Lucketts Recap 2014 Day 1 (Part 2)

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In yesterday’s post, I showed what the space looked like before it was raided.  In this post, I wanted to share some pictures of the action as it happened.

First of all, thanks so much to everyone who came out!  I know it was crazy just getting there and parking.  For those who aren’t aware, we had about 5″ of rain the Thursday night before the market.  That meant all of the grassy fields that are usually used for parking were a muddy mess.  Ten acres had to be closed off, because they were too water-logged to use.  The lots that were useable were muddy and not big enough for the crowds that came.  So, people started parking along the little two lane road that runs through the one-stoplight town of Lucketts, VA.  You can imagine what craziness that caused.  People were parking right on the side of the road and walking, some over two miles, to the fair.  It backed up traffic for 1 1/2 to 3 hours in both directions and finally police had to get involved and started towing cars.  Just a mess.

The bright side is that the people who coordinate this event did their very best and it seemed that most people pulled together and made the best out of a tough situation.

My Lucketts experience would not have come off as well as it did without my amazing crew.  As we were preparing for the day, it felt like we had too many people, but we were all really busy for several hours.

From left to right – Jeff (my husband), Matt & Courtney (cute couple who volunteered to help), Derek (current youth group member at our church) and Sean (Penn State grad student who’s been following my journey since the idea of me having a blog was dorky and something he made fun of me for.  Now he’s wearing my t-shirt!)


Kriste (newly wed, owner of my old Ektorp couch, stylist and baby blogger at Rosemary & Thyme) and Kim, my mom, at the checkout


…and Warren, my dad, at the wrapping station.


My unseen, behind-the-scenes helpers were my in-laws, Jeff’s parents.  They watched the boys for us, which was huge!  We’ve gotten a babysitter the past couple of years, but since our youngest has diabetes, he needs special care.  Our in-laws took care of them and played Tenzi for hours!  They were troopers.

All of my Lucketts-workers helped me set up the booth, so we were ready for the early shoppers and vendors who were poking around our booth.  We also met briefly to go over everyone’s roles.  Once things got crazy, though, it was amazing how everyone just settled in and did whatever needed to be done.


The white bunting in the tent was made for me by Jill  of Sew a Fine Seam.  It made me happy every time I walked under it.

We gave away about 15 boxes of Frog Tape!  They’ve been such amazing supporters of me and my blog and I love their product, so I was more than happy to introduce it to my customers.  Plus, it’s become a Lucketts tradition that started three years ago when I just needed to clear out my “lifetime supply” of Frog Tape.


…and I had a Miss Mustard Seed flag that was designed by Bliss & Tell Branding Company and custom made for me by Gettysburg Flag Works.  It just added that little something to my space.  Just like the white bunting…a reinforcement of my brand.


Once the gates were opened, we were mobbed.  It was like the “Oklahoma land rush”, as one reader called it.  No wagons, horses or shotguns were involved, though, but it was a frenzy!


Ironstone was the hot item right off the bat.  Breida was able to observe the shoppers and she later told me about a husband and wife who split up to canvas the space.  The husband picked up a stack of ironstone butter pats and yelled across to the wife, “Do you want butter pats?  What about butter pats?!”  She yelled back, “YES!!” and he grabbed them.  That’s totally the kind of thing I would have Jeff doing for me.

There were some really good men who spent hours in the car, braved traffic, waded through mud, and yelled across a crowd about butter pats to support their wives.


We did have a steady line for a while, but we had three people running the check out, so it was better than last year.



Jeff and Matt, especially, were a huge help with holding items for people who had their arms full.


And Kriste, Courtney and my mom kept the lines moving.


Sean was the official photographer and he did a great job capturing the action…






My dad was so busy wrapping all of the ironstone that Derek had to go help.


















Once things settled down a bit, the camera became a source of entertainment and things went downhill from there…








(Can you spot the photobomb in the picture above?)  And notice how empty the Eulalie’s Sky cabinet is!



Yes, I’m so proud.  But you all know I’m married to a man who makes me laugh.



He did get busted a few times as he was photobombing.  Some people were onto him.

