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I’ve been cramming a lot of work into just a few weeks and I’ve only shared a part of it here on the blog.  It’s just the way deadlines, events, trips and things in my schedule stacked up, but I have one more big thing to get through and then my schedule opens up a bit.  Of course, I’m already planning to schedule more workshops and there are a few new projects I’d like to get off the ground, but I feel like I can go at my own pace.  How busy I am will be self-imposed!

So, today I thought I would share a preview of some of the other things I’ve been working on as I was getting ready for Lucketts.  It was Christmas in the studio as Kriste and I worked on projects for‘s Christmas in July series…



mms-6800 mms-595 mms-6444 mms-6506


And Jeff and I wrote a tutorial on how to make a butcher block cutting board out of exotic woods…


…as well as a tutorial on switching out a bathroom faucet.  It was the perfect excuse to upgrade the one in our upstairs bath…


And I wrote another tutorial on adding casters to an old trunk to turn it into a coffee table…



I’ll link to these tutorials and more on my page as soon as they are live.

Today I’m going to be sewing up a storm…pillows, slipcovers.  Things that should’ve been done years ago…

latest tutorials…

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9 Comments on “latest tutorials…”

  1. Cant wait to check out the tutorials when they go live especially the tutorial on adding casters to trunks, tables, etc. I just mentioned to my husband last night that I would like to add casters to my round coffee table. His response…..Why? My response….Because.

    I am very fortunate though because he is very mechanical and handy.

  2. Beautiful busy lady…on another subject, what is the print on the wall in the last photo? (By the door)
    It looks lovely.

  3. Are those home-made marshmallows in pic #4? Yummm. Marian, you started my current obsession with putting casters on all the smaller furniture, although I have yet to actually get around to doing it. The casters are waiting. For Teresa, who commented about her husband questioning the use of casters, tell him it’s very practical because it makes the furniture easier to move;-) Eager to see the tutorials!

  4. I was, seriously, in the hardware store the other day staring at a box of casters thinking, “What could I put these on?” After brushing of the idea of affixing them to my dining room table, I let it go, but that coffee table is pretty cool!

  5. Christmas will be awesome this year….I love the trunk coffee table and the casters just are a perfect add on…

  6. i just love your chalk christmas tree and pompom garland!!!!! Your dog on wheels is just the cutest!!! I was wondering if you could let me know where you purchased the yarn and what brand it is. i live in a very small town and have to drive atleast 70 miles to a craft store and it would sure be great to know the store in advance. Thanks so much!!!!!

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