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Hey, everyone!  I enjoyed a few days off but really started to miss sharing here on the blog towards the end of the week.  I got so much done, though, and it was focused, unhurried, productive, fruitful…just what I needed it to be.  Towards the end of the week, I was feeling a bit fried and antsy to get out of the house, so I went to my favorite local consignment store (it’s Kismet for those who are local or passing through Rochester, MN.)

I originally went in because I spotted a pair of chairs on their Facebook page.  I thought they would look nice flanking the hutch in the living room.  They were still available, so I went to the consignment store the next morning and they were even better in person.  They were both sturdy, in excellent condition, and it looked like the hand-tied caning had been redone in recent years.  It was tight, without any holes or wear.

antique pine hutch cane chairs | stonington gray | miss mustard seed

Of course, right when I brought them in the house, the cats had to sit on them to check them out.

I like how the dark wood plays against the lighter pine of the hutch and how the tone of the caning ties them together.  I think the fact that these chairs feel more formal works nicely with the simple lines of the hutch.

antique pine hutch | raffles British colonial cane chairs | stonington gray | miss mustard seed

I wasn’t familiar with this exact style of chair, so I did a bit of research.  They have a British Colonial vibe, so I started by searching in that vein.  I discovered this is a Raffles-style chair, which originated in the former British colony of Ceylon.  I don’t typically gravitate towards British colonial style, but these seem to work well with the rest of my furniture pieces.

antique pine hutch | raffles British colonial cane chairs | stonington gray | home decorating | miss mustard seed

I also bought a brass floor lamp for the living room.  Jeff sits at this chair by the fire in the early mornings to read, so I thought he would appreciate some task lighting there.  This lamp is the perfect size and style.

brass floor lamp | bergere chair | stonington gray | home decorating | miss mustard seed

Aaaand, it ties into the gold leaf frame on my new painting over the fireplace.  (You can find my tutorial on applying gold leaf HERE.)

Here’s a sneak peek of it…

brass floor lamp | bergere chair | living room | stonington gray | home decorating | miss mustard seed

Don’t worry…Eulalie found a new home.  I just felt it was time to go a little outside of my comfort zone and paint large.  Also out of my comfort zone is to put one of my own paintings front and center.  At 24 x 36″, this is the largest painting I’ve ever done.  The funny thing is that I am not intimidated to paint an entire mural on four full walls in my dining room, but a 24 x 36″ canvas seems dauntingly huge.

Here is the underpainting of it…

I really enjoyed painting on a larger scale and I learned a lot in the process.  I’ll paint more large works in the future, but smaller ones will still be what I paint most.  They are quicker to render and easier to ship.

I also bought another thing at the consignment store that was a surprise find I couldn’t pass up…

A collection of eight antique rug beaters for $10/each!  Someone had just brought them in and I considered just getting one or two, but it seemed like a shame to break up the collection.  They were each so unique.

I had to laugh because when I shared them on my Instagram Stories, one of my followers said rug beaters can easily go the way of geese and mauve and powder blue and hearts – 1980’s country, basically.  And yes, they certainly can.  But I think they have a sculptural quality to them that makes them interesting and timeless.

antique rug beaters | miss mustard seed

I am planning to hang them along the wall of the stairs going down to the basement.  It’s a pretty large wall and this will be an interesting way to fill it.

A few people asked me if they could buy one, but I do plan on keeping them all at this point.  If you are looking for antique rug beaters, you can find similar ones on Etsy HERE.

antique rug beaters | miss mustard seed

So, there’s my consignment store haul!  I did buy a skinny wood tote for magazines, but I haven’t taken a picture of that, yet.

There were a few other things that were tempting, like an antique pair of spectacles and a 1930’s typewriter, but I only bought the things I knew I had a perfect place for and would use.  I’ll share the “rug beater wall” once I get them hung up!


  1. Kim

    I love rug beaters!! They are pretty hard to find where I live. So many sculptural styles, and with modern ideas about hanging arrangements, they would never look ’80s.

    I have a question about the oil painting. What is the reason for doing the “underpainting”? Is that supposed to be just a sketch, or is it part of the coloring for the painting? I am wondering why that is done.

    • Marian Parsons

      Yes, it’s a value sketch to help me work out the composition and shapes before I start adding a color. It’s a way to focus on one thing at a time. It’s also a way to cover the canvas with paint quickly and start working!