In all the silliness, though, Sean captured a really sweet moment…


There’s still even more to share on Lucketts…what I bought, what I brought home, what is still for sale, how day 2 went and more furniture makeovers.

I have a feeling we’ll be talking about Lucketts for a while!

PS – You can check out another Lucketts recap of day one at my booth from Breida, including a picture the THE butter pats!

Lucketts Recap 2014 Day 1 (Part 2)

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41 Comments on “Lucketts Recap 2014 Day 1 (Part 2)”

  1. As soon as I know the dates for next year I am planning my trip from Texas straight to Lucketts!! What a fun time!!

  2. Haha! I told mom this weekend that I could wait to see Jeff Photobombing the pictures! Can’t wait to see you guys in June!

  3. OMG your husband had me laughing!! What a silly guy! that is awesome.. and what a trooper, your whole gang as well! Looked amazing, and I love how the pictures kept it real.. 🙂 I did my first market in April and have lots to learn and I definitely will be taking some of your pointers for my next market in June. I hope to plan a trip next year to see you at Lucketts! Thanks for sharing (and making me laugh out loud that I spit out my coke! lol. my fav had to be the nose picking one! or maybe the butt Great times!

  4. What a fun day!! Beautiful space!! I really enjoyed the fun pics – allllmmmost like being there – I smiled and giggled all the way through your post. You are blessed to be so gifted and blessed to have such an incredible network of support!

  5. Holy cow! Did you have anything left for the last day?! You should be very pleased and proud of the crowds that descended upon your space, and equally proud of your helpers who managed them. Nice work!

  6. My favorite picture by far (sentimental wise) is the one of your father. He has such a wonderful smile. That is a keeper to cherish in my book. I laughed out loud at the “downhill from there” photos!! I thought one was funny and would laugh even harder at the next. Here is what I don’t get. How is it that he doesn’t drive you bonkers? I have been married 20 years and what I may have found funny even 10 years ago makes me say “why???” and shake my head now! So glad all went great and hope you are enjoying this “down” week.

  7. This post made me smile while I read it. At first glance, I thought you were talking about Sean Penn as your crew member (Sean from Penn State) that made me laugh out loud. The story about the husband yelling out “butter pats” for his wife is just so precious. And lastly, your husband is definitely the best photobomber I ever came across. 🙂 🙂

  8. Oh my gosh, I am soo happy for you! I love all the photos, but those with Jeff toward the end – all great photobombs. What a high this must be for you and all your family sharing your success with you. And you look so much like your dad! Were those sample sizes of milk paint by the check out, or glass glitter? I was at Springfield Extravaganza this past weekend, and all I was seeing were the packages of your MMS milk paint powder. Can’t wait to see your upcoming posts on more of Luckett’s, esp. what you bought and what’s still for sale. 🙂 Congratulations on your success!

  9. I So wish I could have been there! I am consoling myself with taking part in the Creatively Made Business Course and listening intently to your videos 🙂 Loving everything you have to say and I feel like you are speaking directly to me 🙂

  10. I thought about you out in the fields as the rain pounded our skylights. I never seem to be free on Lucketts Days. Maybe next year I’ll get to the frenzy. It’s not like I have far to go from Alexandria. BTW I mentioned and linked to you today.

  11. Marian, Luckett,s looked like a blast! I would have also jetted to your area in a NY minute! Ok, you look just like your dad, and your husband is a cutie pie, the pictures were hilarious, thanks for sharing!!

  12. Love, love, love the feedsack aprons your helpers wore! A sign that I’m older than you: in the pictures I can see that you are wearing flip flops. I would have never made it through the day without wearing shoes with major support! Love what you do and how you inspire us all. I just bought a bunch of old rusty bed springs–any ideas?

  13. What an awesome event!! Do you still have the grain sack pillow with the BM monogram in red? I’d love to purchase if so! That’s my initials! 🙂

  14. Oh my goodness your husband is a hoot. Love all the pictures and when you said things went downhill from here that made me laugh. Even though I didn’t make it this year to Lucketts I sort of get to experience it through these post. Looking forward to reading more.
    So happy for you and how successful everything went. I look forward to going next year.
    If that beautiful desk did not sell I would love to buy it!

