I knew Vanessa’s kitchen before I knew Vanessa, which is not that uncommon in the blog/Instagram/Pinterest world we all inhabit.

You might recognize this little gem…


Yep.  That’s Vanessa’s kitchen.

So, I’ve been stalking the Vintage Whites feed on Instagram and pinning from the Vintage Whites blog for a while.  Leaving hearts and comments on occasion, but mostly silently stalking.

Then, just a couple of weeks ago, I received an e-mail from Jana & Vanessa, the creative minds behind the Vintage Whites Market.  They wanted to know if I would like to be a special guest at the market coming up in Loveland, Co.

Well, I have to find a way to make that one happen.  I asked Jeff about it, knowing I had an ace up my sleeve – Colorado.  He didn’t stand a chance.  He probably didn’t hear a word I said except Colorado and he gave his approval.

His grandparents (and now his parents and uncle) own a house in Colorado that we’ve had the privilege of visiting.  He went there most summers as a kid, so it holds a special place in his heart and he’s always eager to get back there.

So, January 8-9, 2016, in Loveland, Colorado, I’ll be at the Vintage Whites Market…signing books, teaching MMS Milk Paint demos and enjoying myself immensely, I’m sure.

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You can find the who, when, where and how much details on the Vintage Whites Market Website.  Based on pictures and video from past events, it looks like an amazing event.


My retailer in the Denver area, River North Workshop, will be there with MMS Milk Paint products to sell AND I will be bringing the very first bags filled with Farmhouse White, our newest color.  I’m also bringing my book, Inspired You, MMS Milk Paint Look Book One and Parsons West brushes.

I hope I get to meet many of you there!

And, just because her home is the definition of simple beauty, here are a few more pictures of Vanessa’s place…


(That cabinet looks so much like Eulalie’s Sky, doesn’t it?)




  1. Ashley

    Ohhhh!!! Come to the one in Salt Lake City in March too, so I can meet you then!!!!

  2. Amy

    Woohoo! My heart just sped up a few notches when I read Loveland, Co! That’s my area of the world! I’ve been a blog stalker for a long, long time but I would love to meet you 🙂 Can’t wait.

  3. Judy Pimperl

    You are both lucky! They are fortunate to have you as a special guest and yes, you are lucky to be able to attend one of their shows. I stalk them too…It looked like they were scouting for a place to do a show in Birmingham, AL a while back, but I don’t think they could find a suitable venue…I was soooo hopeful. Enjoy it!

  4. Jessica

    Hi Marion. I’m glad to hear about the market. I may try to be there on that Saturday. Merry Christmas

  5. Karen Sue

    I was so hoping you were going to say Salt Lake City! I’m going to their show March 12th. I met Jana and Vanessa in Kalispell Montana and have gone to several of their shows Somers Montana. They are the best!! Be prepared to come home with lots of goodies!

  6. ChickVoice

    So glad you’ll be coming to our lovely state, and Loveland is really a wonderful town. Full of artisans of every type, and the antique markets are the best around………….

  7. Megan

    Oh very excited! That sealed the deal to come on Friday night for VIP night. Can’t wait!

  8. Mary (Cottage B at Home ~ Vintage Country Living)

    Hi Marion,

    Gosh, I’m so wishing I lived out that way so I could attend the show!! Sounds spectacular…do you ever get out to the east coast, by chance? Would love to attend some day if you do.

    Best wishes to you and the Vintage Whites ladies for an amazing show!

    Cottage B at Home ~ Vintage Country Living

  9. Lauren Baxter

    Wish I could be there! What a LOVELY space, that kitchen is awesome. Enjoy and have a great time at the market!

    Lauren Baxter | Lovely Decor

  10. Jill Hilbrich

    So I found out about this a week ago and I could barely contain myself!! I almost emailed you about it, but didn’t want to seem stalker – ish, lol! I’m the one who bought ironstone dinner plates from you after the Lucketts market. I sell furniture at my friends shop – she has a booth at Vintage Whites, and it seems we may be across from your booth. I will bring my book for you to sign and will hopefully get my hands on one of your brushes (and more paint!) I am really excited that you’re coming, safe travels!!

  11. Julie Lorson

    I am so envious you will be in Colorado. I lived there for 37 years and thought I pretty much knew about most of the shows in Loveland, Co and Fort Collins where Iived. Vintage Whites sounds like a great market, so sorry I live in Illinois now. Enjoy beautiful Colorado, and pack your snow gear!

  12. PJ

    Thank you for introducing me to the Vintage Whites blog. I know where I will be spending time the next time I am snowed in! Have a wonderful adventure in Colorado!

  13. Denise

    Have a wonderful trip to Colorado. Enjoyed the trip to Colorado Springs, CO and did not want to leave . I am smitten with the kitchen!

  14. Peg

    Oh my, this is the best news I’ve heard all day. I live in Cheyenne, Wyoming, which is maybe 60 miles from Loveland. I may have to play hooky one of those days!

  15. Sylvia

    I don’t see simple beauty in Vanessa’s home. I see sterile, lifeless and cold.

    • marian

      Oh, I can totally understand that. I don’t think this style is for everyone. I love that each item seems to be carefully curated and it’s allowed to really shine, since it’s not surround by a lot of other stuff. I definitely have more stuff in my house, but I love how far she’s taken the idea of simplicity.

  16. Deborah D

    Colorado and MMS what could be better? Nothing I can think of!

  17. Nancy Weber

    Count me in for a bag of farmhouse white and a couple of those new paint brushes!! Can’t wait to meet you, it’s dumping buckets of snow right now in northwest Colorado!!!!!. (Steamboat Springs)

  18. Cassie

    Closer to AZ than Chapel Hill or Lucketts, but not close enough! Can’t wait to see the Vintage Whites Market, MMS style.

    • Amy

      Cassie do they come to Chapel Hill? I live an hour away from there! Any good antique shows around that area??

  19. Sarah D

    This is crazy-I live in CO and hadn’t heard of this show. I read your post and quickly bought an early access ticket. sUper excited!! See you there.

  20. Lexie

    Loveland used to be in my neck of the woods, and I attended VWM last year; but alas, we have moved further west into the mountains and can’t make it this year. Its a wonderful market!

  21. Susan Hooke

    Darn! Thought it was this weekend. I even got another friend all excited to go. ☹ I even had a beautiful blue dish to give to u! Bummer! Hope you enjoyed my beautiful state !!!! How is your son & his t1D? My son with type 1 is almost 21!!!! And 6’2!


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