  2. Cheri Dietzman

    Oh my goodness I love that landscape over the fireplace! I guess I’ll have to stop by Kismet more often. Have you been to Collins lately?

    • Marian Parsons

      I went a few weeks ago, but not recently. Even though things were really tidied up, there wasn’t a lot of new inventory.

  3. Deborah

    I have two ‘rug beaters’! What a wonderful collection you were blessed to find. I use mine to smooth the wrinkles out of the duvet when making the bed and smooth places that are a bit of a stretch for this ole gal!

  4. mary m

    Back in the late 60’s i had a neighbor who lived in an 1800 school house. She gave me a rug beater and believe it or not I have used it on small rugs. A few years ago it snapped and a friend welded it for me.

    I just had one of two cained seats repaired. I think the chairs are southern and have lovely lines. The caining is sheet cained. Cost $120 plus materials that were about twenty dollars. I asked about how to preserve the caining. She said to take a bucket and pit a couple tablespoons of glycerine into hot water. Take a towel and soak it and then ring it out and lay it on both sides. This preserves the cain and keeps it from getting brittle.

  5. Donna T

    As an artist I can say you will soon find you like your art enough to fill your walls and closets. I rotate mine to freshen a room or season. I am proud of my creations. You are so lucky to have an outlet to sell. I like for my paintings to find someone else who loves them. I know you work hard on your blog and business and you have found an eager audience. Your paintings are unique and beautiful.

    • Beth

      Would love to see your art Donna!
      Loved all your new finds, Marion 🙂

  6. SueA

    I love the perfection of the new chairs fitting so nicely in the space and the way they blend with the hutch. I find farmhouse style can be overdone. It is nice to balance with something different and have a refreshingly eclectic look.

  7. Karen

    I can only see a hint of your painting, in the one photo. Am so excited to see the finished piece. Love the brown on brown beginnings.
    Your “finds” are always so interesting. Glad you had fun.

  8. beverlee b lyons

    I love those chairs. A little more formal without being so. One of my favorite styles, tho I have none..and Jeff’s lamp! Perfect. Glad you have put some of you in your home. Nothing is more personal than a painting! You are so good!

  9. Brenda

    Welcome back! I can’t wait to see what you’ve done on your “project-cation”! Have a great day!

  10. Cynthia


    Your new chairs were meant for their new location, and just waiting to be found by you! The juxtaposition of color is beautiful.


  11. Margo

    Funny how the cats think that when we buy something new, we bought it for them! My cat does the exact same thing, gotta get her tush on whatever’s new! Love the chairs, I wonder how long it will be before I’m sorry I gave away all the mahogany??

  12. Maureen Provost Ryan

    I’m excited to see the new painting over the fireplace! And it is significant that it’s your work! So powerful. Congratulations on the whole room — what a success and inspiration.

  13. Shelly

    I have a large collection of rug beaters. I hung them on the wall of our guest log cabin. They look really cute there.

  14. Rebecca F Miller

    Love love love the green accents in your living room! Just enough and I bet it looks wonderful with your kitchen island and butler’s pantry.

  15. Amy

    I also love rug beaters! When we were stationed in Germany, my German landlord made an odd face when he saw me using them as wall decor (also up our stairway). After a little charades and “Neanderthal Deutsch” I found out that he was disciplined with one as a child!! HAHAHA!

  16. Terry A.

    Going to Kismet and Collins have been on my list! Oh, that floor lamp is exactly what I’ve been looking for. Lucky you! The picture over the fireplace looks fabulous!!

  17. Leone

    By all means, you should hang your own art! It is galley quality and you have chosen perfect colors for your home. You are so fortunate to live in an area with lovely antiques. You have such talent in finding the perfect ones for you, which is even better. The rug beaters will be wonderful displayed in mass and such a diverse group to get all at once. We love reading about all your finds,

  18. Melinda Parkman

    I like your rug beaters. (I really like the wood handles.) I have one and I use it when I hang a rug on the line on a pretty day. Thanks for your blog – I always enjoy reading it.

  19. Mona

    I love those rug beaters and from what I can see of the painting it must be gorgeous!! I am wondering though, since I have this thought for myself. Is there ever a time when you think that the home is looking too cluttered with furniture, pictures and knit knacks? Yours doesn’t but I feel my home sometimes does. When do you know when to stop decorating? Thanks for your input!!

    • Marian Parsons

      That’s a great question! I go through seasons when I like a room to have a little more in it, so it feels homey and there are other times I like to simplify. If your space is feeling cluttered, I would suggest removing a few things to see how it feels.

