Lucketts Recap 2014 Day 1 (Part 1)

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Well, another Lucketts Spring Market has come and gone. I’ve made it clear to everyone that I will be chilling, watching a lot of Netflix and catching up on some things this week.  I will do work if and when I want to!  A sort of stay-cation.

I have a lot to share about the spring market this year, so it’s going to be split into several posts.  It’s just too much for one!  I have over 350 pictures to sort through, plus I need a chance to process everything.  There were awesome moments mixed with challenges.  I’m sore, sunburned and sport a few bruises, but overall, it was an amazing blessing and a total blast.

In this post, I’m just going to share pictures I took of the space just before the gates opened.  It all came together exactly as I hoped and planned out in my head…




































MSI_6542 MSI_6541

You’ll have to wait until tomorrow to hear what happened after the gates opened..

Lucketts Recap 2014 Day 1 (Part 1)

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43 Comments on “Lucketts Recap 2014 Day 1 (Part 1)”

  1. I don’t know Miss Mustard Seed, but I suspect that if you are anything like me you will say you’re going to take a break and relax, but that won’t last long. Because you’ll see the next fab thing waiting for you and you’ll jump right back in. But maybe you are better at taking breaks than I am 😉

    Thanks for sharing the pics of all of your fantastic stuff. I am sure that your booth was amazing and people were loving it!

    Enjoy your staycation!

  2. Everything looked beautiful. I love the feeling when everything turns out just like the picture in your head-perfect.

  3. I would have loved some of those tables you had to display everything. I am hopeful you will take the much needed break. It sure looks like a it was a great weekend!!

  4. Hi Marian! I was thinking of you all weekend, wandering how it was going!! I love seeing all the pictures of your space, so glad it turned out just as perfect as you hope for. Everything looks so amazing and beautiful!! Congratulations!!
    Glad to hear you are going to take a little brake! cannot wait to hear all the details about the weekend!!
    Enjoy some very deserved RR!! 🙂

  5. Yay for you! Looks awesome and glad you were able to get it the way you wanted before the hoards descended! Absolutely lovely!

  6. I so wish I was able to make it! I kept checking fb and here for Lucketts updates! Thanks for sharing with us! Just wondering, did the green chairs sell?

  7. Good Job! Wish I could have been there. Is that my all time favorite table — the one you used as a desk?? R-E-L-A-X now!

  8. I love seeing the photo of the space before the people all swarmed in, because it was so hard to see everything and I felt stressed. Although everyone was very sweet and kind (workers and shoppers). Marian, the space and set-up was gorgeous! You seemed so calm despite the people. And, to me it seemed like more people were in your booth early this year than last.

    Enjoy a week off, you deserve it! Thank you for bring us wonderful and beautiful things for us to enjoy in our homes too. I keep walking in my dining room admiring the things I bought from you and it makes me feel happy. Good memories of a mother/daughter weekend.

  9. Your space was beautiful! What a weekend! I’m exhausted as well and not picking up my paint brush for at least a few days! It was great seeing you and I’m so glad you had such a successful weekend for all of your effort. Take a breather and enjoy your Netflix 🙂

  10. Beautiful as always. Did I see some tiaras in one of the pictures? What were they made of and could we see a closer look?
    Thanks for the eye candy!

  11. Now I really see what I missed by coming Sunday!! Be back from Fla. Next year!! Enjoy your R&R! Ginny

  12. All was displayed nicely. I spotted a bamboo(?) rug with the alphabet on it. Is it still for sale and if so what is the cost please. If no longer for sale might you be able to tell me where I can purchase one. Thanks for your effort and time.

  13. I would love to purchase the small white medicine cabinet if it is still available. I live in Texas so too far a trip for me. Someday maybe…

  14. I am so heartbroken that my budget did not coincide with making it out to my first Luckett’s fair, particularly because I wanted a pair of those green velvet chairs just like they are, and that gorgeous little desk with the crystal knobs on it. Wouldn’t have hesitated long over that blue empire dresser, but as it’s all daydreamy anyway, I’ll just say everything looked gorgeous and I hope it was a smashing success for you!

  15. What is the brown piece that you have the sign on that says “This is what Mother got”. I can’t make out what it would be. Is it a top that would go on top of a table?

    Get some good rest!

    1. It’s a mirror frame that would’ve been attached to a dresser. I thought the wood work was so pretty on it’s own, though! I had it in my house for a while with a wreath hanging from it.

  16. Really pretty, and as usual envy worthy. I recognize those flash cards. I have been putting off buying a few for awhile now, going to pick some up Wednesday for sure.

  17. My oh my, oh my, oh my!!!! Having only done one of these sales at about one tenth the size of yours pretty much wiped me out so I can’t even imagine how exhausted you must be. You are such a hard worker, Marian and deserve every ounce of success you achieve. It’s probably a good thing I wasn’t anywhere near this place because I would have been so overwhelmed with all the gorgeous things you had I would still be standing there staring at everything…. 🙂 Really. Another job WELL DONE ! Congrats!

  18. It was so good seeing you again and I had the best time. I bought an ironstone bowl and the ironstone bowl with the blue stripes. Love it!

  19. Did you sell the card it looks like a flash card, and I couldn’t see it all, but it looked like it said “and they lived happily ever after”? If not can I buy that, it would be perfect for my gallery wall that I just did in cork!

  20. Whew, made me tired just “watching” you. I hope that oak (?) cubby hole desk found a good home. I drooled over it every time it was pictured. Rest, girl, you can do it! Thanks for explaining the flash cards.

  21. I have several small boxwood wreaths from you, but I noticed bigger ones in these pictures… I want!! How can I order some?

  22. Everything looked amazing! My daughter and I were just at the Brimfield Fair and are headed off to the Rhinebeck Country Living Fair on June 5th! Did the cross-stitched “Every dawn is a new beginning” sell? If not, I would be very interested!

  23. I think you just need to have a store. Why wait all year to sell your stuff? Maybe in your new space you can have sales every month, every other month, or 4x a year. Start your own antiques fair at your house! 🙂

  24. Your booth photos are always so inspiring! So fabulous the way you put it all together. I don’t know how you got 135 photos?!!! holy cow! I feel fortunate if I can get some quick iPhone pics of my space before the gates open!! do you have someone else taking them for you?? So amazing, all of your goods. I have the same black round suitcase and wire cloche 🙂 Get some rest girl!

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