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I have been gathering materials to make a wreath to hang on our kitchen range hood since October in the hopes that I could make a tutorial and share all of the exact materials for those who would like to make one as well.  As I shared in the post about the Christmas race last week, almost all of those materials are now sold out!  But, I’m going to share it anyway so those interested can tuck it away for next year or put together a wreath with similar elements.  Perhaps you already have some of these components or can use live greenery.  It’s nice to have the exact items if you’re trying to replicate a look, but it’s certainly not necessary.

kitchen decorated for Christmas | miss mustard seed

I haven’t hung anything on the range hood since we built and installed it (you can read about that HERE), but I envisioned a wreath on it for Christmas.  The range hood is like the modern-day hearth in a home and it feels fitting to decorate it for the holiday season.  I was also very excited about decorating the kitchen for Christmas this year since we completed more projects over the past year and the house feels more like ours.

kitchen decorated for Christmas | miss mustard seed

So, let’s talk about making this wreath.  It’s really nothing very complicated.  Whenever adding elements to a faux or live wreath of garland, I simply use florist wire to attach the ribbon, pinecones, fruits, or whatever.  When it comes to picks and sprigs, I’ll just tuck them in, and most of the time they stay in place.  Here is a video tutorial showing how I attach decor elements to a wreath.  This is one I made last year for our foyer using the same method…

kitchen decorated for Christmas | miss mustard seed

And here are the materials I used.  As of this post, the only things in stock are the green velvet ribbon (currently on sale), the green berry stems, and the florist wire.  But, as I said above, you might have some similar elements or live greens that could stand in as a nice replacement.  And, the orange slices are homemade, so you can easily make those.

I hung the wreath on the range hood using a heavy-duty (5lb) Command hook.  I’m not normally shy about putting nail holes into walls or furniture, but I really don’t want to add a nail hole to our range hood when I don’t plan on hanging anything there once we take the wreath down.

kitchen decorated for Christmas | miss mustard seed

For the pot rail, I added a garland of dried orange slices.  Initially, I thought I overdid it on the amount of dried orange slices I made this year (and added to the ones I made last year), but I ended up using all of them in the Christmas kitchen decor, so I’m making some more!  I love how simple and pretty they are.

I considered some greenery for the pot rail but decided to keep it a little simpler.  I created the garland by using a hot glue gun to glue the orange slices to a length of twine.  I love how the oranges play against the copper and brass.

kitchen decorated for Christmas | miss mustard seed

The garland looks perfect strung along the hooks of the rail.

kitchen decorated for Christmas | miss mustard seed

kitchen decorated for Christmas | miss mustard seed

I’m still working through decorating, but I’m enjoying it and therefore taking my time with it.  I’ll have more to share soon…

kitchen decorated for Christmas | miss mustard seed


  1. beverlee

    How thrilled you must be to have that beautiful, thoughtful and elegant kitchen. I am so enjoying these photos. You work so hard to make things that are ‘you’….but let us love them with you.
    Don’t know one single thing that could make it more lovely.

    • Babs

      My thoughts exactly! There is nothing to add to your thoughts…you said it perfectly.

  2. Irene Kelly

    After I finished making my Cranberry compote I had some fresh cranberries left over from our farm. So I made a simmering potpourri with fresh cranberries, fresh pine greenery some bits and pieces collected off the property. I added some pine oil & put in pretty jars tied with red ribbons with instructions on burning in a pot. They make great little give aways as people drop by this time of year. The jars are becoming more and more difficult to purchase because of supply chain issues.

  3. Cynthia Johnson

    So pretty and beautifully festive. I love the bowl with the cinnamon and orange slices.. it ties everything together.

  4. Irene Kelly

    Very Pretty but I would be very concerned how close that wreath is to your stove ? ?

    • Erika

      So, so pretty! Love your beautiful kitchen and it first festive dressing!

  5. Jen C

    Marian, your kitchen looks so festive. Your wreath is gorgeous and I am definitely making a mental note to make the wreath and orange slices next year. Thank you for sharing your beautiful home.

  6. Ethel Alderson

    Give the details.on the white covered kettle on your stove top?
    Thanks for all posts!

    • Marian Parsons

      It is a Staub oval dutch oven.

  7. JC

    This looks so festive and lovely. The string of dried oranges adds a bit of whimsy. LOVE!

  8. Cheryl

    The white pot looks like a Staub. I have the chicken and my daughter-in-law has a lobster for their weekend home in Maine.

    Love the wreath and wonder how it is hung? I believe we are all inspired by your joy and enthusiasm. It is contagious and what a great thing for all:)


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