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I rolled into my driveway last night around 11:00 pm, after teaching an 8:00 am class in Atlanta, GA, followed by packing the car, hanging out with friends, and finally an 11 hour drive home.

I spent much of today in a post-Haven-haze that wasn’t helped by the fact that I’ve had a head cold for the past few days!  It was a great trip, though.  Busy, but great.  I’ll tell you more about it in another post.

For now, it’s good to be home again.


I spent most of my day doing things that needed to be done, like laundry and restocking the fridge, and spending time with my guys.  Calvin especially needed some “mommy time”.  I smiled and told him we “hugged our way through the grocery store” as we checked out, which was pretty much true.

While we were out and about, running errands, I asked Jeff if I could run into the craft store and pick up some paints.  I was so eager to work with watercolors again and didn’t want that excitement to dwindle.  I had the free palette I got from the class, but I’m a girl who believes in using quality paints, so I wanted to upgrade to some higher end watercolors.


A part of learning new things often involves feeling like an idiot as your trying to figure out how to get things out of their wrappers!  I finally solved the puzzle and declared victory.

So, when the errands and chores were at least at a “good stopping point” and I spent some good time being a “Lego piece finder”, and my e-mail inbox was under control, I pulled out the paints and stole away a little bit of time for myself.

When I was in the workshop at Haven, I was playing around with mixing the colors and never quite got to the right green.  The wreath I painted there ended up looking very Christmasy.  So, I wanted to try again, with the experience fresh in my mind, but use my favorite blue/green color palette.


Now we’re talking.


My workshop wreath also got a little wild as I tried to fix the wonky shape, so I wanted to practice painting a wreath again, too.


I love the way the colors flow through the water and how you have to wait for it to dry to see the real magic happen.  My head is already buzzing with all sorts of ideas.

I have more errands in the morning, but then I’ll be back in the studio tomorrow afternoon…


  1. Barbara

    It is beautiful. If only I had half your talent……

  2. Fatimah

    Are you doing it wet on wet or wet on dry? Or even dry on wet? I’m guessing it’s wet on dry but just wondering. I’ve been drawing for a long time just barely experimenting with water colors and I also start walking on water colors much more seriously about two weeks ago! I will enjoy watching you and your experiments as well 🙂

    • marian

      That was wet on dry. The wet on wet still felt a little too out of control for me, but I’ll definitely play with it more!

  3. Jaime Costiglio

    Lucy would be so proud! It’s intoxicating that’s for certain and I’m feeling the same pull after taking her class. So much different than painting furntiure or walls and freeing in a way that’s a little out of our control. Beautiful color combination.

  4. ART Murphy


  5. Susie

    Welcome home.

  6. Becky

    It’s lovely. Looking forward to seeing more.

  7. liz

    Very pretty. good quality paint and tools makes all the difference.

  8. Sarah | She Holds Dearly

    Your wreath is so sweet, my background with painting is watercolor. I miss those days.

  9. Nancy @ slightly Coastal

    I love your wreath! I haven’t pulled out my paints in forever. You’ve completely inspired me to make a spot in my schedule this coming weekend to paint something. I have all the supplies…life just gets too busy.

    Thanks for the inspiration!


  10. Rita C at Panoply

    I was looking forward to how your creativity would flow after the watercolor class. I can see it’s beginning…….loverly.

  11. PJ

    So pretty! Did you drive 11 hours in one day, or did you sleep at a hotel along the way? 11 hours is a long drive!

  12. Shannon@Belle Bleu Interiors

    I wish I had your talent. The wreath you painted is gorgeous! I hope that you have a wonderful day!!!

  13. logan wilhelm

    Welcome home! Love what you did with your wreath, it is always exciting and fulfilling to learn something new! Enjoy the process.

  14. Melissa Mundy

    The quality of your paper is just as important as your paints. I only use Arches. A. C. Moore at one time carried a small sketchbook. I buy online as it is much less expensive.?

  15. Donna Doble-Brown

    Have any paint, brush and paper recommendations ????? I want to give this a whirl myself . . . Typically an acrylic girl . . But have always LOVE watercolors! Love the wreath Marian . . .

    Hope you’re feeling better! XO

  16. Janice F

    I love to paint watercolor also! Yes, you will be amazed at what happens with that brush and paint…..good luck and keep it up. You will be so glad you did! I would get so totally into my painting that I would lose track of time and when I finally stopped, I was in awe of what happened on that paper! Enjoy this new creative endeavor that you have taken on…..

  17. Nancy Jean

    Beautiful! What brand of watercolors is that? Thank you!

  18. Lin

    So lovely! I only wish I had half your talent!!

  19. Michelle Gaul

    Wow, beautiful wreath!!! Would love to try my hand at watercolors. Do we see a tutorial in the future?

  20. Naomi S.

    Glad you’re safely home and had such a good experience! Especially discovering that you love doing watercolors. Can’t wait to see what you do with your new love. I know it will be some lovely art.

    I enjoyed looking at the post a lot because I like seeing all your beautiful stoneware. Real eye candy to me.

    Happy Homecoming!

  21. Jean

    I see a line of greeting cards in the future…………………

  22. Penny

    Simply lovely Marion.

  23. Addie

    Your a natural!!!!
    If that is one of your first attempts……Look out….to what is possible!!!!

  24. Kim

    Oh, yeah. That’s your green!

  25. Terrie from Atlanta, GA

    Ahhh … the little Winsor & Newton palettes that you can replace with squares of your favorite colors! I love mine so much that I want to lick them every time I open the box. (But I settle for a blissful inhale 🙂 Enjoy, sweet girl. ❤️????

  26. Annie Pontow

    I am itching to learn. I love love love to paint furniture and Smalls. But this is intriguing me to no end.
    I can do a wreath, right?? I can do this. I’m inspired. We shall see!

  27. Cheryl McIntire

    It is beautiful. I would love to have your talent

  28. Carol, The Red Painted Cottage

    I loved listening to you and Shaunna at the opening ceremony. FYI, I met you on the 15th floor and said I know you, but you don’t know me…LOL! I’ve been painting with watercolors for a few years and it’s one of my favorite mediums to paint with! Your painting is beautiful and I love your “M”!

  29. Debbie H.

    Absolutely beautiful. Your talent is incredible and I adore seeing you continue to explore. You are BLESSED! Welcome home!

  30. Kim

    I would love to see an inventory of your painting supplies – the more detailed the better! Those of us in rural areas don’t have easy access to craft stores and need to order online. Thank you!

  31. Sandy

    It’s beautiful! You sure have artistic talent! Love watercolors!

  32. Lauren

    Beautiful! I love water colors and how people paint so beautifully with them. You an artist my friend.

    Lauren | Lovely Decor

  33. Lisa Young

    What is this great blue and white China pattern???


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