  20. JC

    I think the straight lines are a wonderful balance to the scroll top cabinet. I too like the contrast of woods, and they look cat approved. 😊
    You found some wonderful finds and the beginning of your painting, gorgeous. Some time a girl just needs to get out and go to her favorite vintage shop.

  21. Pat

    I am thrilled to see a gold leaf frame back over your mantel! I teuly was dissappointed when you painted Eulalie’s frame white. Your landscape is beautiful in the frame!👏

    • Marian Parsons

      Aw, I actually never painted Eulalie’s frame, but switched it out. I have two 24 x 36″ frames. One is painted and one is gold leaf.

  22. Kelly

    Kismet is my all time favorite consignment shop! We were lucky to shop there during an extended stay in Rochester. When you announced your move to Rochester, I was excited for you to discover their amazing store and see what treasures you brought home.

  23. Maureen

    Hi Marian, when you mentioned they are Raffles Chairs ‘from Ceylon/Sri Lanka’ I immediately thought they must be from Singapore and the Raffles Hotel which is named after Sir Stamford Raffles a Governor of Singapore. The chairs are named after him but predate his time in Singapore.
    “The Raffles Chairs are a form of Regency era furniture characteristic of those used during Raffles’ time when he was Lieutenant-Governor of Java (my edit: an Island in Indonesia at the time the East Indies) from 1811-1816. The basic design of the Raffles Chair was derived from works of English designer Thomas Sheraton. “
    I hope you don’t mind my digging further and letting you know; I’m a bit geeky that way!
    I love how your style has grown and matured with you. Mine not so much as I hang on to things for far too long past their usefulness. Mxx

  24. Jenn Anderson

    I’ve always thought rug beaters were cool. I love that you found a whole collection! I’m so happy that you hung your large landscape over your fireplace for your family to enjoy! That is wonderful! Can’t wait to see the whole thing!

  25. debra shatto

    Nice haul! Those are great rug beaters. I hung my collection of them along the bottom of a hallway, like a wainscot , it really brought an unexpected touch. They are fairly close to each other and handle up then handle down so that it fills the space. Also there’s the fact that I am running out of wall space for all my various collections!

  26. Kathie B

    I just love, love, love how the colour tones in the new chairs tie all the elements in the room together. Those rug beaters are so sweet. I love the various shapes. Perfection!

  27. Joy Musser

    I saw a great photo where rug beaters were used as a topiary for ivy plants.

  28. Connie

    I have my grandmother’s mahogany bedroom furniture from 1950’s including 4 poster bed. It all has that same ribbed look as the legs on your chairs. So pretty.

    And yes, I admit to having reproduction rug beater in 1980,s!!

  29. Susan Mark

    Keep an eye on those kitties, if they still have their front claws. That caning is mighty tempting for sharpening their claws on. 🙂

  30. Lisa Silfwerbrand

    I love the chairs! They look perfectly at home next to the hutch and I totally agree that they give it an air and formality that looks pretty. I wouldn’t normally choose them either but these two are beauties for sure <3

  31. Beth Anne Smiley

    I love using items like the rug beaters to hang appliqué or punch needle creations.
    I have an appliqué sunflower project mounted on a wash board and a long log cabin project hanging from a bow.
    They look great !

  32. Jenny

    Your beautiful natural wood tone cabinet is my favorite ever. It is beautiful. Your home has changed so much into an antique showroom. Congrats.

  33. Elizabeth Guadagnini

    Hi, I’m so glad to see live plants in your home! So many of the decorating blogs/instagram accounts that I follow have no houseplants in their pictures that I was beginning to think I would have to throw mine out! Lol

  34. Laura

    Beautiful! What is the wall color and type floor/color of the room the hutch is in?

    • Sandra L Conner

      I am interested in the wall color as well, In her home tour, it’s listed as Ben Moore wickham gray. I wanted to be sure that’s the color since it looks lighter in the earlier post.

      Marian, those chairs are perfect and the room is beautiful as usual!

  35. shell shockers

    Keep an eye on those kitties, if they still have their front claws. That caning is mighty tempting for sharpening their claws on. 🙂

  36. Mary Frances

    I personally love the primitive nature of the rug beaters and have a couple on display in the laundry area of our home. I also love potato mashers, rolling pins and other wooden kitchen prims. Something that old that actually served a purpose never go out of fashion in my opinion.


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