Lucketts Spring Market 2015 | video

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Today would’ve been my day to finally crash, but we had to attend a training about nutrition and pump insulin therapy for my son with type 1 diabetes.  We have been on a waiting list for this for months, so I didn’t want to reschedule.  I knew I would be toast and I was, but it was worth pushing through for one more day.

Tomorrow I’m going to sleep in, watch TV and have a much-needed lazy day.  I have to be back in the studio on Wednesday, because I have some deadlines and events coming up, but I’m going to thoroughly enjoy a day without anything on the schedule. I still have a lot more to share about Lucketts…like what I’ve learned from this year, what I will change for next year and what’s left that’s still for sale.  But, before I get into all of that, I wanted to show the rest of the pictures from my booth on day one and a video we put together, trying to capture the event for those who aren’t able to attend…

Thank you, David Janczyk, for the awesome video clips!

You can see how much fun we have.  We attached a GoPro camera to the end of our tent to capture those shots of the crowds shopping our booth.  The rest of it was shot hand-held by David with my Nikon d800 (the same camera I use for stills, our video tutorials, Design Ramblings, etc.)  I bet some of you made a cameo in the video!

And here are the rest of the day one pictures…


It was really hot on Saturday, so our t-shirts were popular with people who were too hot in the shirts they were wearing as well as MMS fans!  Quite a few people made a change in the port-o-potties and became walking advertisements for me.




We attached these label holders to one of the shoe carts from the studio and slipped in tags hand painted in each of the colors.  It made a nice visual display.  Kriste took the lead on answering questions about the paint, so we sold out of Mora, her favorite color.












(You can catch the first half of the day one pictures HERE.)

And, on top of everything else I want to share, I need to show you the ironstone pieces I bought (oh, yes I did) and two pieces I picked up at the last minute that almost didn’t make it home…

Lucketts Spring Market 2015 | video

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28 Comments on “Lucketts Spring Market 2015 | video”

  1. Looks like you had a great (yet exhausting) time. So happy for you! I know how tired you are. I have chaired these kinds of events before and although it is incredible fun, it is quite tiring. I hope you get some much needed rest and relaxation tomorrow. Take a day from the blog as well… YOU DESERVE IT!!

  2. Loved the video! I didn’t see myself but the ironstone sugar bowl I bought with the wheat pattern had a cameo appearance!

  3. Glad the pump meeting went well! My husband just started on one earlier this month. He was diagnosed last June and learning the pump has sort of been like starting over. He’s doing a cgm as well which has been an amazing addition to his treatment even if he has to install two things on himself regularly. We try to get to support group meetings and trainings like that when we can – it’s always nice to talk to other people who can speak the diabetes language and who “get it.” Enjoy a much deserved break!

  4. I love the new paint I bought! Got busy with the mora yesterday and tried it on a wooden tool caddy I had picked up and love the results! Thanks so much for a great product in the most beautiful colors.

  5. I adore the new paint I bought. I got busy with the mora yesterday and painted a wooden tool caddy with it. I love the results! Can’t wait to play with the other colors. Thank you for a great product in the most beautiful colors! Your tent space was charming as always! By the way, I’m in the video looking at the hemp sheet and I’m wondering why I didn’t buy that. Let me know if that’s something you will still have available.

  6. I love the new paint I bought. Got busy with the Mora yesterday and painted a wood tool caddy and am thrilled with the results. Thanks for a great product in such beautiful colors! Your tent space was charming as always. By the way, I am in the video looking at the hemp sheet and now I’m wondering why I didn’t buy it. If it’s something that’s still available let me know.

  7. Oh my gosh this video is sooo GOOD! I love it! The Go-Pro shots are awesome, I loved seeing your Dad wrapping the goods, and Jeff’s videobomb around the 1:30 or so mark (last year it was photobombing, this year video, lol). You make it look too easy, you guys, and I know that’s the farthest thing from the truth! Well done, well done!

  8. Yea! I’m in the video! 🙂 Great market again this year, Marian! Your booth was the best styled of the whole event. You really are so talented. Loved all your offerings. Hope you had your biggest sales this year. Can’t wait to hear your feedback on the event and I look forward to what’s to come from MMS for the rest of the year!

  9. Great idea to paint the labels for the paint in the colors on that row. Can’t wait to see what is left. The D-800 is still my wish camera but I am getting close to having the moola saved for it. What lens was used for these shots? Just curious.

  10. I have really enjoyed the posts the last couple of weeks leading up to Lucketts and then the actual three day event! You worked SO hard and your efforts really paid off! Quality all the way! Job well done. I felt like I was there (and oh, would have loved to have been!) from Ohio!

  11. This was so fun! I felt like I spent hours looking through your booth – there were so many wonderful nooks and crannies and beautiful items – and I am glad I didn’t show up looking like a creeper in the video! 😉 I agree with what Amy said – your booth was by far the best styled and had so many wonderful offerings. I am looking forward to hearing what is left (I wish I would have shopped more) I’d love to take a swing out your way. Enjoy the well-deserved down time!

  12. Loved the video! You did have the best styled booth. Enjoy seeing the photos and looking at the items you were selling again in this video.

  13. Your father is an amazing wrapper of products. I told him that it takes me at least 20 minutes to get into my package once I get home. He chuckled. He does such a nice job. I always enjoy talking to your parents when I visit your booth.

  14. I loved hearing about Lucketts over the last few weeks and your booth from the pictures looked fabulous! I wish I could have been there but I live in Texas. 🙁 If you have any T-Shirts left, I would love to buy one online. Thanks and congratulations on all your success!

  15. I loved the video especially since I live too far away to attend. Even though I can’t be there to shop, I love all the inspiration I get seeing all your beautiful things.

  16. I love that I can tell the video is from Friday because of all the jackets people are wearing and the breeze. I was there on Saturday and it was very humid. I stopped by the stand and it was very busy. I found some lovely dishes and a gravy boat at the event and I can’t wait to use them. I look forward to next year!

  17. My curiosity has gotten the best of me. What were those black and white striped bags
    so many people were carrying. And the desk with the white top……!

  18. WOW!! All I can say is how amazing, if you were at a market in Australia you would have sold out completely within an hour, so so much beautifulness!! So much that we can’t get in Australia. I look at your blog posts and dream.

  19. Marian, love ALL the pics from Lucketts! I have been eyeing that green tool box . . .is it still available? Price? I may have to come visit you gals . . . Get some rest, you deserve it! XO

  20. Looks like a lovely time! Thanks for sharing the video ~ your collection is outstanding! I would have totally went for some of that ironstone and a piece of furniture for sure 🙂

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