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I told Kriste today that we’re in “final push mode.”  This is the time when preparing for Lucketts that it gets hard for me.  I’m getting tired.  I feel like I’ve done enough, but there’s still more on my to-do list to see my plan through.  So, I just need to work through the list and scratch things off one at a time until it’s done.

The push today was to get the painted furniture finished and were we able to get all but one piece finished, which was quite an accomplishment and a boost.  I have five pieces I still need to style and photograph, but tonight I’m sharing a highboy dresser I finished late last week.

This is another piece of furniture that was delivered right to my doorstep. 

Here’s how it started…

It was a pretty piece with sturdy bones and a finish that was just a little tired.  I loved the simple shape of it and the turned legs.  Since it was so pretty on its own, I decided to keep it simple and painted it in two coats of Lucketts Green followed by a coat of Antiquing Wax to bring out the detail and soften the green.

I had originally changed out the hardware after applying the wax, but the new knobs just didn’t suit the piece.  The original hardware worked, so I put it back on and I’m really glad I did.

The details of this dresser, like the turned legs and the trim along the back are brought out more with Antiquing Wax.

This dresser is a great example of how smooth milk paint can look.  It doesn’t always have to be chippy and distressed.

As with the other furniture pieces I’ve photographed for Lucketts, most of the accessories are going to be for sale at the market as well.

I also bought this cow print over the weekend and I just love it!  Kriste and I named her Annabelle.  She has such a sweet disposition.  I’m hoping to gold leaf a frame for her and custom cut a mat to fit.  She deserves better than a wire knotted around a nail.

There are more furniture makeovers to come, so I hope you like that sort of thing!

I hope to slow down enough to make tutorials on how we make the “antique” signs, chair slips and a few other things.  I’ll also write some posts answering some of your recent questions and sharing the business/behind-the-scenes stuff that’s been going on as we prepare for an outdoor antique market…

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    1. Goedele

      Gorgeous, as always :-).


      Your in the home stretch now. I know the two of you are frazzled, but you will get that burst of energy the day the market opens. You have wonderful pieces to offer the shoppers. This highboy is great and I think the Lucketts green worked well. It sure is nice when you can use the original hardware it just pulls everything together.

    3. carswell

      How did you achieve that smooth finish?

      I have a dresser of a similar style to that piece that I want to do – and I’m not keen on having it chip.

      • carswell

        Just wanted to drop back in and say that I took the plunge and started my dresser. I washed it down with TSP and used the top coat to seal it (the varnish or shellac that’s on it has been breaking down for a long time and I wanted to make sure none of the tobacco colour bled through.)

        The top coat has really done the trick of both sealing the varnish and stopping the chipping. I’m getting a beautiful smooth matte look like your green dresser although I’m doing mine in black – Typewriter to be exact.

        I’m extremely pleased and already eyeing the matching vanity I use for a desk for my computer.

    4. Teresa

      Hope you have a big hauler! Is it just me or do you have double the amount of furniture this year? Love the soft green on the highboy and you are right “Miss Annabelle” deserves to be properly framed and matted. I just wish you weren’t using a gold leaf frame and instead would go with a black frame.

    5. the uncommon pearl

      Enjoy every moment! You are almost there and all your hard work will pay off!

      I love the “non chippy” look for a change. I think the gold leaf frame around Annabelle will set her off pretty.

      Wish I lived closer to attend. 🙁

    6. Delilah

      I love your furniture make overs! Keep em coming! 🙂 They’re very inspiring!

    7. Tina

      I also would love to know how you achieve such a gorgeous smooth finish. It seems I always have at least some graininess. Also, could you use a glaze directly on the Milk paint or would it have to be sealed first? Ps. Love all these before and afters! –Tina

      • Miss Mustard Seed

        Getting a smooth mix makes a big difference. Mix the paint well and allow it to sit for about 15 minutes, so the liquid is absorbed. Yes, you can use a glaze over milk paint, but it won’t be as workable, since the pigment will soak into the matte finish. In this case, I applied the Antiquing Wax directly to the paint.

    8. Gail McMurray

      You have the magic touch, your transformations are amazing. Love, love your blog.

    9. shar y

      So pretty. Did you use a bonding agent first to get that smooth finish? I too, have a similar piece and would love to get that finish.


    10. tina o.

      Just right.

    11. Pam

      Beautiful!…..i love it wish i lived closer…..dont work too hard.

    12. Susan

      Sounds like we all live too far away. Love the piece! Looks more up to date without looking new.

    13. Linda

      How lovely! My favorite color is green so I am more than crazy about the transformation of this beautiful, old dresser. I like the original hardware — it gives authenticity and character. You did an amazing job on this piece! I just wish I still lived in Virginia!

    14. Holly

      Marion… I look forward to the email I get every weekday that leads me on your new adventure recorded on your blog… Thank you for sharing this little dresser it’s just darling!!!!

    15. Jelena

      I love this dresser! The original hardware looks so much better on the newly painted dresser than it did on the original finish. It somehow stands out more. If I were closer to you, I would snap this piece up in a hurry. Green is my color. 🙂

    16. Vicki

      Lovely! Just lovely!

    17. Fran

      Marian, I adore the effect the Antiquing Wax gives this highboy. It adds character to the recessed detail and actually makes it more noticeable.

    18. Debbie V.

      I love and want it all!!!! Maybe it’s a good thing that I don’t live near Luckett’s!

    19. Annie

      This is exquisite ! I have s chest in the basement that I have been waiting for just the right inspiration. This is fantastic!
      I am always inspired by you and your team!!

    20. Donna C.

      Just love, love, love it! Green is my favorite color! What is the price point for this item? While I enjoy all you have done, the smooth, milky finish is my favorite! Well done!

    21. Naomi S.

      The dresser is very nice, Marian. I bet it will be snapped up as soon as you unload it! I love green, too, expecially the shade you used. I know this must be a very stressful time as it gets closer to the show. I hope you cut yourself some slack if you can’t finish every last piece you’ve planned to take. I feel really lucky to be able to see all your beautiful work and a little guilty for not having expended any of the energy to create it! My turn will come—-soon, I hope as the weather warms and I can be outside to paint.

      Do take care and thanks so much for sharing your inspiring “art work”. It is a form of art, you know.

    22. Sue Pagels

      Another great piece – my favorite posts are all the furniture re-do’s when you are getting ready for Lucketts!! So many great items – love them all!

    23. Tricia Tuttle

      I love the transformation of this piece. It is really beautiful! What brand of paint and color name/code did you use? I’d love to use this color in my bedroom. Thanks.

    24. Arlene

      This is my very favorite of the pieces you’ve featured lately. The green is perfect. Keep up the good work!

    25. sandy

      I have a chest of drawers very similar to this that i have had since college (25 years ago!!) that i haven’t been able to get rid of for sentimental reasons but don’t love it as is – i could never decide what color, if i did paint it, etc., but i think you just decided for me! i love the smooth look – you said you added the antiquing wax, I’ll look back in your blog to see if there are instructions for doing so – thx so much for sharing! Best, Sandy

    26. Marsha

      The green piece is beautiful! I know it will find a new and happy home at Luckett’s.


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