walk on the beach to collect shells was my favorite pastime.  Jeff and the boys joined us on a few outings as well as my cousin, Liza.  We would chitchat and look around for shells for a couple of hours, walking up and down the beach and low tide.  We would share our favorite finds, make trades, and celebrate rarities.  It was just such a relaxing, enjoyable activity, so it has to be included as a favorite.

If you want my tips for shelling at Isle of Palms, you can find those details HERE.  If you want some ideas for how to decorate with shells, you can find that post HERE.

oyster shells | march & april favorites | miss mustard seed

fried grits

I didn’t get a picture of them, but Jeff ordered a fried grits appetizer that was topped with bacon and gruyére cheese.  I was very skeptical, but it was so, so good.  I mean, my mouth is watering just thinking about it.  We ate at Acme Lowcountry Kitchen and I would highly suggest it if you’re ever near Isle of Palms.

acme low country kitchen | march & april favorites | miss mustard seed

south carolina house tour

Many of you enjoyed the tour of my great aunt & uncle’s house in South Carolina and I enjoyed it as well!  I’m so glad my aunt gave me permission to take photos and share her beautiful home here on the blog.  It gave me so much inspiration for our next house and I always enjoy watching someone else’s creativity at work.

south carolina home tour | march & april favorites | miss mustard seed


It’s sort of an odd thing to make a favorites list, but it has felt so good downsizing and clearing things out as we prepare to move.  I find a lot of joy in seeing things I’ve loved going to a new home, knowing they will be loved anew.  And I am very excited about finding new things that are just perfect for our future home once we’re settled.  Oh, the possibilities!  You can read more of my thoughts on letting go HERE.

downsizing | march & april favorites | miss mustard seed

sanditon season two

Both seasons of Sanditon as a mixed bag for me, but I am glad they made a second season.  It is a shame that the show was in limbo for so long, so they lost several of the lead characters, but I think they did a good job recovering from that and introducing new and interesting people.  There were definitely storylines that felt familiar and true to Jane Austen’s other works, which made the stories a little predictable, but still enjoyable.  There was even a little bit of Brönte thrown in, I thought.  Anyway, if you like period dramas, as I do, it’s worth a watch.

sanditon season 2 | march & april favorites | miss mustard seed

filming & launching Alla Prima

I have enjoyed all of the painting classes I’ve done, but this course is definitely my favorite.  Alla Prima is an online art course focusing on still life oil painting.  I hope you’ll join in!  It’s still available at the early bird price if you order before May 20!  You can check out the course and order HERE.

What were some of your favorites throughout March and April?  Anything I should be watching/reading/following/eating…?


  1. Babs

    My over the top favorite was your visit to your aunt’s lovely home. The house really spoke to me and I would dearly love to live in such a gracious house.

  2. Debbie

    My favorite was the tour of your aunt’s house. Such a gracious example of southern style and coziness. It just makes me want to move in and stay. I love South Carolina.

  3. Lisa

    I signed up for the Alla Prima class and I’m so excited!!!

  4. Betsy

    My favorite was the postings on downsizing. I’m trying to do that without moving. Your wisdom on letting go was very helpful.

    • Rita

      My favorites for March and April include starting work on our new kitchen and going to see Elton John with my sister. This month its watching my boys graduating high school and college to begin their next journey. I’ve enjoyed your posts on downsizing. Thank you for your insight on letting go. It has helped me to part with things that I probably would have held onto much longer than necessary.

  5. Irene Kelly

    I have enjoyed all that nature has to offer by way of Spring bulbs starting in March along with the Bradford pears & cherry blossoms April was my birthday which I celebrate all month and my friends know this so they shower me with beautiful arrangements that lasted most of the month by changing the water every day. Our Korean Spice viburnum is always the first to bloom and oh that smell is enchanting. Now our Reeves “bridal veil” spirea is in full bloom and is really showing off for us — larger than in previous years along with all our dogwoods ! We are so lucky to have such beauty surround us right on our property !

  6. Irene Kelly

    And yes my favorite post was upur tour of upur gre as t aunt’s home and how she has displayed do many of her memories. I have tried to fo this in my home also. Each item we have tells a story of our life and travels. Very seldom do I or did I buy items in chain stores that has little meaning or history to us. And I think your great aunt has done the same. Pictures and my needlework all tell stories. I remember when and where I did my needlework on many plane rides and in many lobbies of large companies while waiting for appointments. Don’t even think you can take needles on airplanes now. Oh My how times have changed which tells a story in itself. My eyesight will not allow me to do that needlework anymore so I appreciate all that work even more now!

  7. Leone

    It’s hard to have a favorite when they are all wonderful. Your Aunt’s lovely home was so full of ideas for our use and hearing how to give up things and move on are right up at the top. We all appreciate your wisdom so gently shared. I am looking forward to seeing what you are inspired to do and get after the move. I am equally glad your inspiring book has pictures of many of the creative things you did in Minnesota so I can visit them again and again.

  8. Bea

    My daughter and I ate at Acme Low Country Seafood tonight and we found their seafood delicious. We arrived Tuesday afternoon and we’ll leave tomorrow (Friday) morning. We’ve enjoyed the beach, lots of walking and sampled the food at local restaurants. It’s been an enjoyable short visit to Isle Of Pines.

  9. Addie

    I loved the tour of your Aunt’s home…it was lovely. I would have loved to see shots or a video of the outsides of the other houses on the street. I am sure it is in a great old neighborhood. Sometimes when I visit other cities and states we park the car on a residential area and just walk the streets to admire the homes.

  10. Sandy

    Walking on the beach searching for shells was a favorite for me. It was so fun to see wether you or your mom would win, “who has the coolest pile of shells” contest. Glad y’all had fun and made such precious memories for all of your family. It was fun to tag along through instagram.
    Glad you’re doing better and am still asking the Lord to protect the healing process of your foot while packing. Bless you sweet lady!

  11. Carol

    I enjoyed Sanditon S2 as well. It took a couple episodes to get on good footing, but they delivered in the end.


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