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As I shared yesterday, I worked on cleaning out the dining room and that turned into polishing up some other areas in the house that have been unfinished.  One of those spots was the wall with the pine hutch in the living room…

I hung my small collection of German stag antlers on either side of it and also moved the antique high chair next to it.  That corner seemed a little empty, but I was at a loss as to what to put there that wouldn’t block the return.  The high chair seems to work and ties in nicely with the dark wood backings for the antlers.

I also rearranged the ironstone inside the cabinet, since it was looking pretty picked over as I’ve plucked pieces to use in other parts of the house.

I really like antlers paired with the pine hutch, because it has a very European vibe.

It’s amazing how simply hanging a few things on the wall make the room feel more finished.

And, to make it even better, the light reflecting off of the snow was beautiful and the room was cozied with the fire.

It made me antsy to decorate for Christmas…

living room updates

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30 Comments on “living room updates”

  1. The antlers look just lovely with the hutch. You have such a special way with decorating! Hope you are enjoying your snow. It has snowed here in Ohio already, but didn’t stick, which is fine with me. I’m not ready to go down that road yet as the leaves are still green and on the trees. But I’m sure having snow on the ground would make one want to get ready for Christmas.

  2. I love the antlers buy the pine hutch! And I am getting excited for Christmas decorations too!!!

  3. Gorgeous! I have a similar shaped antique hutch but the finish is much too yellow-orange. I wish it had the nice subtle warmth as yours. Did you refinish this one? Any tips to help me restore mine without painting it? Thanks!

  4. I love the hutch with the ironstone in it. The high chair looks great beside it. I might add a big leafy plant to the high chair table.

    1. I have my mother in law’s high chair from the 1920’s but in a cherry stain as I refinished it years ago. I have a very large spider plant sitting it it and is very happy there. My daughter called it a death trap. I told her it was good enough for her and she is still here. lol

  5. I’m so enjoying watching you settle in. We moved to a new spot, one state away, several years ago and I’m still figuring things out. Everything in your rooms looks beautiful! We also have vintage pine furniture and I’ve never found a good product to use on them to care for the pieces. I bought your hemp oil and was amazed at how pretty it made the wood! It warmed it up and gave it such a rich color. We’ve had some of these pieces for over 30 years and they’ve never looked this nice. So thanks for that! Good luck in your new home.

  6. Absolutely fantastic! Adore those antlers and that high chair. They look smashing together. It has been such fun seeing how you pull it all together. Love it!

  7. Thanks for sharing all your plans and accomplishments now that you are in your new house. I love hearing what you are getting done and your plans for the future. When you look forward to decorating for Christmas it means that you love your home!

  8. I so enjoy watching the transformation of your new home! When I saw the high chair it made me think of the antique one I have in our shop. I’m going to pull it out and use it for a plant stand! I have lots of plants to overwinter in our sunroom and that will help! Keep up the awesome job of being you!

  9. I love where you hung the cow picture! I wonder if you might think about painting the wall at the back of the side cupboard a blue so that your stoneware pitchers show up? Just a thought.

  10. SNOW!!! Already? Wow!

    I love how you have all the pitchers in the pine hutch cabinet pointed in the same direction.

    Fireplace looks inviting. Can I come over this afternoon?

  11. I lived in the mountains in No. CA for almost thirty years. I loved the snow! It was dry and fluffy. If one drove slower and kept a longer distance between cars, it was usually not hard to drive around. Every once in a while, it would be icy snow, but, not often.

    The snow where I now live in the Pacific NW is wetter, so icier and dangerous to drive on. Plus, the snow removal (equipment as well as process) is not efficient. What’s the snow like in MN?

  12. You’re at home, we can tell, good for you, It’s a hard transition in too many ways to count and you’ve handled it like a trooper. Fantastic emotional inspiration as well as home decorator/designer/artist. Thank you <3

  13. I don’t know why, but every time I look at the hutch, it looks like it’s squatting and needs feet. Love the color change on the wall. Its coming along!

  14. I love the idea of a plant in the highchair and I had to tell you that I truly love the area where you hung your cow art over the fire, it looks grand and cozy at the same time!

  15. Love reading and seeing each and every post. I love painted furniture but having a nice stained piece adds such warmth to a room. I seem to be adding more stained pieces and darker accents to my rooms. Unconsciously I must be getting ready for the snow to fly. 💨💨💨

  16. I’d be tempted to paint the dresser/hutch, not sure I’d like skulls and antlers my wall

  17. Love how your house is responding to your creativity! I would love to see more plant life on mantel such as larger and taller topiary

  18. Glad to see you are not unpacked completely. We are finally moving back into our house after 8 months of renovations. I have an antique Irish hutch very similar to yours. I have a lot of Dutch delft blue ( that belonged to my mother) I might fill it with. Grappling with the fact that my chairs (same style as yours) are painted duck egg blue ( my favorite color ). Not sure if delft blue will coordinate with duck egg. Your high chair is a great solution to adding interest to the corner without blocking the air return. I really like the German antlers.

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