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I have to admit that this purchase was a total impulse buy.  A few weeks ago, I was looking through Furniture Feature Friday links to pick out my favorites.  As I was scanning through the thumbnails, I clicked on this table makeover inspired by Country Living by Kathy of South of Main

south of main

My eyes were immediately drawn to the Normandie milk bottle.  Oh, I would love that for photo shoots and to actually use!  It’s blue and white with cows on it and looks like a vintage French find…  It’s totally me.  So, I dropped everything I was doing and started searching for one.  They were apparently available at World Market, but I don’t have one near me, so I dug around online and bought two from Etsy.

I did get so sidetracked that I missed posting FFF on time and I didn’t select favorites.  All because of a milk bottle…

Miss Mustard Seed-9692

Miss Mustard Seed-9693

Miss Mustard Seed-9691 Miss Mustard Seed-9697 Miss Mustard Seed-9699

…and it was totally worth it!


Also, the new guest bed was delivered today.  We’re still waiting for the mattress and box spring, which are coming on Friday.  In case you missed it, this is what’s going on with the guest bed.  Here’s a peek of the new frame…

Miss Mustard Seed-9701

It looks really nice in the room.  It’s definitely not the statement piece I had before, but it looks right at home.  Jeff pointed out that he thought the finish looked a little “spray-paint-ish” and I must admit I agree, but it is still pretty…

Miss Mustard Seed-9703

…AND, if it needs a fresh coat of paint to add some character, it’s come to the right house.  It’s fine for now, but I may get the itch one day.

I’ll show the bed off in a few days when I have the mattresses and it’s dressed.


Lastly, I had to share that I’m the proud mama of three peppers.

Miss Mustard Seed-9684

Look at those little guys grow.

This may not seem like a big deal for those with a green thumb, but this is the first year I’m really putting an effort into gardening. It’s amazing what happens when you actually water, weed, fertilize, etc.  Jeff and I have been in awe.

Miss Mustard Seed-9685

 That’s right little peppers…grow for mommy.


  1. Yuko Jones | northfield gate

    OH I want that milk bottle! I might have to drop everything I’m doing right now (including this one) to start searching for it! The new bed looks lovely too 🙂 Can’t wait to see how you style it. The pepper will be delicious in a salad!

  2. Patty

    I planted a garden this year for the first time and I have tomatoes and cucumbers growing. I am shocked but very happy.

  3. Kelly

    Oh my gosh, I have the same milk bottle and love it! Your bed looks nice too! I still have your scale in my kitchen that I bought at Luckett’s over three years ago!

  4. Kelly

    I have the same milk bottle and love it! Love your scale too! I still have your scale that I bought from your booth at Luckett’s three years ago!

  5. kathy r

    Hi Marian,

    Thanks for sharing my photo, I’m such a fan of yours, I would have dropped everything and gone to World Market for you!!


  6. marian

    Thanks, Kelly! I would’ve let you. I paid way too much for them on Etsy…all because of you. 🙂 The table and everything else looked great, by the way.

    • Andrea Miranda

      Why didn’t you get them online from World Market?! That’s how I got mine! They were only $4.79 each at the time.

  7. ashley ozuna

    Ahhhh, I have the same milk bottle, which I did buy from World Market, they have one with red too, but I dig the blue one a bit more. Love this post! ashley

  8. maggie

    That is a cute milk bottle! If you want a real sense of ‘growing your own’ plant some zucchini. They multiply overnight!

  9. Paatty

    Can you buy “new” stuff like the adorable milk bottle on Etsy? I thot Etsy was only vintage & handcrafted. I’m really out of the loop! I’ve recently sold my antique shop & then downsized & moved into a smaller home & have stuff stuff stuff that I want to sell on Etsy, etc, & not all if it is vintage or handcrafted.