  15. What an awesome fair! so far from AZ but. I anticipate it as you prep and think of you on the weekend. Thanks for the pics so I can follow you through it. If there is any way that cow bell with the cow on it didn’t sell please, please, PLEASE contact me. I will buy it in a hot minute. Happy stay cation, barb

  16. I’m so glad you had such a great time this year. I had a blast talking paint with people. And how cool to see Breida the day before her b-day.! Such a good time. Glad to hear you planned a little time with your feet up this week. You certainly earned it.
    The Other Marian

  17. Any chance the Eualie’s Sky cabinet didn’t sell? I would be thrilled to buy it from you & pick it up. Love everything you do!

  18. Love love love you and everything you do! Once you sit down to go over what worked and what didn’t this year, I have 2 ideas for consideration: use the same Miss Mustard Seed banner idea you just had made this year ( the single one not the little ones), and put one on top of each of your 3 white tents like a flag (like they had in medieval times). Besides looking awesome, people would be able to find your tent from a mile away. Also, better shoes for you (yes the ones you had on where cute but I’m sure you’re feet were tired at the end of the day) and I’d hate to think what would have happened if some ironstone dropped on your foot.

  19. I know you are ready for your mini stay-cation….while I’m ready for Lucketts 2015! Thank you for allowing us to help out and watch your amazing empire in action. You have such fun and vivacious customers! Thank you for the experience!

  20. Oh my goodness it was so fun reading this post! Made me LOL and my husband too since he was the one yelling to me about the butter pats :-). He was so sweet to go with me but he had me cracking up standing in line waiting to get into the fair. He has a military background so he kept strategizing and of course we were the very first to wait in line starting at 8am! And he literally ran to your booth, not walked but ran lol. I skipped. His motto was we will divide and conquer ha! It was so awesome getting to meet and chat with you and everyone there! You are the nicest person and your booth was fantastic!! Thank You!! Can’t wait to go back. Our CRV was so packed I had to ride with a table in my lap the whole 6 hour drive home :-). And I wouldn’t have it any other way!!

    1. You and your husband are so cute! I was just dying when Breida told me about the butter pats. 🙂 Loved it! Thanks so much for coming and I’m so glad it was a full-CRV kind of trip!

  21. Thanks so much for sharing! It reminded me to have during my upcoming show at Vintage and Made Fair in West Des Moines IA. I LOL’d at your wonderful husbands photo bombs…..I am lucky enough to have a husband who makes me laugh constantly too! Your booth looked lovely and you continue to be an inspiration to me. Thank you

  22. I made it in a picture — great job on set up. It was definitely a zoo, but everyone had a great time for sure.

  23. I can feel the energy that was there through the photos! Here’s an idea….collapsable fabric shopping baskets with metal bottoms and rims for your shoppers to pile more stuff into! Do you remember those? Used to be common in the old, vintage years. You could use some kind of MMS trademark graphic on the fabric as well.

  24. Thank you for this post! It was almost like being there. If your dress form hasn’t sold, I’m interested! We are in the process of moving to Tennessee (which is why I couldn’t make it this year) and I am planning on doubling my studio size and will finally have room for a vintage dress form…thanks for letting me be there virtually! Loved all your new “brand “items too, especially your chalkboard checkout stand and the white bunting! The flag idea above is a keeper, too!

  25. Oh Marian it was all so gorgeous! And it just makes me so happy to see all those beautiful white banners – I’m so happy I got to make them for you! So fun to be a part of your weekend just a wee bit!! 🙂
    I”m going to really try to make a trip to Lucketts happen – I want to be at the spring market next year!
    I’m also dying to have all that ironstone with the gold on it! I didn’t even know there was such a thing till I saw you post the sugar bowl. Let me know when you find another stash of that ok?!

  26. LOVE the photos! Can you tell me what your two wood looking rugs are and where you got them? I am opening a store that has commercial grade carpet and I am looking for something with more personality. Your rugs looked perfect! Also did they come with the print on them or did you do that? Thanks so much!

  27. Terrific Pictures!! I am so glad it turned out to be nice and sunny that day!! You will have a nice collection of pictures for your next book!Hope to make it to Lucketts next year.Hope your son is doing well. Enjoy your blog and your energy!!!

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