living & dining rooms | Christmas 2015

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My favorite rooms to decorate for Christmas are the definitely the living and dining rooms.  It’s hard to believe how dark these rooms were when we first moved in over nine years ago and now how light-filled and fresh they feel.

For Christmas, I just add some fresh greenery and a few wool pom-poms.  That’s about all these rooms need.


I shared video tutorial HERE showing my trick for dressing my chandeliers with fresh greens.

mms-3333 mms-3327

The tie-top pillows I made last week ended up on the living room sofa…

mms-3391 mms-3399

I was on the hunt for a potted blue spruce to put in my antique white bucket, like I did last year, but…no luck.  So, I asked Jeff if he would pick up a cut tabletop tree next time he was out and about.  I put it in a pitcher of water inside the bucket and it suits me just fine.

mms-3394 mms-3397 mms-3335


On the other side of the room, I dressed the top of the hutch with live greenery and hung a pom-pom wreath, bought at Anthropologie last year, on the front.

mms-3329 mms-3389


I hung some DIY pom-poms (tutorial HERE) from the antique dental cabinet.  I love how they look like snowballs.



The dining room chandelier is also dressed in fresh greens.  The table is simple with a runner, the teacup & pedestal advent wreath and a pair of lemon cypress topiaries from Terrain.

mms-3340 mms-3344 mms-3345

Just a few more days until my family, parents, brother & sister-in-law will be having our Christmas brunch at this table…

living & dining rooms | Christmas 2015

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27 Comments on “living & dining rooms | Christmas 2015”

  1. I love all of the greenery, it looks so nice with the blues. That antique dental cabinet is just perfection!

  2. My husband is going into the hospital on Monday and I will need something to keep me busy. Think I’ll make pom-poms. If I keep at it, I could give wreaths as gifts next Christmas:-)

  3. Cats would love those pom-poms!

    I decorate my chandelier with various sizes of hanging glass icicles, blingy garland, and red and white striped lamp shades. I never forget to attach a bunch of mistletoe for a loving holiday meal.

    Happy Holidays to you and yours!

  4. I picked up some live holly plants, a lemon cypress, and two European cypress yesterday while grocery shopping at the commissary on base. They cost a fraction of what a nursery charges and they are gorgeous! I was pretty geeked 🙂

    1. The walls are “Pearly White” by Sherwin Williams and the trim is just bright white (not a mixed color) out of the can by Benjamin Moore.

  5. That is something on my list,make pom poms, i did get some greenery in my house and love the smell even though my sinuses don’t, i’ll suffer for a few days. Looks like Christmas at your house. Have fun with your family and make wonderful memories,Merry Christmas.

      1. You’re crazy.

        No, I’m just kidding. It has a similar movement to it, but they are different fabrics. 🙂

  6. Both rooms are gorgeous. I love how you’ve kept the decorations simple and yet the greenery and the texture of the pompoms add so much to the space. Hope you have a wonderful holiday!!

  7. your home looks lovely and inviting! I am fairly new to your blog and wonder if you ever post pictures of the outside of your house? On the inside it looks like an old farmhouse and I am curious what it looks like from the outside.

    1. Yes! It’s actually a 1948 brick cape cod. You can see a picture of it in the “my home” tab at the top and select “full home tour” in the drop down menu.

  8. The platter atop the antique dental cabinet is slated, no? Couldn’t ignore the symmetry distortion, hard as I tried ?

  9. So beautiful. Elegant, yet home-y & country casual. Love the simplicity yet lots of interest. Glad to find your blog. :o)

  10. Dreamy and lovely as usual. Loving all of the bright whites in your living room these days. The little hutch with the horse atop is darling. Merry Christmas!

  11. Your decor is always so simple, but the simple touches you add & change always make the space feel new. Your Christmas decor is so lovely and simple, what great choices and that little tree, he’s a cutie!

    Merry Christmas!!

    Lauren Baxter | Lovely Décor

  12. I love how green it all is, they look amazing.
    My missus has us planning our Xmas decor already, it’s our first one in our new home so we really want to make it special.
    This blog has gone a long way to providing some much needed early inspiration.
    Let’s hope we can achieve something as good! 🙂

  13. I’m not a big fan of chippy furniture all over my house. I did have some chippy and lost it when my kids had to move me during a severe illness. Evidently they felt other things were more important at the time and they were right. I miss those few pieces I had..I loved them. I am up and running again but elderly and can’t get around as much. I love your blog because you appear to be humble and honest about the things you go through. Not every blogger is the same. Although there are many that I l like and follow. You’re the best and I learn alot from you. Thanks for inspiration and always a good read.

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