  10. Kristine

    We even have those milk bottles here in Australia. I saw them (probably two years ago now!) in a store called Bed, Bath & Table. I can’t remember what possessed me not to buy one though I do recall the price was pretty reasonable. They had them in red and blue. I bet now you’ve posted this I’ll stumble upon them again somewhere!

  11. Colleen

    That gardening thing will get in your blood and you won’t be able to stop, you’ll say one year, that you aren’t going to grow one and then you’ll pass by the plants at the store and just buy one or two and before you know it you’ll have a huge garden and love it.

  12. Kathryn

    I, too, adore the milk bottle — another fab find from the talented Miss Mustard Seed. I found it online at the WorldMarket.com website for about $5, but they are only available for pick up in-store — no home delivery. Meh! I ordered two — one for myself and one for a friend. So.dang.cute. If you are able to order one from a store near you, be sure to enter the savebig10 discount code and get 10 percent off your purchase … makes them about $4.50 a pop. #winning

  13. Sue at Blu

    I love that you were obsessed with the bottle hunt! It certainly is perfect. Good luck with the gardening…it is definitely addictive!

  14. Laura J

    What about using some of your furniture wax on that bed frame? Maybe it would knock down that spray paint-y finish . . . . .

  15. katie near chicago

    Did we all run out to World Market today to buy our milk bottles? 20% off all glass and bottles, so hooray! snagged two of them. Much larger than I’d thought — and that’s a good thing. Also bought some Weck mini canning jars with clips — too darned cute.

  16. Amy Rhodes

    The new bed is going to be so lovely! Thank you for showing us that our “things” are just “stuff” not to be attached to and that you were able to sell your other bed without difficulty!! Sometimes I find myself getting attached to all my stuff and wanting more when in reality I really don’t need a single thing and I need to be purging! Your blog is so refreshing and I love reading it daily!! Love that you can change out new pieces frequently–I’m getting inspired to do the same!!

  17. Peggy Hunt

    Yup, I ran out this morning and picked up 4 of the milk bottles from World Market…don’t know why I got 4..just greedy I guess. They ARE cute. Maybe I’ll paint one of them white on the inside , let the
    paint dry, then use to hide valuables in.

  18. Kristen

    I have a similar bed and I have always thought it looked spray painted too. I decided to distress it but the underlayer wasn’t that pretty, so I stopped. I never thought of painting maybe a chalkier white over it.

  19. Patrica

    Marian, It would never occurred to me that you wouldn’t paint the bed!

  20. Kimberly

    Marian, I have the same milk bottle! Looks like it’s quite popular among ladies in blogland! I bought mine off some faux French collectibles website (well, the website is real, the “French” collectibles were probalby all made in China!) when I saw it on Sarah’s “A Beach Cottage” blog a couple years ago. I’ve never used it, never even put it out for display, but wil have to do that (if I can find it!).

    And good on you for your peppers! I can’t grow anything, I always say the only reason my cats are still alive is because they let me know when to feed and water them!

  21. Jessica

    I’m seriously going to have to stop visiting your blog…because every single time I visit, I find something that I absolutely have to get. This time, I’m wanting both the milk bottle and your new guest bed. I can see it in my dream bedroom…with medium grey walls. But anyhow, I cannot wait to see it once you’ve got it all dressed.

    As for the whole peppers, it made me think of the book series, The Five Little Peppers. 🙂 I’m absolutely horrible at gardening as well, the only reason that Colby – my dog- is still alive is because he reminds me to feed and water him. 😛 What are you looking forward to making the most with your peppers?

  22. Kimberly Conover

    I have the very same milk bottle. It stopped me dead in my tracks in World Market last year. Love, love, love it!

  23. Judith

    You go ahead and get excited about those peppers, Marian. Way to go! I’ve been gardening for a while now but am still amazed at every little new baby (insert any type of vegetable or fruit here) that turns up.

  24. Cindy

    The milk bottle is Adorable, no wonder you had to have one. Congratulations on the peppers too! It’s so fun literally seeing the fruits of your gardening labors.



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