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Today, Kriste and I started working around the studio, pricing pieces and adding them to the unorganized pile of things to take to Lucketts.  We both have a hard time creating when things get too messy and out of control and things were definitely getting out of control.  We had an amazing shopping trip and the finds covered both work tables and a good bit of floor space.  I also had a blog reader bring a huge haul of ironstone to the studio to sell to me.  The stuff was closing in.

In frustration at the chaos, I finally called out to Kriste, “Do you want to just do this?!  Today?  Let’s just do this and get it done and organized, so we can create!”

She was totally on board, so we finished pricing everything, packed up all of the ironstone and smalls and organized the furniture, so we had more space to work.  Megan was here to help as well and, as they say, many hands make light the load.

The downside of packing everything is that I didn’t get to take pictures of all of it, but I’ll take pictures when we set up on the Wednesday before the market, so be on the lookout for that if you’re coming to shop.

I still have a lot of pieces to share with you, but I decided to show off this desk today and a couple of finds from Friday’s shopping trip…


I took before pictures of most of my furniture, but I somehow missed this one.  You can see it in the left bottom corner of this picture, though…


The top had a beautiful patina, so I left that alone and painted the base in Shutter Gray.


I decided to put the paint on this piece without any prep work or Bonding Agent added.  We ended up with some nice chipping and I distressed the edges to give it a bit more character.  I then finished the entire piece with Hemp Oil, including the top.



Now, I know some of you might not even be looking at the desk. Your gaze was captured by the typewriter, which, I learned by accident today, is called a Caligraph.  It has upper and lower case keys (instead of the more efficient shift key) and has the coolest, although clunky, design.


Some of the keys are missing and it’s a little rusty, but I can look past that (and I’m sure someone else will as well.)



And I love the little bell…


Can you just hear the tap-tap-tap-tap-ding!

The Caligraph, desk, Big Ben alarm clock and upholstering sign will all be for sale at the Lucketts Spring Market.

My mom and I did some work at the studio tonight.  I have a bunch of boards I’m turning into “antique” signs and we needed to use the projector to get the lettering and designs transferred to the boards.  In order to do that, we needed darkness, so it’s a job that had to be done at night.  I also had a couple of evening photo shoots I needed to do for a freelance project, so I got those done while we were there.

We now have about ten signs chalked out and ready to paint!  There’s still a lot to do, but we’re nearing the finish line…



    The desk is awesome and I am looking for one for my daughters room and this would be great, however I am took far from Lucketts to grab it up. As I have commented before, I love when the tops of furniture isn’t painted if it can be done. This just makes it more special to me. I am definitely crushing on the typewriter….sorry Caligraph. I can look way past missing keys and rust, this one had me at first glimpse.

  2. Anya

    A Caligraph! How outstanding – I always look at these old pieces and wonder who used them to type what… what a great conversation starter that would be!

    Beautiful desk, too. I agree with Tracy that leaving the top wood really adds so much warmth to the piece. The photo of your studio all loaded up with your Lucketts furniture finds gives me heart palpitations! 🙂

  3. katie near chicago

    The caligraph — love it! Checked out prices on eBay. You have a real find. Do not underprice!

    Sending good thoughts and loads of energy as you near that finish line. So much work to do, but so much work already done. Go girl!


    You are fabulous!!!!!Your pieces should be at High Point Market.

  5. Pamela @

    Don’t ya just love having all that space to spread out and see what you are doing? I am spring cleaning my studio just to have some space back plus I want to install some wood flooring and paint the walls white. I love the light you get and how all the white walls reflect that. The desk turned out lovely even if I am not a fan of grey on my screen it comes across more blue, which is nice. It did chip just right. I need to try the hemp oil, I use organic tung oil but I am not a fan of the scent it has.

  6. kelly@mysoulfulhome

    Marian – thrilled you are with us on bHome. It makes seeing & sharing all you do that much easier & from anywhere I am. The community we are building is such a special group of kindred spirits. Hope to meet your readers on the app!
    What a find! Somebody will be real lucky at Lucketts when they leave with that Caligraph!

  7. Laura McDaniel

    I LOVE this – both the table and typewriter! I’ve got two antique typewriters – one that a very sweet friend of my son gave me (as a thank you gift for some emotional help) – an old Royal along with the metal stand and carbon in the drawer. And I recently added an Underwood that I found at an antique fair. But yours is fabulously cooler….

  8. Dqrcy

    And…the app is on available for iPhone. Of course. 🙁

  9. Angie

    Making plans to be at Lucketts…I’m very curious what dimensions and price are for the desk?

  10. Naomi S.

    Oh, my gosh, that Calligraph is so awesome! I’ve never seen one or even known about them before. I have my grandfather’s old typewriter, but it is of a later vintage, I think. It has the shift for upper case letters and the bell is not visible. I remember him using it when I was a child. He had it bolted to his desk and when he wasn’t using it he could swivel the center of the desk so the typewriter would be stored beneath the regular writing surface. That was always fascinating to me. My daughter has his desk; maybe we will reunite the desk and typewriter someday!

    Your Lucketts booth is going to be enormous with all the pieces you’ve shown us so far that you are taking. You must have to rent a U-Haul, right?! I know you will do well!

  11. Ginger Marshall

    Hopefully the bHome app will be available for the android someday soon!! I hate to miss out on the fun. 🙁

  12. Barbara Ann

    What fun to be close enough to be able to work with your mother! Everything is looking amazing!

  13. Shirley@Housepitality Designsi

    Oh what a fantastic typewriter!!!….Sounds like you will have lot of great things to sell at Lucketts…
    and so great to be a part of the bHome mobile app of everything home and garden community with you…it is so awesome!….and see you at Lucketts Marian!

  14. Vanessa

    The desk is gorgeous, the typewriter is AMAZING and we are so thrilled to be part of the bHome community with you!! 🙂

  15. B Folk

    Trying again to post my comment. The Caligraph is amazing and someone will certainly snatch it up and cherish it! That little stool is very sweet, too. Best wishes for Luckett’s success!

  16. Lori

    That desk is so adorable! I would love ideas of how to use an antique desk with a desktop computer and printer. Where can I find images? Our home is at least 50% antique furniture and I just wish there was a way to do the desktop style computer in a way that’s attractive! Our computer gets lots of use, and we have no office room, its in the main part of our home. Any ideas would be welcome!


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